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    value of a 1989 272 le O'day

    to my fellow O'day owners, I posted a question about my above boat yesterday. Apparently, there is a robo bot that eliminates one's post if it contains certain words; it deleted all my responses. If anyone that did respond would kinds re-send their opinion it would be greatly...
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    worried about stress cracks

    lost my mast and boom in sept of last year. I bought a salvage boat for the mastI and it's in good shape. I am concerned about the stress cracks where the mast deck mounts. They might have been there before. Wonder if they look serious or could leave them. Appreciate any advice. thanks...
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    Hi I was on my last sail of the season; 2 ft seas, 5 to 10 kts w/ little gusts. Was on a starboard close haul when the mast and RF came crashing down on port side; so fast I didn't see what happened. Boat is 1989 272 le mast and rigging was checked by rigging before it went up and all looked...
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    oil pan replacement

    I was going for a sail and engine alarm came on. Looked at compartment and full of oil. Cleaned it out and filled it. Ran again and seems a leak is coming from pan. Has anyone replaced one before? It seems that I don't have to take the engine completely out but looking for advice. thanks...
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    transducer "in hull" revisited

    Hi I wrote about trying to get a dv70 garmin transom transducer to work "tru hull" I Know John of happy Dolphin was trying it and also sea horse and couple others. I just launched and the old fish finder doesn't work so I'm hoping to ge this garmin one to do it. John, you talked about a wax...
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    mast fitting

    Hi I have a 272 le and a friend was trying to get the anchor light going (not in water yet) He took apart plate on the top of mast and took out a metal cylinder with two white plastic washers, or grommets One was either worn or was that way to let something pass through. I wasn't watching...
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    transom mount trnsducer on 272

    HI I have a 1989 272 with inboard. I bougth a garmin 90dv chartplottr/gps that comes with a transom mount. Has anyone used a transom mounted transducer with good results. I worried the transom is too high to keep the transducer under water enough top properler work. Any help is...
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    items left in boat for extended time

    Hi I have an 272 le and found another one on line that has been on the hard for 3 years *87) the owner got sick. It hasn't been covered. A main question is that the cushions and sails have be left on the boat stored and covered, but on the boat. After three years with winters and...
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    Length of travel

    I have a 272 le that I bought a year ago and worked on. Mooring it in fairhaven Ma in May. I know its a coastal cruiser but not sure what that means. Could I take a week trip up the coast of Maine or is it more geared to just weekends? thanks Paul
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    hull number

    Is there a way to get the history of my boat. I went to boat history but they only go back to 95, mine is an 89 272 and wondering what it did from 89 to 95 thanks for any insights Paul the Beam
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    I purchased a 272le 1988 and have been working on it to launch in spring. I took the sails to Doyles sail loft in Dartmouth mass. The mainsail was original and has a few years. The spinackers (2) were fine. The genoa was totally blown out. Having new one made. We talked about rigging and...
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    roller furring

    Do you know what brand of roller furring was used on a 272 '89? Have people had to replace or have they held up? What maintenence can be done to ther thanks paul
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    hatch over table (fixed)

    Hi Just about ready to launch a 272 I bought in oct. It was under a tree that was rotted and taken down last week. with it gone the fixed hatch near mast started leaking in rain. I took it apart and the fiberglass was a little broken up core wasn't bad. Glass wasn't that bad and could...
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    hull to deck seal

    Hi I got a 272 le in oct. I noticed the hull liner stained on port and starboard in salon and a lot in the port side aft. I re bedded everything with butyl tape and wondering if some of the staining could be from the hull to deck joint. Don't know anything about it. If its not hard to...
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    carpet on starboard and port

    Hi Has any one ever found a resource to replace the carpet on walls of a 272 there has been a lot of water infiltration and they look pretty beat. Ceiling and v berth are fine. Maybe someone put something diff instead of carpet in galley? Any advice greatly appreciated. thanks Paul
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    leaking pedestal

    Hi folks i purchased a 272le in oct. been working on it and it's looking pretty good. what I noticed in fall before shrink wrap was water pouring down inside the pedestal (more steady drip) when it was raining. about a week ago I blocked the cockpit drain and filled to above all the...
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    bedding hardware on 272

    I'm rebedding my stanchions and cleats etc. there is a rubber gasket under half the tubes; can I eliminate and use boat life to make gasket or should i get some neoprene and replace? it's on a 272 and don't think ever done. thanks Paul
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    bottom paint

    Hi I have a 272 oday 89 and am re doing the bottom paint. According to the two previous owners it hasn't been done in 20 years; just touched up. I notice a lot of white spots but was told they were probably from barnacles; no oozing, hard, smooth. I'll sand 70% off the bottom. The...
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    I have a 272le w original origio stove; missing tops and covers on burners. Wondering can I still get these parts? Buy a cookmate that resembles it? Switch to propane for better faster cooking? Are people with the alcohol stoves satisfied with them thanks Paul
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    chain plates

    Hi I just bought a 272 le and have it in my yard with mast down. I keep hearing the biggest flaw in this boat is the chain plates. I've seen some pictures with the bulkheads blown out and thought this a good time to do preventive maintenence. I was going to rebed the plates and make sure not...