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  1. TomY

    Filler material for teak

    Whenever I have a crack to fill, I do a Dutchman patch. A small crack can usually be filled with a feather or sliver of the same species of wood. A thin rip of material with a little bevel will slide snugly into a varying split or crack that runs with the grain of the area to be repaired. A...
  2. TomY

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    A hot August dawn just a few weeks ago.
  3. TomY

    ipad for navigation

    This season I brought the iPad onboard before a three week + sail. I fired the external GPS and tested, all good. I put it back in the olde chart drawer. I haven't taken it out since. We still have an ancient GPS CP mounted onboard but I didn't use that much beyond an occasional glance. I...
  4. TomY

    Bringing dogs aboard

    Having read a zillion posts like this one, I'm reluctant to say that our two small dogs just go on deck. I follow with dog bags(if needed) and a small bucket with fresh water that we leave in the cockpit. There are two deck drains per side deck that drain internally to below the waterline...
  5. TomY

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Anchored in Southern Harbor on North Haven Island. A shallow soup bowl about a mile wide, it's a good place to escape man-made noise for a spell. Mostly we heard and watched seals, porpoises and seabirds of all kind frolic around us. Off in the distance we watched dozens upon dozens of boats...
  6. TomY

    Keeping A Sailboat Cool Without Shore Power

    Our boats awning gets increasing use every season. Even on the coast of Maine, many mid-days would be intolerable on deck. During the high sun hours, the awning shades the cockpit, the companionway area and much of our side decks in the saloon. With the dodger front panel raised, a cool breeze...
  7. TomY

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Ha! It's the lack of man-made sounds I enjoy on the water. Here's another minute of peace (turn the volume up, nature speaks softly):
  8. TomY

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    The rewards of gunkholing.
  9. TomY

    Alternator problems

    Sorry for the thread drift: My ARS-4(5?) gave out while out for a few weeks. Luckily, I still had an old Ford voltage regulator from when the last AR-whatever, quit. That got us through. With a little solar, we don't discharge the batteries much. This dumb regulator has no ramp up so it's...
  10. TomY

    To Electric or not to Electric that is the question/

    I watched at least 3 coastal cruisers wrestle with outboards that wouldn't start after 3 weeks on the water. That's not an unusual sight. Most opted to row to shore dragging the OB along. But having used both, a big plus of a Torqueedo or similar, is the ease of installing and removing these...
  11. TomY

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    3 weeks on the water started with a bang: After loading up and returning the boat to the mooring, the engine quit. I just changed filters so bleed. No air coming out,...that looks like milk. Yep, I finally pulled the text book bone head boat mistake - in my haste to fill 3 water tanks, I topped...
  12. TomY

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Enjoying the good life on the water Far above the top 10 BoatUS boat names:
  13. TomY

    Lively harbors: Oak Bluffs, Martha's Vineyard MA

    Ha! Funny post. On Martha' Vineyard, our favorite busy harbor is Edgartown. We like the anchorage outside (in the right weather) for it's privacy but enjoy all that is going on around. For a crowded harbor down your way, Cuttyhunk is tops. It can be noisy on the moorings but the anchorage...
  14. TomY

    Fear of sailing at night?

    Night train across the gulf of Maine in 2018.
  15. TomY

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Sailing into the docks. Is there space in there? Must be, they're coming in. You have to commit and pick a spot off the docks to turn. Fine turning: The boat has it's 'way' on. And no brakes. Using the 'toe-rails' and agility of youth to full benefit. Fair enough landing. Kids...
  16. TomY

    Battery troubles

    What a shame! If I were you, I'd get a couple of lead acid grp 27's, install and go sailing. The boat is pretty new to you so I doubt the alternator is faulty (just touch a voltage meter to any + - when the engine is running-should be above 13V). On a mooring with deep discharges and not...
  17. TomY

    CHRISTMAS is 60 years old this season.

    Hi Jon! Sorry, I missed this. Good to hear you and Muskrat are still together. We'll be out quite a bit this season. I'll be looking for you. I took this last time you were in Rockport.
  18. TomY

    Do You Have a Safety Gear Diagram on Your Boat?

    I did this plan years ago for anyone operating the boat. It hasn't been used much or updated but little has changed and this 'key' is visible and easily accessible with registration, etc.
  19. TomY

    Gusting over 25kts, we were sailing by rocks I sunk the boat on 21 years ago. A message popped up on my phone, "Your Navionics acct has expired"

    The impact of ARCHANGEL was so severe, the carbon fibre rig collapsed. Amazingly, the keel to hull connection withstood the impact and the boat made it's way to the travelift on it's own (after the rig was cleared away). It was repaired over the following winter and is now back in charter. There...