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    What Brand of Folding Propeller is This?

    Found this in some stuff today. It has no markings that I can find, though the encrustation means I can't see every square inch of surface. Any ideas on the maker and model of this prop?
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    Leaving boat unattended for a week near Ft. Lauderdale

    I am in need of recommendations. In the first week of October, we will be moving the boat from near St. Aug, FL to some point farther south. I'd like to get to at least Ft. Lauderdale before we board a cruiseship for 8 days late in the month. While we are on the cruiseship, the boat will be...
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    Need suggestions for Chesapeake cruising destinations

    So we will make it to Norfolk tomorrow, and the Chesapeake will be our cruising grounds for the next 4 weeks. I've done a search here, and on CF, but would like firsthand suggestions on places not to be missed. The first two are apparently Tangier Island and Smith Island. What others should I...
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    Search function not working?

    @Phil Herring: I've been searching the forum from my phone lately, and getting an error message and no search results. I incorrectly assumed it was an issue with my phone, and waited for an opportunity to use a computer. Today, I am on a computer, and using Advanced Search, I entered the...
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    Simrad WP30 Worth Repairing?

    The belt inside our WP30 is apparently failing, and generating some steering friction, which is increasing by the day. Karen is removing it as I type this. There is a service bulletin, dated 2001, in my copy of the service manual, explaining that this was found in about 50 cases of the 3000...
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    Temp gauge on 3YM20 inoperative (B-1 panel)

    My temp gauge stopped working (stuck on coldest temp, far left side of the gauge) a few days ago. On the day after it stopped, it did show a rise in temperature once during the day, but never a steady temperature. Instead, it was a "jittery" readout, with the needle shaking quite a bit. I...
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    Where can I find one of these?

    Tried Dave at the store here, got some other folks looking also. I need to replace 3 of these white rollers in my stanchion-mounted fairleads that route my furler line. The fairlead is likely original to the boat. The black roller is obviously newer, but there is no identifying info on that...
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    Perfect garbage can for H31

    I seem to remember reading about serious issues finding replacement garbage cans on older Catalinas, so I'm posting this in case it helps an H31 owner. I don't know the original purpose of "the hole" that is just forward of the stove, but we found a perfectly sized Rubbermaid 3.5 gallon can at...
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    Engine hour display on tachometer not working

    Yanmar 3YM20, about four years old, new panel when the engine was installed. Panel has tach with digital hour meter incorporated just below it. Panel also contains ignition switch assembly. When I pulled into the marina yesterday, I went to record engine hours after shutting down. No...
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    Help with Hood 810 LD diagnosis/repair

    Has anyone successfully rebuilt an 810LD furler drive assembly? I have parts falling out the bottom of the drive, and have to start evaluating a potential repair. I will try to post pics later today, but any thoughts or suggestions are appreciated.
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    Replace furler, or go hanked on?

    In the event my old Hood 810 cannot be brought back to life, we are considering our options. Cruising boat, crew of two, no plans to race. The lower cost option would be to remove the Hood system, and go hanked on. Total cost would be paying a loft to add hanks to our existing genoa. With the...
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    Finally! The adventure begins!

    Well, the boat is ready, and provisioned, and we are ready, so in the morning we leave the dock and become full-time cruisers. It's been a few years in the making, and a lot of work in the past 30 days, but we are finally here. We'll start by heading south (where it's actually colder than in...
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    Help with updating charts on a Garmin 541s

    I'm still wading through the archives on this topic, but will actually need up-to-date information, so I thought I'd post. We have a Garmin 541s chartplotter. Since we are shoving off this week for an indeterminate amount of time, I'd like to update the charts. Garmin told me last year (on the...
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    What sealant (or other) to use for this?

    I'm reinstalling a cleat ripped out during Irma. The cleat is aluminum, fasteners are 316 stainless. I want to isolate the fasteners from the cleat. Hunter did a great job on the original fasteners, as there was some sort of white caulk-ish substance between the fastener head and the cleat...
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    Need a surveyor for a stinkpotter

    A friend needs a surveyor for a 4o' Tolleycraft motoryacht in Quantico, VA. Can anyone here recommend someone?
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    How do I repair a cleat pulled out during Irma?

    We have been aware since evacuating for Irma that our 1983 H31 had the port stern cleat pulled out during the storm. The attached pics were taken by a friend the day after the storm, and were sent to us overseas: We are back in the country now, and will be heading to the boat to...
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    Dolphin 24 question

    I'm helping the new owner of a Dolphin 24 move her boat next week to its new home. This is a boat designed by Sparkman and Stephens (actually Olie Stephens) in 1959, at the request of George O'Day. I haven't seen the boat yet, so I don't have a hull number, and don't know if the boat was built...
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    Source of AICW information

    We are starting to toy with the notion of a trip up the coast for the summer, from FL to NC. I've read the threads here and elsewhere on the pros and cons of inside vs. outside, and we would likely do a mix of both. I'm starting to plan and research. Currently I'm spending most of my time on...
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    Garmin has bought Active Captain

    Garmin has bought Active Captain. I really hope this is not bad news for the cruising community.
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    Anyone installed a drain plug in a Walker Bay 8?

    I've searched this site, CF, and the internet, and cannot find an answer to the following issue. My used WB8 dinghy does not have a drain plug. The company sells a plug, and I have been in touch with customer service, who has provided me with the dimensions and precise locations of the holes...