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  1. RoyS

    Water in Cylinders

    Tale of woe here. My Yanmar engine manual states that the idle speed should be 800 and to rev engine up just before shutting down to clear carbon out of the head. Never had a carbon problem and observed that my idle has always been 1000. Changed two things to bring on near disaster. First I...
  2. RoyS

    Another Anchorage Gone

    Another anchorage gone and all the rest will follow.
  3. RoyS

    Chainplate Caulking

    Realize there will be a few different opinions here. What caulking to use on my chainplates. My application is the typical stainless bars passing through the deck with slotted plates on top.
  4. RoyS

    Dish Soap Rinsing

    Watching our fresh water consumption while cruising revealed that most of our limited, precious water is used to wash and rinse dishes. We can shower with about 1-1/2 gallons each. We have fifty gallons to start. Washing and rinsing pots and dishes consumes the majority of our water, in...
  5. RoyS

    Reverse Polarity Indicator

    Cruising in Maine recently. Decided to indulge myself and took a slip for a few nights in a very expensive marina. Attempted to connect shore power cord to nearby pedestal and discovered that the pedestal outlet rain cover prevented my standard Marinco 30 Amp cord from engaging. Explained...
  6. RoyS

    Cliff Island, Maine

    Another anchorage is about to be lost. Cliff Island had a nice anchorage on the North end of the island. Came in yesterday and found a dozen new moorings blocking most of the anchorage. These moorings are owned by selfish boaters who only occasionally stop here. They might claim that you can use...
  7. RoyS

    Transmission Fluid

    I have 1980 Yanmar 2QM15 with a Kanzaki-Carl Hurth transmission. The specified transmission fluid is ATF-A. This fluid is obsolete and rare and I can only find it available for purchase in large quantities. It only requires .7 liters at the annual oil change and I do not want a ten year supply...
  8. RoyS

    Bimini Wind Effect

    Having a bimini installed on my 1980 H33. Bimini is 80" long, tapered to match the boat width, and entirely aft of the boom. I have never had one on any sailboat. While I am looking forward to the shade, I do have one concern. When motoring about the marina, I expect and use the wind which tends...
  9. RoyS

    Diesel Oil Change

    I have mentioned this before, but today I have a photo. Most of us have tried to pump out our crankcase oil through the dip stick port. Depending on the angle that the engine is installed this never results in completely emptying the crankcase. The oil is, of course, at the rear lowest part of...
  10. RoyS

    Yet Another Bedding Option

    Recently installed a new single lever throttle/shift controller. The base of the device did not lend itself well to caulking as two of the four sides were not equipped with flanges. These two sides were simply rounded edges. I found silicone rubber sheet stock on line at Amazon. The package I...
  11. RoyS

    Maine Visitors

    May be best to plan to visit somewhere other than Maine or else comply with the following edict: Testing as an Alternative to Quarantine Visitors travel to Maine to enjoy our scenery, our outdoors, our restaurants, and our stores. They neither want to quarantine upon arrival nor want to risk...
  12. RoyS

    Fluid Film

    I recently decided to have my pickup truck treated with Fluid Film to arrest corrosion of the undercarriage and body. Fluid Film is a liquid made from lanolin. The process requires that the underside and enclosed body parts of the vehicle be sprayed with the chemical once a year. Fluid Film...
  13. RoyS

    Isotherm ITC Digital Display Intelligent Temperature Control

    I have the Isotherm Self Pumping Compact Refrigeration System. I later installed the Isotherm Intelligent ITC Digital Display Thermostat kit. My thermostat, however, does not work as it is described in the manual. According to the manual one of the features of this thermostat is that it will...
  14. RoyS

    Insurance Survey

    Four years ago I had an insurance survey done on my 1980 boat. This resulted in my obtaining a competitive insurance quote for an agreed upon value offer that I happily accepted. However, over the next four years the renewal price for that same policy increased 32%. I tried shopping around...
  15. RoyS

    Save the Sailors

    My marina, Baypointe Marina in Quincy, MA, is kicking all sailboats out at the end of this season. Out of approximately 500 slips there are only six sailboats left. Last Fall they kicked out a new year round use sailor telling him he could not store his boat over the winter there and to move on...
  16. RoyS

    Impeller Woes

    Have a 40 year old Yanmar 2QM15. Sometime in the past a P.O. converted this salt water cooled engine to fresh water with the addition of a second pump and a heat exchanger in a kit sold by Sendur. I now have two largely inaccessible water pumps belt driven on my engine. I change the impellers...
  17. RoyS

    Inflatable Bottom Paint

    Thinking of painting the bottom of our inflatable this year. Have been storing it inflated on deck while in the slip to keep it free of grass growth but tired of hauling it up. What kind of paint will work well enough so that I can leave it in the water and survive a seasonal roll up as well?
  18. RoyS

    House Batteries Question

    Recently read an article suggesting the use of (2) 6V golf cart batteries connected in series for a 12V house battery bank. This article (somewhat old) stated that Trojan T105 golf cart batteries were a good value compared to using a normal 12V deep cycle battery. Further investigation seemed...
  19. RoyS

    Mystic Seaport and Dogs

    We are thinking about sailing to Mystic Seaport next summer . The museum grounds are said to permit leashed dogs. We always sail with our 62 Lb. standard poodle. Although the grounds are dog friendly, we are concerned about the attached marina dog access. We are told that the marina has fixed...
  20. RoyS

    Towing an Inflatable

    The other day while sailing and towing our small inflatable it occurred to me that surely the dinghy was slowing us down. I observed our steady speed and wondered what would happen if I cut the dinghy loose. Would we pick up any appreciable speed? As it turned out I was too lazy to perform the...