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  1. Ted

    Asymm Spinnaker

    That doesn't look like an asymmetrical spinnaker. It looks more like a "Blooper".
  2. Ted

    Any problems with sailing a 2.92 feet draft winged keel on the Great South Bay on Long Island NY

    2.92 foot draft is perfectly fine on the Great South Bay. I've been sailing there for over 40 years with boats that have deeper draft. My previous boat had 5.25 foot draft and my present boat has 4.833 foot draft. Of course you will be limited in your exploration in some parts of the Bay. Anchor...
  3. Ted

    Looking at hunter 30

    This photo is from the id tag on a 1983 Yanmar 2GM.
  4. Ted

    Looking at hunter 30

    I had a transmission on a Yanmar 2GM rebuilt by Mack Boring in New Jersey about 8 years ago for about $950. If money were no object, a new transmission would be preferable.
  5. Ted

    C&C40 keel bolt torque

    You can find the keel bolt torque specifications posted on the site in the "Technical Info" tab.
  6. Ted

    Spinnaker Pole Length

    Marmalade's response is correct. Your question regarding which type of spinnaker is easier for a new spinnaker user to utilize is unclear. Most spinnakers currently being designed are triradial.This has little to do with how easy they are to use but more about how the fabric panels are aligned...
  7. Ted

    Spinnaker Pole Length

    Most PHRF rules state that the length of your spinnaker pole should be equal to the "J" dimension of your boat without penalty.
  8. Ted

    Lateral Keel Deflection

    That amount of movement is concerning. If it's moving 2" with just your foot applying pressure, it is sure to move more when the boat is heeled. I would move on to looking at other boats.
  9. Ted

    Bad Situation with Great Circle Sails

    I met someone last year who ordered a sail from Brian and had all sorts of problems. The LP of the headsail was too long and Brian refused to make good. The sail was supposed to be designed to be sheeted inboard of the shrouds (fractional rig) but since the LP wasn't correct the leech hit the...
  10. Ted

    Ignition switch

    This statement probably applies to the battery selector switch not the ignition switch.
  11. Ted

    Locating leak

    Check your fresh water tank and all the connections from it.
  12. Ted

    Looking at buying a boat, concerned about deck moisture levels

    I agree with Don's comment. The moisture readings will be influenced by where it is taken. Many boats have moulded fiberglass interiors and structural grid systems. The interior is attached to the hull with with blobs of whatever they use to fill the gap between the two surfaces. False high...
  13. Ted

    location of seatalk course computer

    What model is your autopilot? Some of the Raymarine autopilots don't have a separate course computer. The "brains" are contained in the control head of the ST4000 and earlier models.
  14. Ted

    Halyard wrap with Furlex

    Dave is correct. Another type of halyard deflector is the one made by Harken it's very easy to install.
  15. Ted

    Rudder Tube Rust

    That looks like a serious problem. It's difficult to tell from the photos but I'm pretty sure this is the lower rudder tube. Check the exterior of the hull around the rudder tube. This problem could lead to a major breach of the hull. Heavy weather, a soft grounding or snagging a lobster pot...
  16. Ted

    C&c mega 30

    There is a member (SwitchintoglideIII )of Sailboat Owners who has done extensive work on his C&C Mega. Maybe he'll jump in and answer some of your questions or you can send him a private message. Here's the link to that thread. Complete Refurb - 78 C&C Mega 30'
  17. Ted

    Looking for TWS polars for a Islander Freeport 36. I would very much appreciate if you could tell me where I can find :-)

    Try contacting US Sailing. They have polars for many boats but I doubt that they would have them for your boat. You never know.
  18. Ted

    Any Idea What This Is?

    Raymarine under deck autopilot linear drive
  19. Ted

    Stut Kaput on O'day 31, Looking for Replacement

    Have you tried Buck Algonquin? Struts On Hydrasearch Recreational-Buck Algonquin
  20. Ted

    Bilge switch Johnson Ultima vs Water Witch 230

    One of the most reliable bilge pump switches is made by Ultra Safety Systems. They can also be connected to a high water alarm. TEF-GEL - Ultra safety systems - Home page