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  1. Johnb

    Main, Jib and Staysail for Cherubini Hunter Cutter 37

    Private message me for a link to pictures of these sails.
  2. Johnb

    Shelf Life of Fluids

    Would appreciate information on the shelf life of (unused): Automatic transmission fluid. Pennzoil Shell Rotella T4 15W-40 engine oil Prestone Dexcool. Some has been diluted 50/50 with distilled water and some not Thanks
  3. Johnb

    Hunter Cutter 37 Rigging

    I just got my boat back from having new standing rigging installed. Before taking it in we had 5/16" wire for the fore stay, back stay and shrouds. The lowers and inner fore stay were all 1/4". On examination I found that the yard has replaced the shrouds with 1/4". The fore and back stay are...
  4. Johnb

    1983 Hunter Cutter 37 Chain Plates

    I have a quote for replacing my standing rigging. They declined to quote for chain plate pull and inspection. I am thinking about doing at least the lowers myself before taking it in. If they go easy I might do the uppers as well. Question - has any other HC 37 owner had experience with this...
  5. Johnb

    Advice on Yanmar 3QM30 exhaust

    I am replacing the mixing elbow on my Yanmar 3QM30F. I have all the parts and am ready to start re assembling. Would appreciate words of wisdom on: 1 How to clean/degunk the water passages in the exhaust manifold. I have it in my workshop with all the ends etc removed. Any magic medicine to...
  6. Johnb

    Stanchion Repair

    Every now and then the topic of stanchion replacement/repair comes up. Due to circumstances I would rather not recount, both of the units in the attached pictures were bent at the base and one was cracked about 2/3 of the way around. It cost $120 to have both restored to how they are in the...
  7. Johnb

    Heat Exchanger Overhaul

    My first job for this year was an overhaul of the heat exchanger on my 3QM30. I removed the whole unit and first took it to a machine shop where they repaired threads on the tank for a thermostat housing bolt and one of the end cheek studs. They also welded an adapter for a temperature sender...
  8. Johnb

    Heat Exchanger Re Furbish

    I have removed the heat exchanger from my Yanmar 3QM30. Can anyone recommend where I should take it in the San Francisco Bay area, East Bay, for cleaning and testing? Thanks, John Brecher
  9. Johnb

    Heat exchanger cleaning

    I have removed the heat exchanger from my Yanmar 3QM30 and need to get the core cleaned. Can anyone suggest a shop in the San Francisco East Bay area? Thanks, John Brecher
  10. Johnb

    H 37C Built in Ice Box

    I would be interested to hear from any HC 37C owners who has added a reefer unit to the built in ice box. Two weeks ago we made a trip to Sacramento in very hot weather and I was amazed at how well the cube ice (free at our marina) lasted. This makes me wonder at the possibilities.
  11. Johnb

    Before tearing into your bog The yummy arcticles about pipe clogging and holding tank stink reminded me of a story my journalist son covered some...
  12. Johnb

    Battleship Iowa

    On Sunday I went out from Marina Bay Yacht Harbor in Richmond and was privileged to get to see the Iowa up close. She has been moved from the reserve fleet in Suisuin bay to be prepared for relocation to San Diego. Also in the Richmond Harbor is the victory ship Red Oak, which is fresh back...
  13. Johnb

    Expensive - so let's save money

    Based on what I see around the dock, and what I have helped others with there are some things that cost nothing to not much that will save big bucks in the long run. No doubt others will be able to add to this list 1 Exercise through hulls so they don’t freeze up 2 Engine - change the engine...
  14. Johnb

    HC 37 to Hawaii

    I was at the marina on Saturday and the fellow in the dock opposite looked curiously at my HC 37 and said "I once single handed one of those to Hawaii for a lawyer". He went on to describe how well it performed and how safe he felt "surfing down swells". His name is Greg. He was somewhat vague...
  15. Johnb

    Diesel Vent Burp

    When I first got my boat there was very little diesel in the tank. I went to fill up and the fellow at the fuel dock handed me the hose and said "If you put 1/2 cup of diesel into the Bay (SFO) I am required by law to call the authorities and it will end up costing 5 to 10 thousand dollars"...
  16. Johnb

    2009 Haulout Completed

    About 2 weeks ago we completed a haul out, the first since 2005. We had the following work done: Clean and paint bottom Remove and fill in 2 unused through hulls Replace engine mounts and prop shaft stuffing box Replace shaft key and clean up Flex-o-fold propeller Polish top sides Of...
  17. Johnb


    Kinyonga is currently hauled out. We have had a reccomendation from the boat yard to have a "professional topside wax nad polish" for $450 due to chalking. I had intended to polish her myself anyway, and have done it before. It is hard work, but builds both character and muscle. If anyone...