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  1. Rick D

    CNG Tank Safety Cap Source?

    I looked online, but could not find any source. There certainly must be one. I just picked up two (new) tanks and they were without caps. These tend to get detached and lost, so I would like to have a couple of spares. I don't feel comfortable having my spare tank in the locker without a cap and...
  2. Rick D

    450 AP Drive?

    A friend is trying to locate the AP drive unit on his Whitlock steering system on his 450. Looking at the diagram, it appears the most likely place is the gear reduction unit. He has been eyeballed the system and saw nothing obvious. Any answers? (B&G AP)
  3. Rick D

    Odd Offset Shackle; For What?

    I was recently given this offset shackle. Nice piece, unused, but I have no idea what the intended application is. I'm certain I have seen it before. Maybe for a snubber? Anchor safety rig? Anyhow, if you know, please advise!
  4. Rick D

    AIS Receive Problem Identification

    I have a B&G multi-purpose display which will display AIS targets when fed from a Standard Horizon VHF with AIS receive capability. The last time I was at the boat, I noticed the AIS targets were not showing on the chart. I rebooted the unit, but no change. I rebooted the SH VHF and checked it's...
  5. Rick D

    40.5 Wiring For Forward Electric Head Question

    Any suggestions for a wiring run from the switch panel to the forward head from those who did a DYI install?
  6. Rick D

    Apollo Ball Valve Failure

    After trouble shooting why my macerator wouldn't pump, I determined the discharge through hull ball valve is inoperative. Specifically, although the handle and shaft turn with some resistance, the ball does not and remains in the closed position. So, since I have an overboard discharge and a...
  7. Rick D

    Power Winch Throwing Breaker... Question

    My halyard power winch is beginning to throw the breaker when it has raised the sail but not yet put significant load on the halyard. It's old, 26 years, but reliable otherwise. Any troubleshooting hints? Thanks in advance.
  8. Rick D

    Engine Cover Removal 40.5?

    Have any of you had success in removing the FRP cover from the top of the engine compartment. It was a long time ago since I tried. I removed the ladder, and all the screws, but it didn't budge. Some day that has to come off :yikes:
  9. Rick D

    My Boat Is Held Together By Zip Ties!

    I had to replace the fluxgate compass for my AP. The compass is forward about 25' from the computer. I had to clip about thirty ties to pull the cable. I was guilty for about nine of them. Oh well, they are all nice and new now, and fewer of them. Whew!
  10. Rick D

    Anyone know what this is? Anyone Need it?

    This looks like a transducer plug to me. About 1 1/4 inches (31mm); has an arrow on top. The smaller "plug" is about 1 9/16 inches (40mm). This isn't close to the size of the Airmar units I have had on my last two boats over 30 years, so maybe it was from an earlier on? Anyhow, if anyone needs...
  11. Rick D

    Oil of Catalina 36 in San Francisco Bay

    My wife painted this of a friend's Cat 36 off the Golden Gate. Turned out very nicely.
  12. Rick D

    Oil Painting of Legend 40.5

    My wife just finished an oil painting of our 40.5 as a B-Day gift for me. She did a terrific job on it. She also did one of a friends Catalina 36 in SFO bay. I'll have her give me a copy of that and post it in the Catalina forum.
  13. Rick D

    Wiring Repair Ideas?

    OK, I have been chasing wiring issues on my '94 vintage boat. Among them was rewiring the bow pulpit for the bow nav lights, pulling new line for the stern light, and new connections for the macerator. One that remains is to rewire a sump pump from an in-bath switch to the pump. The issue is...
  14. Rick D

    Android App Issue

    Getting an"license expired"message on my Android all. I deleted and reloaded the app twice.
  15. Rick D

    Catalina Island Locked Down

    Got a notice that Catalina is barring uses of moorings, transient and leased, until further notice. Bottom line is that they want no visitors out of a concern that their limited medical resources could become overrun. While I doubt they have the legal authority to do this, I suspect none of us...
  16. Rick D

    40.5 Bow Lights Wiring Replacement

    So, the wiring in the bow pulpit started going bad. Evidently, the jobber who made it up did not use tinned wire. Workked well enough for 26 years, so no complaints. Well, the wire goes up from a hole forward on the pulpit, makes a U turn, goes aft, makes a hard turn into a wiring channel, goes...
  17. Rick D

    Cockpit Flooring Project

    So, after decades sailing with small dogs, we got used to having some carpet in the cockpit which also helped keep the dirt and sand from going below when on our Catalina mooring. It stayed put except for lively sailing; never had it in place for races. We took it out but we still thought the...
  18. Rick D

    Attention San Diego Area Boaters >>> New Regulations

    For those of you in San Diego, see this notice of meeting and PowerPoint regarding a proposal to restrict in-water hull cleaning and require yards, marinas, and boat owners to maintain records. Interestingly, it references boaters required to have a bottom paint certificate. Oh oh. By the way...
  19. Rick D

    FCC: I Must Be Really Slow...

    I just spent an hour and forty five minutes on the FCC site(s) just renewing my ships radio license (I use the radio out of the USA). Phil, it's a lesson in website complication!
  20. Rick D

    Article on Strange AIS Spoofing

    Ghost ships, crop circles, and soft gold: A GPS mystery in Shanghai