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  1. chichiflys

    Solent Stay H36

    Unfortunately a bit bored at the moment and toying with ideas. Looking for a "storm" sail option. I am inclined towards something like the ATN Gale Sail, but then stumbled upon a lot of chatter about adding a solent stay...curious if anyone has attempted something similar on 80's vintage...
  2. chichiflys

    H36 "Fixed" Boom Vang

    Just wondering if anyone has ever installed a "permanent" boom vang on their H36? I have the temporary type that I can install on the toe rail when needed, but was thinking of installing it in a more permanent way to the base of the mast. I have a Single Block with swivel stand-up installed...
  3. chichiflys

    H36 Boom Rebuild

    Since it's winter I decided to rebuild the boom on our 1982 H36. I had recently purchased new sails and had the canvas maker install a double reef in the main. When I installed the second reef line I noticed that the 2nd reefing sheave in the outhaul cap of the boom was just about completely...
  4. chichiflys

    H36 Rudder "Flaps"

    Looking back at older threads I saw some talk about the rudder flaps on 36 & 37 model Hunters. Looks like a few folks decided to remove them. Any adverse effects? Mine are old and warped. I had replaced them with some plexiglass versions but they keep falling off, I guess plexiglass isn't...
  5. chichiflys

    '82 H36 fuel pickup tube

    Anyone know if these year boats have a screen at the end of the fuel pickup tube? Thanks, Marc
  6. chichiflys

    Drilling into the gel coat

    Hello, Whats the best drill bit to use on gel coat? I am replacing my teak grab rails on the cabin of my H36 and was wondering if there is a preferred drill bit type to use to minimize chipping or cracking for drilling holes. Thanks. Marc