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  1. BarryL

    Power washing the bilge?

    Hey, AFAIK the only way to clean the bilge is to use lots of water, lots of degreasers, and lots of elbow grease. And for many bilges, long arms and don't be squeamish! Once the bilge is clean you may still have to deal with odors. It's common on many boats to have mold growth in hard to...
  2. BarryL

    Help with B&G systems

    Hi, I suggest you go into settings and then data sources. For Depth, what do you have listed and what is selected? You should be able to see the airmar transducer and then select it. On my boat I have an airmar DST (Depth Speed Temperature). For some reason, every time the electronics get...
  3. BarryL

    Help with B&G systems

    Hi, What kind of depth transducer do you have? The Vulcan can accept a SONAR transducer input, or it can use a NMEA 2000 transducer. What is connected to the back of the Vulcan? Barry
  4. BarryL

    Mast mounting a whisker pole - sticker shock

    Hi, A mast mounted track is best. However a ring on the mast and some chocks on the stanchions is pretty c,one for a lot less money. You do need a topping lift. If you have a spinnaker halyard you can use that as a pole lift but a real one is better. i put that setup on my c&c 110 and it was...
  5. BarryL

    Surveys are a waste of money

    Hi, it is a great idea to read the books, do your homework, and inspect your potential new boat. The more you do yourself the better off you will be. However, if you’re not an expert how can you tell if the hull is wet, or has a void, or has some other problem? Are you able to tell if the...
  6. BarryL

    Racing Rules

    Hi, Some a competitor had a dinghy on his davits? With an outboard motor on it? That is a new one to me! I'm sorry for your damage. Barry
  7. BarryL

    New guy on the ocean worries / horrible radio comms!?!?!?

    Hey, In all honesty, when I out for a day sail, I leave my radio off. Otherwise I just get annoyed with the radio checks, sea tow calls, coast guard broadcasts from great south bay (I am in the Long Island sound, on the OTHER side of Long Island from great south bay), and other nonsense. If...
  8. BarryL

    Racing Rules

    Hi, AFAIK there are no rules regarding anchors on the bow. Note that the racing rules of racing state: A boat finishes when, after starting, any part of her hull crosses the finishing line from the course side So anchor on bow or no anchor will not affect the finish position. Barry
  9. BarryL

    Overheating issues, it can't be this hard!

    Hi, Troubleshooting overheating can be complicated because there are two separate water systems and both must work correctly. First go through the raw water (sea water circuit). Make sure the raw water pump is working correctly - it is sucking up sea water and sending to to the heat exchanger...
  10. BarryL

    Sail question

    Hello, As mentioned, its common to have the leach of the main rub against the backstay. A few points to consider: In your picture the main is on the wrong side of the backstay. The main will rub against the back stay but should cross the back stay with each tack. If the main doesn’t cross over...
  11. BarryL

    Adventures in anchoring

    Hey, Were you able to pull the boat forward by hand? I know it's easier with someone driving the boat up to the anchor, but it shouldn't take that much power for you to just pull the boat forward and get the boat over the anchor. I don't have that much anchoring experience, and just about 0...
  12. BarryL

    Any problems with sailing a 2.92 feet draft winged keel on the Great South Bay on Long Island NY

    Hey, Listen to Ted. He knows his way around the bay! Barry
  13. BarryL

    Lively harbors: Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard MA

    Hey, My vote would be Mitchell Park and Marina in Greenport, NY. Lots of bars and restaurants near by. Lots of powerboats. Music going all night from the waterfront bars. It's a hoot! Barry
  14. BarryL

    Solar Trickle Charger

    Hey, I installed this on my last boat: It was very easy to install. I permanently mounted the controller, which was connected directly to the house batteries. The solar panel gets connected with a quick connect. When the boat was on a mooring I...
  15. BarryL

    First Contact! (What are the rules after being hit by another boat?)

    Hi Guys, I am just back from two days of racing in the Off Soundings Spring series. Great weather, great boat, great bunch of guys and I had a great time. On Saturday we protested another boat. We rounded a mark (along with many many other boats) and started heading to the next mark. We were...
  16. BarryL

    First Contact! (What are the rules after being hit by another boat?)

    Hey, All boats racing need to communicate. If YOUR spotter sees a boat and informs you, AND you don't know they see you, AND you get close enough where you start to worry, YOU should loudly and clearly yell STARBOARD at them. Hopefully they were aware of you the entire time and should respond...
  17. BarryL

    I am the Boat Battery Executioner.

    Hey, I have a similar situation - boat on mooring, short engine run time, minimal electrical needs. I put this on my last boat: It was easy to install. I would bring the panel out, connect it, and lay it in the cockpit right before I left the...
  18. BarryL

    I am the Boat Battery Executioner.

    Hey, Group 27 FLA deep cycle batteries are around $85 at Walmart. So two batteries costs under $200 once you add tax. If they last 5 years that's less than $40 / year. Barry
  19. BarryL

    Another Electrical Question (speakers)

    Hey, The watt numbers for the speaker is the maximum watts they can handle. If you exceed that number you can damage the speaker. So the newer speakers can handle more power, but that doesn't mean they will use more power. As long as you keep the volume the same as before the power used will be...
  20. BarryL

    Behavior of marine batteries

    Guys, I don't mean to speak for the original poster, but his use case is about as simple as can be. From his original post: Background: We are the habit of turning on engine, motoring for 10 minutes or so and then sailing with selector to #2 (drain is limited autopilot, VHF and Navigation). At...