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  1. Don S/V ILLusion

    It’s not safe anywhere.

    “by: WFLA 8 On Your Side Staff Posted: Oct 18, 2020 / 08:04 AM EDT/ Updated: Oct 18, 2020 / 09:15 AM EDT SARASOTA, Fla. (WFLA) – A man driving a large boat crashed into docked boats at the Bayfront Park Marina in Sarasota on Saturday afternoon and it was all caught on camera! Sarasota police...
  2. Don S/V ILLusion

    Summerize the boat

    this is the antithesis of the winterization thread posts here every Fall. Many of us Summer -ize as it’s not uncommon for our boat to sit for a while during lightning season. It’s a little more complicated than putting her to bed up north as we can use the boat for various reasons and...
  3. Don S/V ILLusion

    Anyone familiar with Vakaros instrument?

    interested in any experience using one. Thanks in advance
  4. Don S/V ILLusion

    What's the silliest (dumbest) boat related thing you ever saw?

    Sitting at the marina this a.m., I watched some pretty strange things which prompts me to ask: My contribution is that many years ago, I watched what was obviously a novice powerboater drive his new Searay up to the fuel dock. After some discussion with the fuel dock guy, he walked back to his...
  5. Don S/V ILLusion

    Long shot -info on new Raymarine Quantum radar

    looking for any rumors or experience with this new format radar. Sounds interesting but I don't want to be the 'guinea pig!.
  6. Don S/V ILLusion

    Zar Rib owners?

    Long shot question - anyone here own one?
  7. Don S/V ILLusion

    Mast steps on carbon fiber mast?

    I'm told this isn't practical but wonder if anyone out there has any real experience. We have an elec halyard winch but being hoisted up lacks the sense of security you get with actually being able to step on something. I'd appreciate hearing from anyone who has them on a carbon stick or...
  8. Don S/V ILLusion

    For all those hibernating in winter

    For all real sailors
  9. Don S/V ILLusion

    Yanmar 4JH engine service manual

    Sold our boat which had a 4JH engine so have no need for the service manual. Before I recycle it, I thought I'd ask if anyone here needs it for the price of postage. Reply by PM. Don
  10. Don S/V ILLusion

    Excellent commentary on sailboat race

    you won't believe this but it is legit:
  11. Don S/V ILLusion

    This is disturbing

    A Ship's Captain apparently ignores a distressed vessel
  12. Don S/V ILLusion

    AH2 tuner

    I have an AH2 tuner surplus to my needs which has been sitting in my garage too long and wants a good home. Before I put it in the classified ads, I though i'd ask here if anyone needs it for any minimal offer.
  13. Don S/V ILLusion

    Ronca anchor recall

    Anyone who bought a Ronca anchor should read this:
  14. Don S/V ILLusion

    two-part teak cleaners

    In hope of saving some time doing the research, I am hoping someone know this off the top of their head - what are the components of the cleaner in the two-part packages sold at marine stores? And no, I am not looking to do maintenance on the boat. We made the mistake of buying teak outdoor...
  15. Don S/V ILLusion

    Not sailing related but this is incredible

    Seeing these images blew me away and thought others may be interested. Move your cursor over each picture to see the before and after shots.
  16. Don S/V ILLusion

    2007 Test on vasrious rust inhibitors for electronics

    Not sure how useful this is being 4 years old but I ran across it and thought it might be of value given all the recent electrical corrosion discussions of late: I can't say my experience is similar to the test results but for what it's worth...
  17. Don S/V ILLusion

    Recommended cleaning procedures for oil contamination

    Hope nobody needs this but... Excerpted from Good Old Boat magazine: "Paint manufacturers Interlux and Awlgrip have the following tips to help clean contaminated boats: Interlux Guidelines for treatment of antifouling contaminated with oil The surface of an antifouling...
  18. Don S/V ILLusion

    For anyone contemplating a VHF or HF radio project

    I came across this neat little plug-in which clearly shows the loss of various type coax cable at various frequencies. It is worth plugging in a few of the listed types of coax to show how significant the loss can be for the type typically used by boaters vs. some of the better types. Simply...
  19. Don S/V ILLusion

    Water stains on teak table

    Not quite sailing related but it is the boat's salon table which has a water stain I'd like to eliminate. Before taking an iron to it as some home DIY sites recommend, does anyone have a safer option for raw teak table top?
  20. Don S/V ILLusion

    Efficacy of prop anti-fouling paint

    As it is "that time of year", I though I'd comment on my experience using Pettit Zinc Coat Barnacle Barrier Paint 1792 on my prop and shaft last season. First, I should probably stipulate this isn't an opinion of the efficacy of whatever bottom paint we all use and love. There is ample...