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  1. DinghySailor

    Touching up with polyurethane

    Hi folks, my C&C’s PO had her topsides painted five years ago with Sterling navy blue poly. The job was done professionally and is holding up extremely well. I’d like to address some anchor nicks at the bow and a minor impact wound on the port beam. The nicks are superficial but the impact will...
  2. DinghySailor

    Kevlar sail repair tape?

    Included in the purchase of our boat was duo of furling composite foresails by UK Sails. The 110 is in ok shape; the 125–with some tlc—may have a cruising season in it. The uv panel is a tad ugly but in fair shape and the leach works well to 15kts. The problem is at the upper luff where the...
  3. DinghySailor

    Vee-berth battery ventilation

    Hey all, As I prepare to mount a new windlass on my ‘85 C&C 37, I intend to install a new AGM 12v on the centerline just aft of the holding tank. There is plenty of room here for a battery platform and accessibility is fair. I’ve done my homework on voltage drop, cable size, etc. but if you...
  4. DinghySailor

    Removing Red Dot heater

    Hey all: As I complete installation of a new diesel heater, I'm thinking about removing the original bus heater (Red Dot). This runs off hot coolant from the engine and might be a good secondary (engine running) if it worked. As it is, the hose connection leaks and the fan needs replacing--not...
  5. DinghySailor

    12V or 24V?

    Dear battery heads: With the imminent installation of solar on my C&C 37, I'm trying to decipher the actual voltage of the house bank. The PO put together a #2 bank consisting of: 2 6V AGMs wired in series to make 12V 1 newer AGM 12V (added later under q-berth) + Xantrex Trucharge 20 6V combo...
  6. DinghySailor

    anchor roller retrofit

    Hi folks, As I prepare our new-to-us C&C 37 for cruising the San Juans and BC, I've decided to replace my Bruce 33 with a Mantus 45. The original bronze roller is inadequate, and the stock roller plate doesn't extend fwd enough for the Mantus tip to clear the bow edge. I'm hoping to find a...
  7. DinghySailor

    main flow issue

    We took our new-to-us 37 out for sail#1 last weekend. In sea trials, we'd sailed with a 90% headsail that was a bit blown and unimpressive. As the new owner now, I swapped the 90 for the far better-shaped UK 125%. Going to weather and playing with the slot (genoa skirted), I couldn't seem to...
  8. DinghySailor

    winch & hatch cover recommendations

    The Barient 28 winches on our new-to-us C&C 37 are in great shape but lack winch covers. My Lewmar hatches also need protective canvas. Seeking recommended sources/ideas for winch and hatch covers.
  9. DinghySailor

    Soaked C&C rudder?

    Hello, good sailing folk. My first real post here--excited to dive in. I started shopping seriously about five years ago, and having crewed on C&Cs in the 90s, I was smitten with those boats. Research on cored hulls scared me though, so I focused on Ericsons and Catalinas for a while. LSS, I'm...
  10. DinghySailor

    400 Mk II mainsail

    My search for a "performance-live aboard" (yes, an oxymoron) is now focused on the Catalina 400 Mk II, '00-'08. I've poo-pooed mast furling rigs for years, but reading around, it looks like I may have to like it since most of the Mk IIs in that range are mast-furled. Performance sacrifice aside...