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  1. J

    Spreader boots for Hunter 335

    Does anyone know what size spreader boots I need for a 1989 Hunter 335? West Marine sells three sizes (S,M,L).
  2. J

    Ignition switch

    I have a 1989 Hunter 335 with a 2GM Yanmar. Should I leave the ignition key in after the motor starts, or take it out? I think I worded the question badly. What I'm trying to decide is what type of toggle switch I should get to replace the key switch. Should it be a normal on/off switch, or...
  3. J

    Plastic packing box

    I enjoy a good adventure, but I also believe in the old saying - "don't fix what ain't broke"
  4. J

    Plastic packing box

    On my immediate to do list
  5. J

    Plastic packing box

    Good catch - I was so focused on the packing box issue I didn't notice the single clamp. This entire episode, including the single clamp, makes me wonder about other "economy" measures Hunter took - many of which may not be readily visible.
  6. J

    Plastic packing box

    Thanks again to everyone who responded. After much consideration (and a couple of glasses of wine) I've decided to take the easy way out for now and do nothing. I'll revisit the issue when I next haul the boat. One thing I may try in the meantime is to drill an additional whole, if necessary...
  7. J

    Plastic packing box

    I really appreciate all the comments I have received. Very helpful. I now have another questions: I have come across a used brass packing box from another Hunter/Yanmar. I'm almost certain the shaft size is the same as mine, but will confirm tomorrow. I can buy the brass packing box for a...
  8. J

    Plastic packing box

    Thanks for the reply - I think! I'll be out at the boat on Wednesday and will take pictures.
  9. J

    Plastic packing box

    The packing box on my 1999 Hunter 335 is made out of some sort of plastic material. There is no lock locking nut. The packing nut is held in place with a piece of wire running through a hole in the adjustable packing nut and the fixed nut. Where these standard on this Hunter model? When I...
  10. J

    Installing opening hatch in main cabin for 335

    I have a non-opening sky light in the center of the main cabin of my H335. It appears the opening was molded to accept an opening hatch. Does anyone know what brand/model hatch was intended. Was this a factory option?
  11. J

    Yanmar YSB12 Issue

    A spring that connects a lever on the high pressure pump to the throttle keeps coming off. I can't tell if the spring is broken or I'm attaching it at the wrong place. Does anyone have an image from the service manual or good picture of how this spring should be attached? Every time it comes...
  12. J

    Does it still make sense to restore old boats?

    Practicality doesn't count If we all took a very particle approach to our sail boat purchases, few if any of us would own a boat. If I ever stopped to calculate what it costs me in terms of $ and effort hours for each hour of enjoyable sailing, I'd probably sell my boat tomorrow. Fortunately...
  13. J

    Yanmar YSE12

    Does anyone have any experience with the fuel injection pump on the Yanmar YSE12 engine? I need to reassemble the Delivery valve, but I think I may be missing a part.
  14. J

    Hull Number

    When I'm at the boat I'll try to find the number stamped on the hull. The HUN50577M76K came from the Title Certificate, so it could be a typo. John
  15. J

    Hull Number

    Hi Clark, I'm going to be at the marina tomorrow to take some measurements for the new sail - not sure about Saturday. John
  16. J

    Hull Number

    I have a 1976 Hunter 30. I'm ordering a new main sail and want to have my hull number on it. HIN is HUN50577M76K. Does anyone know where the number that represents the sequential hull number for my boat is in this number? Thanks, John
  17. J

    Location of 76 Hunter 30 fuel filter

    The fuel filter on my 76 Hunter 30 is located in an area that is almost impossible to get to. Did Hunter relocate them on later versions of this model? If so, where did they move them to. If not, has anyone relocated their's? If so where to? Has anyone replaced the orignal filter with a new...