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    Imagine my surprise

    I keep my 86 Mac 25 in a funky little marina in Deale, Md. It's the closest Chesapeake to my house. So this past Sunday, I went down to finish up my season preps, and around the corner I see -- another Mac 25. Roughly the same age, but he's got what looks like an original pop-top enclosure in...
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    Delrin pin for keel bolt?

    anyone used something like that for their bolt? Thinking it might be handy to lock the keel, but let it pop in shallow (Chesapeake) waters. Plan would be to not pop it, but you know, things happen.
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    Keel Cable Hum?????

    My Mac25 has gotten out a few times now, after a long round of up-fixing. One really odd thing is the keel cable can make a heck of a hum when we hit speed (18 knot gusts, etc). I haven't been locking it down yet, been more on a basic shakedown series of sails. Is this normal?
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    Raymarine wind instruments

    Has anybody here installed one of these on their Mac? If so, how did you handle the wiring through the deck to allow raising/lowering the mast? It looks like 5 conductor cable, and there are not many 5 pin deck plugs....
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    Does this Furler look Familiar?

    IMG_2950 by Cmackg posted Jun 16, 2018 at 7:53 PM I bought the boat last month, it's a 1986 Mac 25. The fuller spool looks beat up, and I'm thinking I'd replace it.