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  1. Phil

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    And good riddance to 2020. Now that everyone in my family is fully vaccinated my daughter can visit me in my work location (SF Bay Area) more often and I can go home more often (Hawaii). We spent the last week sailing and hiking. My daughter also got the chance to prove her boat handling skills...
  2. Phil

    Still some work to do on the latest project....

    but the progress so far looks pretty good. Before: and after some time with "Barkeepers' Friend" and 3M metal polish
  3. Phil

    Anyone have an owner's manual for a Shipmate 701CH cabin heater?

    Working through the various systems on Kolibri the cabin heater is next up on my list. Finding a manual via google searches seems to be damn near impossible.
  4. Phil

    Kite sailing boat...thoughts?

    I think this is kind of a cool idea. Maybe because I suck at kite boarding and would like to get better at it some day, but it's a cool concept regardless.
  5. Phil

    Who else cruises YachtWorld on a regular basis?

    About twice a week I look at the "recently posted" on YachtWorld to surf boat porn. Sure I already have a killer boat and I have no intention of's very cool when you come across something like this custom built, 1961 Swedish cruiser...
  6. Phil

    It's still Wednesday...Photo Day...which appears to be on life support

    Here's a little CPR action. Hopefully others will throw in a photo or two. Mark Healey misses the take off during the qualifying round of the 2004 Rip Curl Banzai Pipeline surf contest. One of my photos that was actually published in LIFE Magazine.
  7. Phil

    It's Wednesday once again - Photo Day

    Waterfall on the grounds of the Arenal Volcano Observatory near La Fortuna, Costa Rica.
  8. Phil

    Wednesday is Photo Day

    Here's one I shot several years ago in Honolulu at the Dragon Boat Races.
  9. Phil

    Wednesday is Photo Day....sure it's Tuesday evening, but why not

    Captain Kat turned 21 this last Friday. Here she is at ~4 years old sailing my old Frances 26 off the coast of Oahu looking for humpback whales.
  10. Phil

    Wednesday is Photo Day

    Swimming with the sharks....from the safety of a shark cage. Galapagos sharks off the North Shore of Oahu.
  11. Phil

    Moving back to Hawaii - found a new boat

    After shopping for ~8 months (started about the time we decided to move back) and checking out a bunch of boats in person I put an offer on one and it is now under contract. Yeah...sure I have to deal with shipping costs between Maine & San Francisco, but it's worth it to me. I invested the cash...
  12. Phil

    Teak Deck removal questions

    Does anyone have experience removing a teak deck and replacing with non-skid fiberglass? There are a couple slightly older boats that I may consider that have teak decks. I'm just curious how brutal of a job this is to do yourself and/or how much it would cost to have it done professionally for...
  13. Phil

    Marine Surveyor recommendation - Ensenada Mexico

    I'm heading down to Ensenada later this month to look at sailboat. Can anyone recommend a surveyor in that area? Thanks in advance.
  14. Phil

    Moving back to Hawaii...looking for a boat

    My wife and I have decided to move back to Oahu after 15 additional years in Boulder, CO. Monique will move in ~9/2020. I will follow in ~6/2021 due to work commitments in the San Francisco area. I'm just starting to look for a killer pocket cruiser to sail to Oahu from SF. BCC, Morris Linda...
  15. Phil

    Is Wednesday still photo day?

    My daughter and I came across this beauty while cruising around Port Jefferson, NY in a 420 from borrowed from her racing team. I would remove the power plant smoke stack in Photoshop, but it's just another part of Port Jefferson.