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    Late to the party - Raspberry Pi & OpenPlotter (Moitessier Hat)

    So I'm literally one year too late to the Open Plotter party (Raspberry Pi) and it looks like the Moitessier HATs are no longer available. Does anyone have one that they didn't ever get around to using that they are looking to sell?
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    Embarking on an enclosure project

    If there was a single certainty in my life as far as sailing goes it is this. Bugs could very well put an immediate full-stop to all of my family sailing hopes and dreams. Our inland lakes in Alberta are wonderful - even more wonderful for these little (I call them) fish flies. I know they're...
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    Precharging 6v batteries

    I bought our two 6v golf cart batteries about 16 months ago. They've been stored in a heated garage since and have yet to be hooked up. How do I (safely) charge them up before I drop them into the boat and put them to work? All I have is a standard 12v plug into the wall automotive battery charger.
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    Wiring underway (At last!)

    I finally did it. I found time to tear into the Mac and address the wiring so I can add the little creature comforts for my wife and kids (reading lamps, USB charge ports) and relocate the batteries to the V-berth. My question is regarding the solar panels. I have four 40 watt panels for now...
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    Where are all the threads?

    Am I crazy or has this forum lost a pile of threads? My "Ask a Macgregor Owner" list is only two pages worth of topics.....did I miss some catastrophic event or am I not remembering the forum correctly since my last visit?
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    Simple (?) wiring question

    The rewiring project is getting closer (because winter has finally seemed to leave at last!). Question for all: What's the best/proper way to wire up, on a single circuit, an LED reading light which will also have a 12v lighter socket next to it. Do I "tap" off the pos and neg leads with one of...
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    Three cabin Beneteaus?

    Hello from the MacGregor side! ; ) My wife and I are researching a year's sabbatical sail and in our digging there are a couple models of Beneteaus that have risen to the top thanks to the three cabin layouts. We were first put onto the 393s through another forum bbut the more we look at them...
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    Egg mysteries

    We have an eight year old and a five year old who took it upon themselves to dye about five dozen easter eggs (non-boiled). I was just digging around online to see what can be done with them after easter passes thinking as long as the dyes didn't penetrate into the egg they'd be fine to eat...
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    Double down on Amp-Hours? Battery prices might be taking a jump.

    It's just a rumour I heard yesterday from the owner of a residential/light commercial and RV solar company but his words were "There may be a big jump in battery prices soon, something about the lead in them. I think it'll be sometime in June." So I'm wondering if I should go back to Costco and...
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    Starting the actual diagrams....

    I'm on the verge of pressing "Checkout Now" on my mother of an Amazon list but before I do I want to get the wiring diagram sorted as best as I can with gauges and measurements (so I can double check voltage drops). Can someone tell me the correct order of events for the following house circuit...
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    Costco GC Batteries now in stock

    I just returned from Costco with two 6V, 200+Ah batteries for a whopping $140 each. Ten dollars for the core but I have two to take back to them so I'll get that back. Not bad at all - especially if they do what I hope they do for our little Mac. And then I saw this USB power pack gizmo touted...
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    One battery fuse block terminal or two?

    In installing two GC batteries do I want one fuse block terminal or two (one for each positive)? And all I'm finding on Amazon at the moment are 40, 60, 75 and 100A fuse blocks on the smaller end of the spectrum. I was looking for 90 (can't say why exactly...might have read it somewhere?) but...
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    Screw anchors? For interior modifications.

    Are there any shallow anchor sort of things I can use for attaching interior additions to the inner liner? I'm thinking of the way drywall anchors work but I know those are too long/deep. I'd be doing things like adding strips which I could then screw into or use as supports - either temporary...
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    Proper wire colour coding?

    In planning my battery relocation and general rewiring I'll be adding some stuff. Cabin lighting, reading lamps, charge outlets in the berth areas for iThings etc. Is there a general rule of thumb I can follow as far as wire colors go aside from red + and black -?
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    Anyone know about this mod?

    I ran across this on Pinterest but the link goes to the "old forum" and isn't found. Does anyone recognize the mod? Who it was, how it was done? I like the look and would like to learn more.
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    Mod forthcoming - mast crutch front and rear, Mac 26s

    Heres the idea: lift the front of the mast (and rear as required) while trailering to a height that will allow us to fully raise the poptop while camping enroute to out destination. Here's the plan: to super simplify the explanation I'm going to build a yoke on the end of a piece of lumber to...
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    Certifications, chartering, ASA/CYA and the Gulf Islands 2019

    Yes.....2019. But the life I live, I need to plan for big things like this or it'll never happen. And it dictates what we do in terms of getting family accustomed to longer boat stays through next summer. And perhaps mods I decide to make in the next 20 months to try to make longer stays more...
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    Battery relocation question

    I'm looking at the WM wire size / ampacity charts in contemplating a battery move OUT of the lazarette this season either to under the sink / stbd seat or all the way to the v-berth. I know I can figure out the length of the wire run from the engine to the batteries - but what load do I use? I...
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    From the way back machine.

    So, searching an unrelated topic I discovered this post. Has anyone echoed the experience? "I knwo this isn't related, but I couldn't resist.I was puling my 26S out a couple of weeks ago, and of course the bow did not come all the way up to the stop in front of the trailer.So I let the ballast...
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    Boating skills for dummies?

    I was just thinking back to my cruising course and the things that come as you advance through the courses and got to thinking about sailing onto and off of a dock. I'm pretty sure if I put my head to it I'd come to some sort of semblance of a plan but wonder how many other things there are to...