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  1. Joe11688

    getting my 25 on jack stands Here's that picture album guys. I was trying to do it on an ipad and I'm not too good at it. You're right guys. It is dangerous. I wouldn't want anyone to get hurt. I'm on my Pc right now and my typing doesn't seem to be...
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    I'd check the O'Day 23 built after1974, preferably 1980s. I love the galley set up in the older models, bare in mind that these older up to 1973 or 1974 were built with cast iron keels. Rust was a huge problem with these boats back and it still is. Anyone who has one of these boat and is up to...
  3. Joe11688

    72 22ft

    Good luck Ed! I think you're going to love that boat. You got it at a great price too, I think. Joe
  4. Joe11688


    We have a 1975 O'Day 25 at our club that's got to be the fastest 25 in the club. I sailed it up from the Cape to our club on the Taunton River years ago and noticed the speed myself. The 1975s have the centerboard pendant line cable down below mounted on a winch on the table stanchion.
  5. Joe11688

    Here's a test for all

    It looks like a Venture by MacGregor to me . I always liked those boat. I liked that boat better than the newer Mac 22s.
  6. Joe11688

    What to do once you know you've screwed up?

    You can't think of everything. No one can, but what you can do is try to have an alternate plan ready just in case your first plan fails.
  7. Joe11688

    Sink pumps 1978

  8. Joe11688

    New cushions for my 23

    Ahoy there,, Technodad! First of all I just want to say that you did an excellent job and I like what you did in the cabin of that boat. I noticed that you keep an oar in the V birth birth section of your boat. Have you ever thought of cutting a small section out of your rear...
  9. Joe11688

    Identify 23' from 25'

    Hey Lance! I just wanted to say ''Ahoy" !!! :) Joe
  10. Joe11688

    Identify 23' from 25'

    Bill, That boat in the listing is definitely an O'Day 25. You can tell by the galley set up near companionway hatch. The best thing for you to do is click on to the '' Download Sheet''on this site and find O'Day serial number format sheet which explains what the VIN numbers represent...
  11. Joe11688

    Jib Sheets, Winches and Cleats

    I've no ticed that some O'Day 25s need the foresail up and working with the Mainsail in order to come about and be able to maneuver the boat well. Fortunately, my particular model seems to to maneuver extremely well with just the Mainsail in varied wind conditions. When the wind is strong...
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    Identify 23' from 25'

    The later model O'Day 23s have a slide out galley cabinet mounted on a quarter birth on the Starboard side in that cubby hole under the cockpit combing. The older model OD 23s which were built in the early 1970s had a full galley on the Port side with a dinett table set up which turns into a...
  13. Joe11688

    Play in tiller

    James, I am sure that you will come up with a good solution that won't hurt the wallet. I've done it a few times and the only secret is to try to '' think outside the box.''. A great example of this is the mast extrusion that I made out of Trex and PVC trim board for my hinged tabernacle...
  14. Joe11688

    Play in tiller

    Many thanks George. May God Bless you and your family. Joe
  15. Joe11688

    Identify 23' from 25'

    One of our YC members just picked up a 1983 O'Day 23 with a roller trailer for a good price and he loves that boat. All I can say to you is that his 23 has about the same low freeboard as my 86 O'Day 222 and this is one feature that I favor very much. It also has an anchor locker on the...
  16. Joe11688

    Play in tiller

    James, I remember talking to you on this forum about a year or two and it's great to hear from you again. Please forgive my horrible spelling in my first reply. My son Tim is letting me use his touch pad to write these words, and I'm a little hazy on how to run it. I am...
  17. Joe11688

    Play in tiller

    Ahoy James! What I would do is check into what you need to replace or exact which hardware is worn, Lintels or Fictions? Then replace that part. Rudy Nickers on of D&R Marine in As so net' Ma has all the O'Day parts in stock. Personally, I would't crawl into that Lazare hatch.You may get...
  18. Joe11688

    Winter Cover

    The last three pics pretty much illustrate how I've been setting up my tarp through the years. I never have ripped tarps. Joe
  19. Joe11688

    If not a bimini, what?

    I've been using polytarps for years and they keep my boat nice and cool in the hot summer while she rides the hook.