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  1. LakeShark

    How to correct time for PHRF?

    Ok so I know what your thinking “another PHRF question?” but hear me out. I know my boats PHRF and understand how the ratings are initially derived and adjusted locally for conditions etc… But my question is how does this apply to the actual corrected time in scoring the race? Here’s a...
  2. LakeShark

    First Contact! (What are the rules after being hit by another boat?)

    So during the Catalina 22 Nationals regatta I had my first contact with another vessel. We were the starboard boat they were the port. We were struck mid cockpit as we were beam reaching just after the 5 min start sequence had begun. The other boat was close hauled and not paying attention...
  3. LakeShark

    Any problem with sanding antifouling paint to smooth it?

    OK so I know this is an odd question but here is the deal. I have a boat with antifouling paint on it and this year it's not in the budget to remove it completely to redo the bottom (that's for the next year or so with VC performance epoxy). I trailer the boat 100% so I don't need the...
  4. LakeShark

    Why is America so disinterested in racing?

    In the US we used to be excited about competition. Auto racing, drag racing, speed, winning, losing, underdog comebacks the list goes on. However in more recent years we seem to have lost that desire for competition. Sailing in most other 1st world nations is seen as a sport of champions...
  5. LakeShark

    Rope Clutch or Spinlock PXR?

    So I am contemplating adding a cleat / clutch to the cabin top on my Catalina 22 to free up the halyard winches for either a spinnaker, banjo sheeting, or whatever. Being that this is a small boat I am interested in hearing ideas on what is better. A cleat like the PXR is smaller which is nice...
  6. LakeShark

    A blue water C22?

    Not sure how many have seen this video but this boat is the most customised and outfitted C22 I have ever seen. Some great improvements for cruising and some ideas for other types of adventures. I know the question often comes up about how seaworthy a C22 is and while this one took a ton of...
  7. LakeShark

    8 Bells for the passing of Frank Butler

    I saw the announcement this morning from the Catalina 22 association and thought I would pass along word here as well. Frank Butler the founder of Catalina Yachts passed away november 15th 2020. Having owned, sailed, and even lived on various catalina yachts over the years I can say that I am...
  8. LakeShark

    Let’s start a conversation about ASA 101, etc. is it helping or hurting?

    I wanted to start a conversation amongst those who have been around a while about the ASA courses. I have noticed so many recommend them to the new or first time sailor sometimes even before buying or trying sailing. However before I ask my question I need to preface it with the fact that...
  9. LakeShark

    Trailer Bunk Carper or Slides or something new?

    Ok so I have been around long enough to know that this has been discussed before but not for a while so an updated thread would be nice. This year I will need to replace the carpet on my trailer bunks (Catalina 22 Wing keel) and I am wondering if there is something better for launching. I...
  10. LakeShark

    Anyone else following the Sail GP series this year?

    I started watching it toward the end of last season and I must admit I find the races fun to watch. Its like dingy racing at 40+ Knots with 6+ Million dollar Yachts. I realize that these racers are so far out of my league I am but an ant in their world but still its fun to see their tactical...
  11. LakeShark

    Room at the start?

    ok so time for a racing question now that the boat is tucked away for the long minnesota winter :( So I raced nationals this year in my C22 and had an interesting occurrence at one of the starts. There were 3 other boats (4 with me) approaching the start right on time as the gun was about to...
  12. LakeShark

    Knockdown in a C22

    From time to time people ask on these forums how far a Catalina can heal, will it tip, sink, etc. The answer to all of this is yes it can sink (it’s a boat) and yes it can be knocked down but I can now speak from experience that it is very gentle. I was racing my wing keel this year at the...
  13. LakeShark

    Keeping sails clean from Mayflies

    With the impending hatch of Mayflies on the Mississippi how do you keep them from staining your sails? Every year the little buggers land on my sail during a beautiful day and leave little stains that are hard to remove. This year I have new sails and I really don't want them all stained up in...
  14. LakeShark

    Cockpit drain tube flare tool for 1 5/8 tube.

    So I have a catalina 22 with 2 cockpit drain tubes in the stern. Over the past 30+ year the brass is now worn out and needs to be replaced. CD no longer sells the tubes as they say they lost their vendor. Being a former maintenance guy I knew that the materials were available. The original...
  15. LakeShark

    Building a Boat or Die Trying

    I was perusing Craigs list today and came upon a rather heartbreaking add. Apparently this man spent most of his life building his dream sailboat. Now that he has passed his kids are selling it for less than the cost of the hardware alone. Its sad but I also had me wondering (not that I am...
  16. LakeShark

    Hope for the next generation of sailors?

    I saw this ad today and I must say dang! This ad makes sailing look like so much fun perhaps other young people will start sailing. The real question will be whether or not they will want to own their own boats with maintenance and custimosation; or simply be a part of a coop type thing like...
  17. LakeShark

    What is this thing?

    So I have owned my Catalina 22 for 3 years and there is this holder thing on the bow pulpit but I have never found a use for it. Anyone ever see one and could tell me what it is for? If I can't find a use for it then it's gone for next summer.
  18. LakeShark

    Vision Window in Genoa?

    Just getting ready to order a new main and 150 for my Catalina 22. They will both be tri radial Dacron and I am debating on adding vision window(s) to the head sail. I race some in PHRF on a busy lake with floating debris on the Mississippi and I am wondering if the window will help me see...
  19. LakeShark

    Big winds in a Little Boat!

    @Gene Neill you have got to post more videos like this. It is amazing what a little boat can take but I must say you're a braver man than I to be out for a day sail in that kind of wind. My question is with the main still bagged were you just motoring along or did you have the jib up and...
  20. LakeShark

    Whisker Pole Technique

    Any of you guys have a good video that shows proper whisker pole technique. It's one of many items I would like to improve upon in racing this year and I would like to be able to teach by young crew. Thanks in advance PS: @Bill19233 I miss your posts you need to give us an update!