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  1. Ken13559

    Hunter 306 sailboat needs a rubber plug for the gear shift/throttle

    The rubber cap comes of easily, hence I put some sealant to make it stick but can be remove if required. Ken Y
  2. Ken13559

    New cabin table?

    H326 table is mounted on and can slide down the compression post to make a bed with the starboard settee. After getting a replacement table made (2 pieces), suggest you also drill a set of holes on the compression post above 5+ft height so that you could slide the table up and out of the way to...
  3. Ken13559

    Sell day is NOT one of the happiest..

    So what they say about ..."two of the happiest day of a sailor".... is NOT true. Ken Y
  4. Ken13559

    Maine Sail update

    I've always enjoyed reading Maine Sail's posts and I certainly want to continue reading his posts for many more years to come. He's been great help manyatime. It's time we help him. Thank you for sounding out and providing the donation link. Ken Y
  5. Ken13559

    Looking at a used 280 with a 2° port list

    My friend's h280 is also listed to port whereas my h326 is listed to starboard. Nope it's not batteries, tools nor beer....checked those.. Ken Y
  6. Ken13559

    Hunter 356 cockpit cocktail table..HELP!

    All the best wishes to you in your endeavours. Hope he's not on this forum.
  7. Ken13559

    yanmar parts alternative

    I doubt the fresh water pump is non-servicible. It may label as level 2 skill but still can be repaired. Open up and see. There's a YouTube video of a chap servicing the fresh water pump. Ken Y
  8. Ken13559

    Its funny Friday!

    Yah...wait you get a black eye from the driver
  9. Ken13559

    Rig tuning physics

    Book: "The Rigger’s Apprentice" by Brion Toss
  10. Ken13559

    2004 Hunter 33 high temp alarm

    So what's the findings? Resolved?
  11. Ken13559

    Refrigeration lines

    I don't think its normal. My refrigeration lines doesn't sweat. No idea what could cause this. Ken Y
  12. Ken13559

    Repowering the 2001 Beneteau 361

    The best engine is one where its common in area you're at and parts easy to come by. Ken Y
  13. Ken13559

    Yanmar 2GM

    Visegrip, do update us the outcome. I'm sure everyone here is keen to learn Ken Y
  14. Ken13559

    Hunter 30-2 Fuel Shutoff

    I fitted a 3-way valve at the inlet to the Racor filter. Quick and easy way to shut off fuel although I've a fuel cock on the diesel tank, which is not easy to get to. Why 3-way valve? Well the other port would allow me to blow fouled fuel back to the tank or I could draw fuel thru it when...
  15. Ken13559

    Hunter 386 Stern Flag

    Tie a cord using constrictor knot on the flag pole and secure the other end to the railing. That should keep your flag in place. Ken Y
  16. Ken13559

    Fear of sailing at night?

    I've no problem sailing at night. What I find useful is the integration of my Vesper AIS data to Navionic chart on my mounted mobile phone display (specifically for navigation use) at helm station. Ken Y
  17. Ken13559

    Yanmar 2GM20F Failure - reality check needed

    I I clean out the racor head assembly and use dinghy foot pump to blow back chokage to tank. Yes dirt stays in tank which i then polish the fuel. Ken Y
  18. Ken13559

    3GM30F Clean-up

    The bracket is from Yanmar 3YM20/30 series engine. Part Number quoted in photo seems mistake. There will be minor alignment of the pump pulley to crankshaft pulley but that shouldn't be difficult with using washers to pad up somewhat. Ken Y
  19. Ken13559

    3GM30F Clean-up

    Just need to swap the hoses around that's all. I actually bought the required parts for this modification and did it half way and reverted it as i had other pressing issue to manage.:facepalm: Since then, didn't come back to do the mod. Now I'm thinking if should restart this mod as the boat...
  20. Ken13559

    3GM30F Clean-up

    part 2. Forum Admin, My apology. Do remove if these photos clutter up the forum.Thank you. Ken Y