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  1. Daveinet

    Sad day, and no way to fix

    As a matter of a couple of hours ago I lost my sailboat. We got a very abrupt tornado warning. I pretty much immediately went down into the basement. After about 5 minutes, I heard a very loud crash. After about 15 minutes, I came back upstairs to see a very large Oak branch 1000lbs+. had...
  2. Daveinet

    Animal poop

    OK, so trying to not feel like I've just been sent to my room, I went outside and climbed in my boat. The boat is under cover. Much to my disappointment the top of my boat is covered in large poop. Not sure what animal it is, possibly racoon or at least that size animal. Why do these animals...
  3. Daveinet

    OK, where did you hide the subscribed link?

    How do I find the threads I've subscribed to? Normally there should be a link that will list the threads we've posted or subscribed to, but I can't find said link. What am I missing?
  4. Daveinet

    Garmin products to delicate intended use

    Last year I bought a Garmin VivoActive HR smart watch for the specific purpose to use while sailing. It seemed like a good choice because it is waterproof, and has built in GPS. There are at least 6 different sailing apps for the watch. The watch is 1 year and 1 month old. The case broke where...
  5. Daveinet

    Are you prepared for an emergency?

    I watched a video today of a discussion about what goes through one's mind in an emergency. Even though the video is about flying, I think there are very useful points common to both sports in how your mind interacts with an emergency. Probably the most important point is what happens to your...
  6. Daveinet

    The Paranoid Sailor

    OK, confession time. Not sure what has gone wrong with me, but I am becoming an ever more paranoid sailor. I've had this boat for 4 years now. The first year was just getting to know the boat, learning to trust it, learning what it would do. Year before last, I had the boat out on a good sized...
  7. Daveinet

    Why design a boat with prebend?

    Ok, so I've seen enough discussions here on sail trim, but not much about the purpose of prebend in the mast. Just if your sail is designed for it, you put some in. But why design a sail with mast prebend in the first place? What is gained?
  8. Daveinet

    Need a quick fix for a small crack in fiberglass

    Got a hole/crack in the bottom of my boat. Need to temporarily seal it and wondering what the best method is going to be for a quick fix. It is right at the front of the centerboard trunk, where the bottom of the boat meets the start of the centerboard trunk. The biggest problem is that it...
  9. Daveinet

    Do we really need more boaters?

    I started to respond to Don's post about youth sailing, and stopped, as I did not want to hijack that thread. Every so often, we read threads about how to get the youth involved, or how to create a larger interest in sailing. As I thought about it, I really now wonder if the world already has...
  10. Daveinet

    Adding a panel to a Hobie 16 jib

    There is a new set of Hobie 16 sails for sale on Ebay. The Hobie 16 main is commonly used on my RL24, however the jib is too small. In looking at the sail, it looks as if another panel could be added to the foot, which would make the sail just about the right size. Has anyone ever done this, if...
  11. Daveinet

    Trolling motor for outboard

    Just thought I would report back on one of the successes of my vacation. About a month ago, I was having issues with my outboard. The float stuck, which I cleaned, and then seemed to be flakey again, which I was able to get it running again. However the outboard has always been a pain, because...
  12. Daveinet

    Repeat Sailing Vacation- high expectations.

    But can I deliver? Trying to repeat last year's Sailing Vacation. Same lake. Have the same camping site. Hopes are very high. Down to crunch time with boat prep. Still waiting for the Bimini to arrive. Hopefully if will get here before we need to leave, and hope it fits. Just finished sand...
  13. Daveinet

    Fishfinder/depth sounder and speedo mount

    I just won a bid on a Interphase Echo 200 fish finder/depth sounder and speedo. So a few questions about mounting. How far away does it need to be from the center board to prevent the centerboard from interfering. I don't really care about seeing fish, but just getting accurate depth readout and...
  14. Daveinet

    DT-4 outboard water pump

    Purchased a new to me boat last year. Being new to outboards, I never knew there was supposed to be water coming out the hole out the bottom of the engine. I used the boat all last season, and no water ever came out the hole. So, I've now learned that hole exists, and one should see water coming...
  15. Daveinet

    Can you ever have too much draft?

    As long as the main is not being back winded by the jib, or back winded by normal air flow, and the boat is not over power, can you ever have too much draft? As some may note from my earlier threads, I have been working on trying to get my sail shape correct. In the process, I was able to put...
  16. Daveinet

    Yard Sail

    Yard Sail (formerly sail twist) So, Spring has arrived and it has been time to get the boat in order. Last fall, I had a long discussion, trying to figure out how to get my sail shaped correctly. You can refer to the previous thread here ...
  17. Daveinet

    Thinking too much about keel forces

    OK, so its going to be another month before the boat is in the water, so my mind is just sitting idle. So I got to thinking about what forces actually push the boat forward. Is the forward force from the keel, or from the sail? When considering the sail shape and the lift, it seems like most...
  18. Daveinet

    mounting autohelm 800 longitudinally?

    Getting ready to mount the autopilot and I'm running into a problem. The back of my boat is so narrow, that to mount it in the correct distance from the pivot point will mean that it is fully retracted when going straight. Has anyone built an L shaped bracket at the rudder pivot point and...
  19. Daveinet

    AH800 Autohelm for Christmas - now want to modify

    OK, so DW got me a new toy for Christmas. A used AH800 Autohelm. So now I can go sailing by myself and she does not need to go :cry: . Have only played with it hooked up to a bench supply to repair it. So here is my question. Before I install it, I was thinking of getting an aftermarket remote...
  20. Daveinet

    Bicycle GPS speedo for boat

    Anyone ever used a bicycle GPS speedometer on their boat? Have been wanting to install a speedo of some sort. Looking at the cost, the standard sensor in the water type seem to be rather expensive, and somewhat questionable accuracy. So that got me thinking. The automotive after market speedos...