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  1. Rick D

    Hunter passage 42 forward window

    The difference in the level of expansion & contraction between the FRP and Plexiglass can put strain on the screws whereas the mastic will allow some difference.
  2. Rick D

    Hunter passage 42 forward window

    Suggest you check with the chandlery on this site. On my 40.5, the windshield is curved and my installer had to have it oven-bent to fit. Good luck! OBTW, the screws don't hold it in. Dow 795 does that. The screws are removed after otherwise it can crack.
  3. Rick D

    Mast bracket question

    I have it on my mast for use with a reaching pole.
  4. Rick D

    Marinco Solar Vent Installation

    I think the new ones are in fact a big improvement over the last one I had. It seems better engineered and constructed. Of course, I will have to wait fifteen years to see if it holds up as well... It does make a big improvement in the boat. I noticed a big difference when the last one quit.
  5. Rick D

    Marinco Solar Vent Installation

    I installed a replacement in my hatch. I had two others over 22 years. I didn't have to cut it, but as others said, either a hole saw or a jig saw with a plastic cutting blade and slow cutting speed. However, the newer models are not designed for hatch installation and lack the option of a...
  6. Rick D

    Trying to understand this modified 40.5 rigging!

    It has an inner forestay which was a factory option. I have one. Probably no spinnaker winches since it is likely an asymmetrical, I would guess. Yes, it appears to have running backstays. The factory did not. Someone was convinced they were smarter than the spar manufacturer / designer. The...
  7. Rick D

    Yanmar 4JH2E Impeller Source

    Wow! I thought this would be easy. I had purchased it here in the past. It is hard to find. Must be another distribution issue. By the way, I had purchased a genuine Yanmar impeller some time ago. It came in Yanmar packaging with the Yanmar part number. It was a Johnson! I don't feel bad buying...
  8. Rick D

    Dish Soap Rinsing

    On all my other boats, I did as Rich did and had a raw water pump to the sink for washing dishes. I have the hardware (somewhere!) for doing the same on the 40.5, but after 23 years, I figured we don't really need it. One thing I did is to put lever-actuated spigot nozzle shut offs on all the...
  9. Rick D

    Seaward Water Heater Again !

    I think all are an aluminum interior tank and that the exterior is the only difference in materials. I have replaced three in 30 years on two boats FWIW. All were internal leakages. I assume you believe it is the HW heater since there is water under it? In other words, it isn't the pressure...
  10. Rick D

    A hose leak repair that worked!

    Welcome back. Good MacGyver work!
  11. Rick D

    CNG Tank Safety Cap Source?

    I got my second tank from a marine salvage place and then exchanged it. I use exchange tanks rather than trying to fill my own. That works as long as there is a source, but that will change someday and I'll get an adapter. BTW, thanks for the hint about methane. A neighbor owns a gas supply...
  12. Rick D

    CNG Tank Safety Cap Source?

    I looked online, but could not find any source. There certainly must be one. I just picked up two (new) tanks and they were without caps. These tend to get detached and lost, so I would like to have a couple of spares. I don't feel comfortable having my spare tank in the locker without a cap and...
  13. Rick D

    San Diego Bay

    So, you're going to move around from anchorage to anchorage? You know there is a nice one on the weekend between SWYC and SDYC, right?
  14. Rick D

    Need suggestions replacing all door and drawer latches!

    Southco was an OEM supplier for Hunter and others; may still be.
  15. Rick D

    Autohelm Type 100 Course Computer

    autohelm 100 course computer | eBay
  16. Rick D

    Autohelm Type 100 Course Computer

    Send me a PM. Edit: see the following post. You are probably better off with the one for $425. I have one that I purchased used, but it was bad. I had it repaired as a spare, but would rather keep it as a back up and I have that much into it. Do you want to try to have yours repaired? I have a...
  17. Rick D

    Autopilot control upgrade

    FWIW, my Autohelm course computer started failing. I found a guy who repairs them. Sent it to him on a fixed cost basis and he fixed it. He says about 80% are repairable. I got a used on e-bay but it failed soon after the install. I just sent that unit back to him to keep as a back up. He...
  18. Rick D

    Port of San Diego To Halt In-water Hull Cleaning Activities In SIYB For Two Months This Winter

    Curious how often you haul out and recoat? In the area mentioned (SIYB), I believe the majority of boats haul between two and four years. Most use a hard epoxy bottom paint.
  19. Rick D

    Forward hatch hinges broken on Hunter P 42

    I'm sure you can find replacement stock that you can cut to fit through McMaster-Carr. This link is to just an example. There may be better choices. McMaster-Carr
  20. Rick D

    Lessons from a Racing Boat Destruction.

    I have always done my own work except for things like shaft & strut replacement, rig survey and repair and bottom work. FYI, I have had two rig failures on two different boats AFTER professional work. Fortunately, the rigs were not damaged and I was able to reconnect the leeward shrouds before...