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  1. Serenity on Hudson

    14.2 Expo

    I got one some 3 years ago and have been sailing Boca Ciega Bay, FL mostly in July (ugh!!) and December. Had to come down this month to attend to ailing 90 year old father-in -law. What a lovely time of year. The winds have been perfect (5 to 15 knts) and the temperatures are a steady 70-75...
  2. Serenity on Hudson

    Questions about the running rigging on a CP22.

    Just got my 2015 cp-22. The bow plate has an additional verticle tang in front of the 3 holes. Is this for attaching the asym spinnaker? Too cold in NJ to take anything apart to see how the PO attached the spinnaker (if at all). Looks like a block attached to the vertical tang would allow the...