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    Permanently marking a PVC inflatable dink

    We tried painting and markers on our roll-up when we had one years ago. For summer only use it was fine, but once we started cruising we found it would slowly fade. Even on the sunbrella chaps that we added on the RIB the lettering would fade from the UV rays. My wife sewed a pocket for...
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    Sailboat Conversion to Trawler

    It would change the stability of your boat. The mast does more than providing propulsion, do some research.
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    O'Day 272 wiring issues

    I just used this to solve a mystery on our boat. An outlet we had been using suddenly stopped working and I had tried to follow the wires back to the panel. Not having any luck, I tried continuity testing which didn’t help either. So I bought the Klein Fox and Hound and placed the Fox leads...
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    Boats are much easier to take care of.
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    Good anchorages and seafood on Chesapeake Bay

    I just check with my buddy Ron.
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    Invite him for tea. I once read soaking a cork in denatured alcohol would work as a deterrent. I tried it then moved on to different alcohols.
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    Good anchorages and seafood on Chesapeake Bay

    Mention my name and you’ll get a good seat.
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    Never say never

    Once we plugged the cockpit drains and filled it with water, like a hot tub with sails.
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    iPad charging woes

    Check how many apps you have running, I always find one.
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    Webbing: Sew or Tie

    Practical Sailor did a great comparison. Jackline Materials Evaluation | Practical Sailor I’ve bought and use the flat jackline with the stainless buckle from APS. I just read that APS is out of business, I had used a lot of their advice over the years.
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    brand of microwave to fit in cupboard above stove

    Whirlpool Whirlpool - 0.9 Cu. Ft. Capacity Countertop Microwave with 900W Cooking Power Model:WMC30309LB SKU:6471357 From Best Buy, 11 inches x 19 inches and 16.5 deep. 17.6" 0.7 cu ft. 700 Watt Countertop Microwave See More By Oster From Wayfair Interior 7.9'' H x 12.2'' W x 11.75'' D
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    New guy on the ocean worries / horrible radio comms!?!?!?

    It’s like social media on the water, sometimes entertaining, sometimes aggravating. It gets worse on the ICW with boaters wanting to give you a slow pass.
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    Invest 99L --> TD 9 --> TS Ida --> Hurricane Ida

    Waxing up my surfboard.
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    I just thought I could do what Slocum did in his book, build a boat to bring my family home from South America.
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    So you were the magnet for the storm, nowwww I understand.
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    Nicely done.
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    Parting shots from my week at school.
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    My project nearly done.
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    Some shots today at the Wooden Boat School.