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  1. georgetheleo

    IS my 1990 Beneteau s 41S5 alternator working??

    I suspect that my 1990 Beneteau 41S5 with a Perkins Prima 50 engine might not be working. How can I tell? I waited untill the bateries were a little low at 12.1 volts per the gage on the main switchboard. Then I started the engine and reved to 2000b rpm. gage was still at 12.1 volts. However...
  2. georgetheleo

    Propane Locker on Beneteay 41S

    In checking out the safety of the propane set up on my 1990 Beneteau 41S5 I find its just really stupid and unsafe as built!!,,,,,,, Boat is loaded wit stupid plumbing! Anyway the drain in the botton of the propane locker was installed with a loop in the drain hose!! This makes it a "P trap"...
  3. georgetheleo

    Need Help Tampa Bay area with Perkins Prima 50 engine

    It is in my Beneteau 41S5 docked at a house in Clearwater Beach. Want to change timing belt , and injectors and generally make it coool. George 813/391-0470
  4. georgetheleo

    Looking for dinghy suggestions.

    I have a 1990 B41S5. I also have a Zodiac Wave 10'2" dinghy. (from a prior boat) Its too big for the stern and deck. I dont want davits and looking for a smaller dinghy that can be on deck or tied to stern pulpit . SUggestions please. Thanks.
  5. georgetheleo

    Does teleflex control cables fit Volvo-Penta control??

    I have a beneteau 41S5 1990 . It has a Perkins Prima50 M50 engine with volvo control. I want to replace the dhift cable . Could teleflex cable replace the volvo one? Thanks.
  6. georgetheleo


    My 1990 41s5 has a off engine fuel filter mounted on adjacent engine box. It takes a NAPA 3166 filter - Its marked made in England CAV . IT also has a black fitting on bottom with 3 wires coming out and disappearing into engine wire mold. Are these wire needed? What are they for and where...
  7. georgetheleo


    I wish to add a 12 volt switchable fuel booster pump . had them on prior boats but cant remember model. One was 2psi and allowed good fuel flow when it was off. It was also hany to fill filter bows when changing filters. Want advice please.
  8. georgetheleo

    PERKINS PRIMA 50 needs fuel booster pump???

    To start my prima 50 it takes about 10-15 seconds of grinding starter. pretty sure its fuel pressure leaking down. On previous similar boats i have installed a inline 12 volt low pressure booster pump. This also helped to fill and prime filter bodies when changing filters. Any comments and or...
  9. georgetheleo

    Bilge Plumbing on First 41s5 ????

    My 1990 First 41s5 has a miserable bilge plumbing set up! It has ball valves at every thru hull instead of seacocks. When i was installing new tiolet in fwd head the intake ball valve snapped when I just touched it. the handle snapped the shaft turning the closing mechanism. These ball...
  10. georgetheleo

    Beneteau 41s5 1990 poor sea valves!!

    My new to me beneteau 41s5 does not have any seacocks! Just lever valves. While changing the fron heads toilet the lever easily snapper of and started leaking! Corrosion from different metals. I cant tell just what these sea valves are . Most just have 1/2 stamped on them. The whole...
  11. georgetheleo

    Goiot Manual Windlass

    I bought a used Beneteau 1990 41s5. ANchor locker is a mess! There is a Goiot manual windlass-- thrown in there with about 20ft very rusty chain crudley fastened to a 5/8 nylon 3 strand rode and a very old 35# plow anchor. the front lid of the anchor locker lid has a gap which i suppose is...
  12. georgetheleo

    First 41s5 manual windlass

    Does anyone know about it??
  13. georgetheleo

    I just bought a 1991 Beneteau 41s5. bonding?

    Is there any factory lightning protection? Or any corrosion bonding?
  14. georgetheleo

    Steering Lube 41s5

    I just bought a 1991 B 41s5. I want to make the steering easier-how do I lube it?
  15. georgetheleo

    Blisters on 1991 Beneteay 41s5

    I just bought a 1991 Beneteau 41s5 sloop. It has about 100 blisters mostly just above the keel on the hull they are about 3/4 to 1 1/4 dia and 1/16 to 3/16 high. A complete removal of all bottom paint and adding a barrier coat plus repairing the blisters is very expensive-- however it is time...
  16. georgetheleo

    Rudder Missing Balboa 26

    I juat bought a Balboa 26. The lower rudder is missing. Could any Balboa owners here measure their rudder andsend dimensions and pics to me? Thank You, George;)