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  1. BarryL

    Dufour 40E Performance

    Hello, Is this forum still active? I am interesting in learning more about the 40E Performance. This is the model with two wheels, made from 2010-2015 or so. How is the boat for racing? How is it for cruising? Any issues with the boat? Thanks, Barry
  2. BarryL

    O'day 35 Refit

    Hey, My boat was damaged during hurricane Sandy. She was on her mooring, prepared as best as I could. She didn't move but lots of other boats did. The next day I found some some other boat must have broken loose or dragged into me and my poor boat suffered from it. I can't complain as many...
  3. BarryL

    O'day 35 damaged - looking for parts, etc.

    Hello, I thought my boat made it through Sandy without damage, but I was wrong. I got on the boat Wednesday and saw that some boat with a blue hull must have broken loose during the storm and hit me. The starboard side has some damage, bent stanchions, snapped lifeline, etc. The worst damage...
  4. BarryL

    Rub Rail on a 35

    Hello, This past winter, while my boat was on the hard, the plastic trim piece that goes under the black rub rail popped out on a 5' section on the port side. I can put back into position, but it is loose and falls back out. How do I properly attach it? Thanks, Barry
  5. BarryL

    family sailing in a 36.7

    Hello, I currently own an O'day 35 and I am thinking of boat with better sailing performance. I race on a different boat and would not plan on racing my boat. Anyway I have a few questions about the 36.7 and I would appreciate any comments. How does the boat sail short handed / singlehanded...
  6. BarryL

    Bottom restoration on O'day 35

    Hello, I recently completed a restoration (old paint strip, keel fair, barrier coat, bottom paint) on my O'day 35. If anyone is interested, you can read about and see the pictures here: Barry
  7. BarryL

    Hutton Arco

    Hello, Last month I serviced my Barient 25 winches and lost a shaft and bearing over the side. "Damn Damn Damn" I said to myself "what am I going to do now?" Some internet searching revealed that only one place in the world still supports those winches. I checked the usual places for old...
  8. BarryL

    Sail Trim

    Hello, I was sailing today and took this shot of the main. The wind was about 8 kts, and abeam. What do you think of the sail trim? I think the draft should be moved a little forward by tightening the outhaul and main halyward. Agree, disagree, any over comments? Thanks, Barry
  9. BarryL

    Testing DSC VHF Radio

    Hello, I recently installed a new VHF radio with DSC capability. I have connected it to my chartplotter and it is getting location information. I have done the quick 'radio check radio check' and verified that it can transmit and receive. Is there any way to test the DSC distress funtion? I...
  10. BarryL

    Running wires in steering pedestal

    Hello, I am trying to add some electronics to my boat. I plan on mounting a Lowrance chartplotter at the helm. I need to run 4 cables from the plotter down under the cockpit. I would like to run the wires inside the steering pedestal to keep things neat and also to avoid putting a hole in the...
  11. BarryL

    blocks - Ronstan Vs ?

    Hello, I want to buy some new blocks for my main sheet. I need a double with becket for the traveler, and three single blocks for the boom. The blocks on the boat are schaefer, and seem well made. I can buy new ones from Defender for $165. I can get the same blocks by Ronstan for $100. Are...
  12. BarryL

    Electronics - wants vs needs

    Hello, The posting on the "Garmin chartplotter for a good price" got me thinking. Last November I bought a 1986 O'day 35. The boat has old electronics - basic knot / log meter, depth finder, and wind instrument that half works (wind direction works but not wind speed). I am going to buy a...
  13. BarryL

    Micrologic ML8000 LORAN

    Hello, My new-to-me 1986 O'day 35 came with a Micrologic ML8000 Loran unit. The unit appears to work - it powers up, displays some stuff, responds to button presses, etc. The only problem is that there is no antenna. There is an antenna wire connected to the rear of the unit and a broken wire...
  14. BarryL

    documentation question

    Hello, I have recently purchased a 1986 O'day 35. The boat is currently documented with the coast guard. I am trying to determine if there is any reason why or why not to continue the documentation. I have visited the coast guard site, and it seems like it would cost $84 for the Exchange of...
  15. BarryL

    Laguna Boats

    Hello, I'm looking for information on Laguna boats, specifically the 33 GT. I have searched the web but not come up with much. Is there an owners site, email list, or anything like that? Is anyone familiar with the boat? My use would be day sails and weekend trips on the Long Island Sound...
  16. BarryL

    Jabsco toilet doesn't take in water

    Hello, After putting my boat back in the water, all is good. Except, the head doesn't pump water in. It's a Jasbco head (I know I know, it's a cheap POS, but I didn't know any better when I installed in in 2004). It will pump water out, but not in. I know the raw water intake is open because I...
  17. BarryL

    What is this fitting for?

    Hello, Does anyone know what is the purpose of the U bolt in the attached picture? I have a leak from the fitting. I plan on removing the U bolt and sealing the holes. However, if there is a purpose for the fitting, I'll rebed it and leave it alone. The boat was set up for sailing with a...
  18. BarryL

    Sail Question - Laminate vs Dacron, etc.

    Hi, I need new sails for my 1986 Newport 28 (main and 135 roller furling genoa). In doing my research, it seems like 'performance' sails, (at least for headsails) are radial cut with laminate material, while 'cruising' sails are still cross cut dacron. Since I don't race, but performance is...
  19. BarryL

    wire to rope halyard vs rope halyard

    Hi, I need to replace my main halyard. What is the benefit of all rope over wire to rope? My existing halyard is wire to rope. Thanks, Barry
  20. BarryL

    performance question

    Hello, I'm have a simple question regarding boat performance. My boat is a 1986 Newport 28 mark II. According to some web sites I have visited, the PHRF number is 198. A faster boat, like a C&C 34 is rated at 147. I assume that means that after 1 nm, the C&C would be 51 seconds ahead. Or...