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    In-mast furling Outhaul car on boom Rubber Upstand replacement

    Thanks! Great Information. Ordering from Lewmar today!
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    Hull Damage

    Very sorry to hear this...We are based on the west end of Lake Erie with Lion's Paw (Hull#312). I have been at Toledo Beach Marina for 26 years. Last year, due to COVID, our yard boss, Les decided to retire, and, honestly, I am having a hard time trusting anybody there anymore. Last fall...
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    Mounting flatscreen TV on wall

    Mounted yesterday. Worked better than I thought:p
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    In-Mast Mainsail question

    I always remove my sails (I have in mast furling as well) and store them is a dry place. I treat the sails with kid gloves.
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    Mounting flatscreen TV on wall

    I am going to try mounting a 24" HDTV/DVD on the wall backing the head area this weekend. Going to use a fixed wall mount. The wall seems fairly sturdy, should hold the TV and should be solid enough to handle healing. The TV should be easy to access either in the main salon or the forward...
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    Catalina 310 boom end cover

    I just tape it periodically with white duck tape. No issues with birds.
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    Catalina 310 lists to port

    I have a 2005 C-310 with two (class 4-D) batteries in a port side locker. Guessing the batts are 80 lbs ea. My boat does not have a list. Wonder if it was a design change to move to two bigger batteries vs. 4 smaller batteries.
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    Hello: I purchased my first boat (I'm now on number 3) in 1995. It was a Hunter Cherubini 27 and it was a wonderful boat. Long story short, I traded her in in 2002 for a H295 (which I now regret). I believe the gentleman who purchased the boat sailed on Lake Superior. I just wondered if...
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    what RPM's do you M-25xp guys cruise at?

    Hi Gang! I'm back after (over) 2 years! Our boat is now 7 years old (how time flies). I usually run the engine at full throttle...she seems to respond nicely (and this is what the dealer recommended so many years ago). My issue is at idle...the engine shakes something awful (and I've...
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    30-32 foot new boats

    Catalina C-310! Yes, they can still be ordered from any Catalina dealer. According to Catalina, they are only making these boats on demand. We checked out the Hunter 33, Beneteau 323(?), and C-310. All the boats are great values for the money, however the 310 has a forward stateroom with an...
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    310 Bimini

    I believe that JSI does a lot of... the factory work for Catalina in Florida. Our 2005 (hull#312) has a "factory" dodger made by JSI. I just emailed JSI for a quote on the "factory" bimini (plus extension to the dodger) for the C-310. Our dodger actually has the zipper in place on the dodger...
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    Freshwater Pump Issues

    Update Well, 2 problems are solved and 2 remain...I emptied my tank and bypassed the water heater to take it out of the loop. Nothing really changed, so I hooked up the water heater and bled the system. My cockpit shower now works fine (it didn't work before because the switch on the nozzle...
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    universal 5411 vs 25

    Stu...not true My M25XPB is rated at 28 horsepower. It's a 3 cylinder so I have no reason to disbelieve the specs.
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    Freshwater Pump Issues

    Thanks Guys... I'm not so sure I have an accumulator. I'll have to try and follow the lines to find it (if I have one). I don't believe I have any leaks in the system...everything is dry below the cabin sole. I do have the lines hooked up correctly, and I followed the exact same proceedure...
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    Freshwater Pump Issues

    My problem is, as yet, unresolved... I did check the Beneteau owners site, but that problem (although similar) is not the same as mine. In a nutshell, I have four outlets...the galley sink, the head sink, the shower in the head area, and the shower in the cockpit. When I turn on the pump, I...
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    Freshwater Pump Issues

    Last Autumn, I winterized my water system by bypassing the water heater and running a couple of gallons of antifreeze through all of the outlets (faucets). Today, I drained the antifreeze, recommissioned the water heater, and filled up the water tank. Although the pump seems to be working, I...
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    310 PRICES

    One More Thing... The 310 is NOT "outdated". Catalina is still making this model on request (according to Catalina). Also, the issues you may be having selling might be more related to the state of the economy than anything else. There are a ton of boats for sale up here in Michigan...more...
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    310 PRICES

    It's too bad you are having trouble selling... Other than a better hull joint, and standard in-mast furling, I don't believe the 309 compares to the 310. The 310 has beefier deck hardware and bigger tanks. My wife and I also like the cabin layout better. The 310 fits us perfectly. I wanted...
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    Companion way doors

    Wow...They sure are expensive... They look very nice, but $860.00 for just the doors!! I guess I'll stick with the hatchboards.
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    Fridge Issues

    Every year, at layup, I take the fridge door off, so the compartment gets plenty of air. This year, when I put it back on, I noticed that the door doesn't sit flush to the compartment. I wondered why I was getting mildew on the sides of the compartment (in the corner where the door opens) and...