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  1. Joe11688

    O'Day 222: My friend Wayne just sent me this posting yesterday. I know nothing about this boat except that it's an O'Day 222. Joe
  2. Joe11688

    Merry Christmas!

    Merry Christmas everyone from Taunton, "The Christmas City." Click on this link and hit the tab, "Taunton Green Web Cam" to see our Christmas dispay. Joe
  3. Joe11688

    O'Day Sailboats

    I joined an O'Day Blog a while back on facebook and uploaded a lot of my pics and info to it under their "Sailboat Ideas" section. There's a lot of info on taking a boat off a trailer and putting it on stands, removing a centerboard on a keel/centerboard O'Day sloop, plus all of my mods and the...
  4. Joe11688

    Tarps and rope hitches

    I’ve been using cheap polytarps on my boat for years. I usually get about three seasons out of them depending on how often I use them. My boom tarp is an 8’x10’ tarp and it gets used constantly. The grommets are not always centered on these tarps where you really need them and I usually need to...
  5. Joe11688

    Sailing under bare poles

    Has anyone ever experimented running downwind in a strong wind with no sails up? You may be surprised to find out that once your boat gets "way on" you may be able to not only steer a straight course down wind by letting your centerboard down a little, but also steer a course almost...
  6. Joe11688

    Yet, another mod

    I think this was probably one of the easiest and fastest mods I could make today on my boat. It took me longer to look through my stainless steel spare parts box in the cabin than it did to do the mod. It's a DIY boom break. I got this idea from Wayne last year. He had built his own version of...
  7. Joe11688

    The "Mother of all Mods."

    This has to be one of my best mods ever. My boat hook always presented a problem when it came to stowing it in the cabin. My flag stick was also too long for the short space I had over the quarter births and the final straw was my 6.5' Whisker Pole. Then it dawned on me. Why not cut the aft...
  8. Joe11688

    Sailboat stands:

    OK guys. Here's the scoop on the boat stands. I bought them at Brownell's Boatyard in Mattapoisett Ma where they make them. This place is right in your back yard Peter. I have the SB-3 sailboat stands but if you have a larger boat, you need to find out which stand is...
  9. Joe11688

    Home made mast extrusion plug

    Last year I had to cut 2'' off the bottom of my mast because it was so corroded that it was ready to blow out and I asked on this forum about a way of constructing a mast plug. I received some pretty good pointers and suggestions from you guys which enabled me to come up with something better...
  10. Joe11688

    I need to add 2" to the bottom of my mast

    I have a 1986 O'Day 222 that I bought new in a boat show. It has a 27' Z-190 Z-Difusion Aluminum mast with internal halyards. This is my second mast. The first on bit the dust back in the mid 90s off Newport RI. When I had this mast made up by a rigger, I had them install a Kenyon hinged...
  11. Joe11688

    Squirrels swimming?

    Has anyone ever seen a squirrel swimming in the river or any body of water? A friend of mine who is a member of a yacht club further down the river from us told me that squirrels were swimming over to the boats and getting on board via the pendant line and wreaking havoc. I was very incredulous...
  12. Joe11688

    Talk like a pirate

    Today is National Talk Like A Pirate Day! Avast, me hearties! Yo Ho Ho and a bottle of ye best rum! Arrrrd!
  13. Joe11688

    Triangular plates for mast raising

    Some of the guys on the forum have inquired about the triangular plates attached to the lower stays of the O'Day 26s which were used in mast raising on these boats. They may have put these plates on the 25s, I'm not really sure. If anyone has a 25 with these plates, maybe they could chime in on...
  14. Joe11688

    Santana 21

    One of our YC members who also commands a local Sea Scout troop in our area just bought a Santana 21 sloop and asked me if I want to teach the kids sailing. I know absolutely nothing about these boats and have never seen one up close. I'm curious as to how they sail. Are they tender? Are there...
  15. Joe11688

    Origo stove tip

    I posted this tip last year in the "Salty Sailors" forum but never took any pics of it until yesterday. This tip applies to anyone who has an Origo or similar canister type boat stove on board. With the price of denatured alcohol these days it behooves you to try and conserve fuel in any...
  16. Joe11688

    Detachable companionway step

    Ahoy there, Keith! This one is for you. Here's the pics of that detachable companionway step. Years ago I used to buy used Teak from a boat store in Warren RI. The Teak blocks that are screwed to the under side of the step are 1 3/4" thick. The long blocks are 8" L X 2 1/8" W. The little funny...
  17. Joe11688

    Dow Corning 795 caulking "keeps on ticking"

    In 2008 I bought a used Gray Marine Mfg. forward hatch off Rudy to use as parts for the broken hatch on my 86 O'Day 222 and while I was at his store I asked him what kind of caulking is used for plastic hatches and he sold me a large tube of Dow Corning 795. The DC 795 caulking has the same...
  18. Joe11688

    Sail slide stop

    Here's a sail slide stop that I've been using for many years that is fast and easy to use. It involves a small diameter braid line tied around the mast with a reef knot. As most of you know, a reef knot is nothing more than a quick release square knot. Fortunately, I have a mast winch that is...
  19. Joe11688

    A sail stop you can make

    I just came up with another "brain child" for keeping your sail slides in your mast track. It involves using a short piece of 3/16" braid just long enough to go around the mast and have enough slack to tie a "reef knot", and a plastic wire clip. What could be simpler? Of course you are going to...
  20. Joe11688

    Hot tip for Origo boat stove owners

    For those who have Origo boat stoves on board with the canisters: As you know, alcohol is very expensive these days and it evaporates very fast in hot weather if you leave that little round rubber canister cover off for too long or completely forget to insert it back while you were waiting for...