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  1. Serenity on Hudson

    Any Flying Scot Sailors Out There?

    Rented FS in the Potomac out of Alexandria. Fair weather sailor, so no high wind problems. Went out with my GF and her then young sons. They were impressed with the heel. There was a sand bar between the channel and the harbor so I got my speed up and pulled the centerboard til I was past the...
  2. Serenity on Hudson

    Bringing dogs aboard

    My pooch is a camel. He will hold it for a full day if he wishes. I occasionally take him on a day sail for a few hours but never overnight. He adapts to whatever is thrown at him. He is my my first dog and he has trained me well. Just getting a new boat that I will trip on. Doggie is in for...
  3. Serenity on Hudson

    Tools needed?

    Tie the tools you are using to a belt loop. You will never drop them because they know they can't escape!
  4. Serenity on Hudson

    14.2 Expo

    I got one some 3 years ago and have been sailing Boca Ciega Bay, FL mostly in July (ugh!!) and December. Had to come down this month to attend to ailing 90 year old father-in -law. What a lovely time of year. The winds have been perfect (5 to 15 knts) and the temperatures are a steady 70-75...
  5. Serenity on Hudson

    Dock Tying Alternatives

    I added a mid-ship cleat on the jib track. Now I can easily dock unless I miss the dock cleat. The dock then stops me. Only going a knot so no damage. This year I'll add a fender where I may hit the dock if I miss.
  6. Serenity on Hudson

    Outboard size for 23.5

    I had a 9.9 Honda. Needed it on the Hudson River many times. Gave away the boat but kept the motor. It's available in Mahwah NJ.
  7. Serenity on Hudson

    Times Up?

    Will be 74 in a few weeks and do not plan to stop sailing until I can't get into the boat. I always solo so I am beginning to have difficulty landing the boat in a wind. If it gets away from me getting it back has been beyond my strength. I cry help and someone always responds. I now use a mid...
  8. Serenity on Hudson

    Times Up?

    Boat is still in the water and temperatures in the high 60's. I'll sail a couple of more times this season. Global warming has been good for sailing here in NY. As a day sailor I pick my days, no surprises (mostly).
  9. Serenity on Hudson

    Let’s start a conversation about ASA 101, etc. is it helping or hurting?

    I was living in Manhattan and always wanted to sail. In 1986 I took a week off and went to Steve Colgate's Sailing School, then on City Island. The course was a combination of classroom in the morning and on the boat in the afternoon. As an urban kid I had few opportunities to try sailing. A...
  10. Serenity on Hudson

    New Catalina Capri?

    Bought a 2015 Capri 22 rigged for racing. Big self tailing winches, back adjuster and every adjustment of sail possible, except a Cunningham with I corrected. Even came with an asym Spinaker. The boat is a Ferrari with comfort. It tracks easily and even sailing on Main alone has no weather helm...
  11. Serenity on Hudson

    Looks Important Maybe

    Found a cotter pin on the deck in June. Looked at every cotter on the boat and all were there. Nothing has failed so will give another close look when i pull her in a few weeks. Sailing has been great this fall but I had to wear gloves last Sunday. Wished I had on a winter coat rather than just...
  12. Serenity on Hudson

    What to do if you lose your rig.

    My first boat, Hunter 23.5 on my third sail on the Hudson. My wife was with me and we were beating home when the mast came down between us. Missed us! In a second we determined that luck was on our side. Started the iron spinnaker, pulled the sails out of the water and motored back to the...
  13. Serenity on Hudson

    Legendary Libations

    Yeungling was available in California for a few years in the 90's. When they built the new brewery in PA they shut off California as demand clearly outstripped supply in the East and wouldn't catch up til the new brewery was in operation. They never went back, I guess because demand in the East...
  14. Serenity on Hudson

    Legendary Libations

    Never imbibe while sailing. The after sail beer is a tradition. Yuengling preferred.
  15. Serenity on Hudson

    Adventures in reefing

    My Capri 22 came with a single line reef system that works well. Just release to main halyard wrapped on a winch and pull the line. Tighten the main halyard and you are off. I haven't reefed lately as I have no jib/genoa so need all the power I can get from the main. In light winds, I set an...
  16. Serenity on Hudson

    Asymmetrical tack

    I fly the asym single handed. It's in a sock. Just attach the tack line and the halyard before leaving the dock. Just hoist and pull in the tack line, then raise the sock. I sometimes hoist at the dock and lash to the mast for quicker raising. All doable solo without an autopilot. Just let the...
  17. Serenity on Hudson

    ....and so it begins...

    I've used 3 gallons so far this year. Only motor getting in and out of the marina and rarely with a south wind to get back to the marina. The Hudson north of Stony Point is in a narrow canyon that funnels the wind and is not sufficiently wide to tack, partially from the exclusion zone at the...
  18. Serenity on Hudson

    The Progress Continues H 23.5

    Mast raising on the 23.5 is a piece of cake. The baby stays keep lateral travel to a minimum. Just need strength for the first few pulls. Much easier going down.
  19. Serenity on Hudson

    How long can I run 15HP outboard continuously?

    I've worked on the East River in small motor boats and motored into Hunters Point at LWS in my H23.5 with a 9.9 hp Honda. If you are late to enter you may not come out! The currents are 7+ knots and they don't call it Hellgate for nothing. I've seen eddy's that would spin a 30 foot boat like a...