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  1. Euphoria2011

    83 Oday 28,.What is this for, a bed support???

    I am thinking that the port side sette backrest is suppose to lay along-side the bottom cushion, but I am not sure if this recessed area is supposed to house a support leg? I dont think I have that part...Could somebody let me know if I am right?
  2. Euphoria2011

    Weekend Project Fail - (Oday 28 Mast base sinking?)

    Well this weekend's project didn't turn out like I had planned. I bought the spartite mast wedge/seal kit ( and planned to remove the mast deck plate and clean and re-bed it and then apply the...
  3. Euphoria2011

    Barlow Model 19 Winch Replacement?

    Hello, My 83 Oday 28 has a Barlow 19 winch for the main sail and I was thinking of replacing it with a used self tailing type. The rubber molding around the top cap is deteriorating. Looking for suggestions on an upgrade but retain the same mounting footprint hopefully..
  4. Euphoria2011

    Leaking Mastbase on 83 Oday 28 - Advice requested

    Hello, My mastbase on my 83 Oday 28 has had a leak since I have had the boat (5 years) and its getting a little worse, hasn't been a bad leak but in an attempt to fix this issue I installed a new Mast boot last year and ever so carefully installed it so that there was no possible way for water...
  5. Euphoria2011

    Pelican Hook/ Gate Hooks for 83 oday 28

    One of my stainless Steel Gate hooks was very loose and plopped in the water,,,,can anybody confirm the size of the white lifelines on the 28?
  6. Euphoria2011

    Zarcor doors installed on 83 oday 28

    Installed these on my boat this past weekend, looks pretty good.
  7. Euphoria2011

    Oday Emblems

    Hey all, a coworker here does woodworking as a hobby with a cnc machine and long story short, he made me these two replacement emblems, i paid him $40.00, he made a few extra sets if anybodys interested...let me know, i plan to varnish these i guess. Here is a pic of mine before i varnished...
  8. Euphoria2011

    Oday emblems

    Hey all, a coworker here does woodworking as a hobby with a cnc machine and long story short, he made me these two replacement emblems, i paid him $40.00, he might make more if any of you are interested...let me know, i plan to varnish these i guess.
  9. Euphoria2011

    Perko Battery switch use

    Just want to make sure i understand this correctly. I read main sails detailed description of this switch and thunk i understand that... It is ok to select another battery while engine is on as long as you do not pass through the off position. Which physically cannot be done anyway with the unit...
  10. Euphoria2011

    83 Oday 28 center board cable broke this weekend

    Does anybody know if there is a "rope to cable connection" for these center boards or is it just the one single line which is feed down the tube from the deck pully? I remember seeing the crimp on the center board cable last time it was out but not really sure where this break may have happend...
  11. Euphoria2011

    Oday 28 Standing Rigging question

    There was a pro rigger in the marina a few weeks back up from the keys to do a big job on another boat and i stopped by to talk some. Later that day he saw me up the mast and stopped over and looking / giggled at my rigging commented that it was very loose. I asked him if he would have time to...
  12. Euphoria2011

    Aqua Signal Anchor Light LED Mod

    I have to replace my VHF antenna this weekend and while I am up there I thought I might replace the old anchor light. Thought I might share my mod to replace the festoon bulb with an LE bulb. Seems really bright...
  13. Euphoria2011

    Anchor Chain Size for Oday 28?

    Hello, i was brushing up on anchoring gear and took a closer look at my setup and have determined that what i have from previous owner might be less than what is best for less than ideal weather comfort. Looks like i have a size 1/4 inch size chain by the measurments shown and total length of...
  14. Euphoria2011

    Anchor Light Bulb replacement- 83 Oday 28

    Went up the mast to take a look at the anchor light today, I think the bulb is out but I could not figure out how to gain access to the bulb itself while up there. Anybody recognize this anchor light housing and know how to open it to get the bulb? I am thinking of LED as a replacement but need...
  15. Euphoria2011

    Raymarine rudder poition sensor installation for 83 oday 28

    Anybody have a Raymarine Rudder position sensor installed on their Oday 28? I have found out that this input to the pilot improves its operation and so I bought one. Looking under the wheel I see the Edson steering "drive wheel" assembly and the install does not look so simple. I understand...
  16. Euphoria2011

    83 oday 28 fuel tank replacement

    Hello, well today i got a suprise when i opened the boat, a strong smell of diesel. Looked in the bilge and it was full of fuel. Tha bilge pump had been busy, i was just out sailing last sunday with no issues. Must be a small stress crack, cant really see anything I could see a small leak...
  17. Euphoria2011

    JRC 1500 Radar Install

    Hello, this past weekend while I was installing 2 Interstate GC2-XHD-UTL 6 volt batteries as my new house bank and a friend walked up to chat and offered me a JRC 1500 radar system he had removed from his sport fisher for $100 so I accepted and now am starting to think about the install. I...
  18. Euphoria2011

    Marine A/C install in an 83 Oday 28?

    Anybody have an oday 28 that has had ac installed? If so where? I have access to a unit and pump for 600 and was thinking of where it could be installed
  19. Euphoria2011

    Emergency haul out this week!!!!!

    Well as suggested i was gaining access to the holding tank area to in the v birth to measure all the hoses for replacement when i noticed a small amount of water trailing down from the holding tank overboard y valve thru hull backer board. I wiped it up and it came right back. I grabbed the old...
  20. Euphoria2011

    Replacement holding tank for 83 oday 28

    Has anybody had to replace their holding tank in an oday 28 model? 1983 year. Seems to be an odd size tank and does not even look like it will come out as one piece. I am ready to undertake this project because with the summer heat it is really making the boat smell nasty and i have done...