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  1. Full Circle 473

    Show us your favorite anchorage

    San Juan Islands
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    Template material

    I do templating all the time and use cardboard strips. Hot glue strips to the surface parameter, reinforce all joints with cross supports. Details can be cut into small strips and glued to parameter strips. Once complete, the entire template can be removed using a putty knife. Very accurate and...
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    What is this?

    It should fit in between the tubes on your dingy as a seat
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    Beneteau 473 stern platform locker

    We use ours for the dingy gas can. It keeps the gas “out of the boat”. I just have to make sure the container is sealed. Yes sea water comes in and out as we sail, but at least there are no gas fumes inside the boat.
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    Big Day Tomorrow

    Congratulations! 50 years is fantastic. I enjoyed speaking with you the other day in Parks Bay, Shaw Island. The admiral and I will be celebrating 32 years in September.
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    Fuel pump advice

    Vapor lock. Once the fuel in the pump reaches the flash point temperature, it turns to vapor. The pump can’t pump vapor. As the pump cools down, the gas returns to liquid and can then be pumped again. The pump is already hot and takes less time to heat the gas to vapor. Sounds like a faulty...
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    Yamaha 6hp shift issues

    I have a 2010 Yamaha 6 hp F6LMHA. Motor runs great but is difficult to shift. Both forward and reverse. I have change the oil in the bottom end and lubricated all the joints I can access from the top. I would love advice as to what avenue to take next.
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    473 prop shaft zinc

    Where does your hull zinc attach? My 473 does not have any zinc on the hull. I only have one zinc that is on the prop.
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    473 prop shaft zinc

    As far as I know, I haven’t had the “opportunity “ to engage the line cutter. I completely agree, leaving or coming back to Everett is an obstacle course. As is Port Ludlow! People will put the traps just about anywhere.
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    473 prop shaft zinc

    They aren’t too bad. $19 a set from I go thru 2 sets per year.
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    473 prop shaft zinc

    No. That was an option, as was the 4 blade folding prop.
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    473 prop shaft zinc

    Thank you NY Sail. You are correct. I pulled the boat out of the water for an annual inspection. There is no room for any additional zinc. I will continue to just use and replace the zinc on the prop.
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    2002 473 port stern locker

    I just keep the plastic gas container for the dingy in there. The water in the compartment doesn’t bother me because the gas cans are a tight fit and don’t bounce around much. I just like keeping the gas cans contained and as far away from the interior as possible.
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    San Juan Trip Advice

    Trip Report: Had a fantastic 4 day trip! Day 1: Everett to Watmough Bay via Deception Pass. Watmough Bay is beautiful and easy to get too. Did some hiking and fishing. Hiking was great, fishing, not so much. Definitely a return destination is in the cards. Day 2: Watmough Bay to Parks Bay...
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    San Juan Trip Advice

    That means, sailing, shopping, sailing, going out to eat, sailing, hiking, etc.. Still lots of fun, but just a little more layed back and less alcohol then the guys trip.
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    San Juan Trip Advice

    We have at least 3 trips planned this summer after the "boys" weekend. The remaining trips will have the admirals and is therefore much more civilized.
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    San Juan Trip Advice

    Thanks for all the ideas. I will report back as yo what we did. Thanks again.
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    San Juan Trip Advice

    Can I get some of your expert advice on off the beaten path destinations in the San Juans? We will be doing a 4 day trip with the "boys" (the Admiral and the other women will be joining us later in the summer). Looking for anchorage sites that provide either hiking, kayaking, oysters, fishing...
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    What would you do

    Listen to the admiral. If something were to happen while working on the boat, then you would never hear the end of it. Boat will always be there as long as the admiral continues to support you.
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    Diesel Fuel

    Thank you all. Great information. I was planning on using the gas station fuel to prime the filters ( fill the bowl) when changing the elements. It seams like it will not be an issue. Thanks again!