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    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    Will, I am so sorry. I'll be sending you a PM, and I will let my Dad know later this morning. I'm glad that the two of them got to talk after a 70+ year hiatus.
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    Tight Steering

    I had this problem on our 1983 H31. It developed somewhat gradually, and at an inopportune time it suddenly got much worse. I had to stop, secure the boat, and start troubleshooting. After taking the binnacle apart, inspecting and lubing ALL the parts of the steering system from both above and...
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    Climbing my mast? Hire someone or woman-up? :)

    Brian speaks the truth. What I did when I had issues was to contact the local Ham Radio club in St. Petersburg. A fellow sailor, who was also a Ham operator, came out to the boat, and ran a series of checks with several pieces of his gear. The result was that I did not need a new antenna. He...
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    If you had one of these...

    Depending on the timeframe, it made you the resident audiophile.
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    luger 27 fairwinds safe for icw or Florida sailing

    What @rgranger said is at the heart of the issue of safety. Your knowledge base is your first line of defense, and not knowing what it is that you don't yet know is your biggest weakness. Start slow, and expand both your knowledge base and your experience level. Having said all that, the fact...
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    If you had one of these...

    We had one for a black and white set in the late '60s as I recall. Only had two buttons. I took that TV to college and was still watching it in 1982. My (then) wife and I had it in Married Student Housing, and I would fall asleep to reruns of The Rockford Files. TV sets lasted back then.
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    Dish Soap Rinsing

    Plus the pan or pot becomes "the sink" from which you wash all the other dishes, washing the pan last. It uses a lot of water to put just an inch of water in any sink, so don't. Let the pan be the sink. Tertiary benefit: if you are careful, this method keeps the sink clean(er), so you don't...
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    I hope it is single malt rather than tequila.
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    How do I access the underneath the table in the cockpit on Oceanis 400? One of the screws holding the table side up has fallen out!

    If it's really a screw, just install another screw. If it is a bolt and nut combo, and you can't find access, consider using a toggle bolt. Choose a material that won't affect the compass. Have you called Beneteau to ask them? ETA: If you do get access, consider this: It appears that the...
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    Funny Friday!!!

    My immediate reaction didn't even involve looking over the side - I focused on "still strapped securely in place", which is in direct opposition to "a thorough topside check". Maybe it's the pilot in me, but 'what the heck are these straps running across the boat' is kind of a no-brainer. On...
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    What is this?

    Probably fits into a hole at the end of a spinaker pole or similar. Is there a fitting of some sort directly above it on the same side of the mast, maybe 5 to 8 feet distant? Wouldn't be a matching "hook" necessarily, just a fitting of some sort. If the boat is new to you, look below decks...
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    Two Female crew needed for Tacoma to Hawaii run early August

    You may want to see if there is a chapter of the organization called "Women Who Sail" in Seattle, and see if you can get the word out to them. There is a chapter in Tampa, and my wife attended meetings for a few months before we started cruising. Some serious experience there. There are also...
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    Invest 97L ---> TS Elsa

    I didn't see your post until this morning, but as it turned out I took your advice and slept soundly. Current conditions are breezy, though not windy, and it is raining off and on. I see no signs of flooding or downed trees out any of my windows, and we have not yet lost power. All in all, a...
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    Invest 97L ---> TS Elsa

    Well, it's getting close, and we've had a little rain, and not much wind. Going to bed, so I guess I'll miss most of it.
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    Forum Thread Display Has Changed???

    I had the same problem. It lasted about 12 hours, and resolved on it's in. Everything was fine on my phone, but the way things appeared on my computer was just trashed.
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    Stern light

    This is one of the best posts I've ever read on this forum. @MikeyJ - you cannot go wrong following this advice.
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    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Who schedules a meeting at 4:30 a.m? Somebody in NYC where it will be 10:30 am? Or London at 3:30 pm? Kind of subverts the concept of island time, IMO.
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    tachometer not accurate

    Harbor Freight sells an inexpensive one, but I don't have any direct experience with it.
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    Keel wench..

    If it floats.......or..................or.........................................., rent it.
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    Funny Friday!!!

    He's gonna need a bigger reel. And maybe a bigger rod. :huh: