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  1. RoyS

    Leaking Muffler

    Here is a waterlift muffler that is about the same size as yours. It is made of fiberglass. Centex 1500042.
  2. RoyS

    Cost to own CAtalina 30

    Don't do it. Buy something a lot newer even if you have to borrow to afford it. Buy something ready to sail comfortably as is. You will spend much more bringing a 70's boat up to acceptable standards than buying something already there. Ask me how I know.
  3. RoyS

    Leaking Muffler

    Get rid of that ASAP. Doubtful that is a wet exhaust marine muffler. I have been wrestling with a similar issue in this forum after recently getting water back into my engine from the exhaust. My exhaust is like yours with a below the waterline exit and a hose loop that is about 9" above the...
  4. RoyS

    ground wire in mast

    Regarding a common ground wire; It is difficult to daisy chain the ground wire connections and retain reliability. I consider the mast unaccessible for repairs. If possible, suggest you run separate 16 GA cables for each device.
  5. RoyS

    Yanmar 3jh3e Winterize

    Suggest you run engine while still in the water. When the oil is warm pump it out. Replace the oil filter. Add fresh oil. Just before pulling the boat out put the engine raw water intake line into a bucket with a gallon of nontoxic antifreeze. Run engine until antifreeze is all pumped through...
  6. RoyS

    Water in Cylinders

    Heritage, I have no idea if the waterlock muffler was original design. Must have been though as without it in my case hydrolock would occur every time the engine was shut off.
  7. RoyS

    Water in Cylinders

    Charles, I am with you here. If I replace the large exit loop hose with a fiberglass elbow fitting and replace the engine exhaust elbow with the other yanmar model (stainless copy), and add an anti- siphon fitting I will end up with a gravity draining system. Have added this project to my Spring...
  8. RoyS

    Water in Cylinders

    Just back from inspecting my exhaust system. First of all my h33 is a 1980 version and the exhaust exit is below the waterline. The 2qm15 engine has a straight exhaust casting that is only slanted down. There are other designs available for this engine. After reading the info that Charles...
  9. RoyS

    Water in Cylinders

    Interesting. My exhaust elbow is not shaped as an elbow, it is more a straight casting angled down from the flange attachment. I was able to examine the inside and the separating barrier was intact. No clogging inside. This casting was installed in 2019. I replace these every four years. The one...
  10. RoyS

    Water in Cylinders

    Thank you for your comments. All I know for sure is shortly after adjusting the idle down and with my neglecting to rev the engine at shutdown, I experienced hydrolock. Muffler is below waterline and the exhaust hose loops up and then down to the hull exhaust port. The cast iron exhaust elbow...
  11. RoyS

    Water in Cylinders

    Tale of woe here. My Yanmar engine manual states that the idle speed should be 800 and to rev engine up just before shutting down to clear carbon out of the head. Never had a carbon problem and observed that my idle has always been 1000. Changed two things to bring on near disaster. First I...
  12. RoyS

    1/2" anchor line for my 34ftr??

    You probably do not need a windlass for a 30' boat. Nice to have, I suppose, but you can easily haul it up by hand if you have a bow roller. No need to motor forward while raising it either. Just plant yourself firmly at the bow sitting down behind the anchor locker and start pulling the rode...
  13. RoyS

    Leaking Muffler

    Mufflers usually have a drain for Winterizing. On my boat I cannot reach the drain so I fill it with pink antifreeze every Fall to keep it from freezing and cracking. Yours might have frozen and cracked.
  14. RoyS

    Bringing dogs aboard

    Our dogs never relieve themselves on the boat. However, they must trust that they will be brought to shore to "find a tree" at least twice a day, rain or shine.
  15. RoyS

    Please help me identify these parts !

    Told one of my eleven grandchildren she talks like a 33 RPM record on 78. Blank stare back. Too complicated to explain to a modern kid. Have to update my expressions, I guess.
  16. RoyS

    Bringing dogs aboard

    Plus one on dog life vest with handle. Ruff Wear makes the best I ever found. We have had dogs on board for thirty years and they all have adapted. A six month old pup is ready to be introduced but I would do it slowly. Spend time at a slip or mooring and rock the boat gently until he is no...
  17. RoyS

    Teak seats and trim.

    Consider PlasDECK. It is a PVC replacement for Teak. Company is in Ohio so at least they speak English.
  18. RoyS

    grinding sound starting??

    My 2QM15 was hard to start when cold until I installed a device called a "thermostart". Not thermostat. Thermostart device is made for Yanmar tractors which may have to start in cold weather. Look under "tractor supply" on line and you will find them. There is a mounting port already on your...
  19. RoyS

    Atomic 4 no oil dipstick?

    With the engine pitched down at the rear how accurate is the dipstick located there? I would think the dipstick should be near the center of the engine to provide an accurate reading regardless of engine pitch.
  20. RoyS

    Oday 28 1981. Replacing heavy hose and packing box assembly

    All previous boat owners are idiots.