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    Seaward Water Heater Again !

    I found a few photos from when I did mine. I'll upload them later tonight or tomorrow
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    Seaward Water Heater Again !

    Off the top of my head I don't believe they have rear heat exchangers which is what mine was before I replaced it. I ran new hoses to the engine and simply extended them a bit so they could reach the front of the water heater. No issues at all.
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    Seaward Water Heater Again !

    I pulled out a similar Atwood from my boat last year that was leaking when I purchased it (the one thing the sellers actually managed to disclose). Replaced it with an Isotemp with a stainless tank (yours is aluminum I believe) which had great reviews. I've gone through a full season so far and...
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    What Starter Battery???

    I've got a cheap Costco group 31 battery isolated from my main house battery and charged via an ACR. I followed Marine Sails' instructions and replaced some of the existing wiring (good experience with Genuine Dealz, cheesy name but their stuff appears to be good quality). My engine is a 2GM20F...
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    Sail repair advice?

    Thanks for the advice everyone. I found a recommended local loft that said it should be a quick job to repair but that the sail is on it's last legs. In the back of my head I knew this was inevitable. I know they've got an interest in selling me a new sail but they've also been around (husband...
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    Boat mover

    Where are you and where does the boat need to go?
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    What’s the Best Additive to Help Boat Paint Flow?

    x2 for follow the manufacturer's thinning directions. Yeah their special thinner might cost a little more, but when you think of all the time and effort you spent prepping PLUS the effort you'd have to spend doing the job again (and buying the paint you just ruined again), it's well worth it.
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    Sail repair advice?

    Hey all, While out on the harbor the other evening my main developed a tear about six feet in length just above one of the seams. It extends back to the leech but the leech itself is still intact. It's about 25 feet up (40 foot luff). Looks like a pretty clean tear. It appeared out of nowhere...
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    ISO Surveyors - NH area

    Can we mention other forums here or is that a no no?
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    Holly sole sourcing?

    Boulter Plywood in Mass. does a lot of mail order business. I buy from them locally but they'll ship anywhere. Always great quality, easy to deal with.
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    Replacing furling line on under deck furler

    I have a 1990 30-2 and replaced my line last year. I have a Flexible Furler 7 (maybe 8) and unfortunately I think it's original to the boat. You should be able to lay on your belly with the anchor hatch up (carefully secure it so it doesn't come down on your head!) and see the work area. If I...
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    What mods have you made to make single-handing easier?

    Who makes your pedestal?
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    Looking for a source for this part:

    Try Grainger also!
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    Newbie 35.5 owner...Checking water level?

    Mine have been sealed for 31 and have no access hatch - I can only imagine what they look like. Ignorance is bliss. Might finally get around to installing a small hatch this summer.
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    H34 1983 Ritchie Helmsman Compass model number

    I can't help with the model number but I looked into rebuilding mine last summer and ended up sending it off directly to Ritchie. Took them about 10 days to rebuilt and you would swear the thing is brand new. Cost me about $110. I know it's not the answer you were looking for but it could be an...
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    Cat 22 cabin cushions

    Check out the Stingy Sailor's page on cushions. He and his wife redid their entire set and they look slick
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    VHF Range?

    If you're interested in upgrading to something newer Defender and others are having big sales right now. A quality unit is like $130 if you don't need anything fancy like remote mic capability.
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    VHF Range?

    The Seatow automated stations around Boston seem to be down too. I wonder why they stopped? I can only imagine how much money Seatow was bringing in last year with all the new boaters who never thought they'd need a membership.... or charts.... or functional depth transducers....
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    Resealing transom seam?

    Hello all, I went to the yard to work on my 1990 30-2 yesterday and noticed that the sealant around the scoop transom is starting to come off. Well I actually noticed it early in the fall but it seems to be getting worse. I'm assuming I should peel/scrape it out and replace it with something but...
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    Hunter 35.5 opening in rear berth to change waste tank

    Cool, thanks. Looks like very clean work. I was looking around the aft compartment of my 30-2 yesterday and while I originally envisioned somehow pulling the aluminum diesel tank out of the lazarettes and getting to the holding tank that way I'm afraid I might be following in your footsteps in...