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  1. RitSim

    Guest Galvanic Isolators

    Adding two galvanic isolators to my AC system. The diagram shows the Guest Isolator in series with the AC ground and also connected to 12 Volt DC. Do I have to be concerned about battery loss if the Isolator is always connected to the DC? Does the DC connection always need to be energized to...
  2. RitSim

    B411 Shaft Pitting

    I am changing my Volvo molded rubber shaft seal. After removing the shaft coupling at the transmission, I pulled some shaft out of the shaft log and saw pitting of the shaft where the shaft is in the cutlass bearing. The pitting is not deep. I am guessing that this is O2 deprived corrosion...
  3. RitSim

    Shaft coupling attachment

    It's time to change the Volvo shaft seal before Spring launch. I have the new seal - just wondering about disconnecting the shaft from the coupling. Is there a bolt on the face of the coupling securing it to the shaft or is this heat shrink fit? Is there a shaft key?
  4. RitSim

    B411 Stiff steering - partial resolution

    Just partially thru my stiff steering process. We have B411 1999. Not sure the steering is an exact match for all here. Here's what I did/found: 1. Loosened the quadrant steering cables to determine if the problem is in the rudder or the steering/wheel system. 2. Used the emergency tiller to...
  5. RitSim

    C&C 27 Mark 5 bow pulpit

    A friend has a damaged bow pulpit from the boat blowing over on the hard in his yard. The shippi g from normal suppliers is obscene. Looking for a source for bending 1in x .060" wall stainless tubing in CT.
  6. RitSim

    Blue Sea P12 Battery Charger with Xantrex Echo Chargers

    After 3 years, I am working my way down the project list and have a question about my battery charging system. We have a B411 with a Gp31 start battery, a Gp 31 Bow Thruster battery and a Gp 4D House battery. There is a Blue Sea P12 battery charger in the aft lazarette and two Xantrex Echo...
  7. RitSim

    Raymarine ST60+ RTOA connection

    I found out that my wind speed transducer was changed out by the PO and it did not read correctly with the ST50 instrument. I now have an ST60+ (A22012-P) I am trying to connect. Got the network linking and the transducer connections. Looked at Raymarine website and the manual shows NMEA...
  8. RitSim

    Terminal block connection

    I don't see how to engage the connector on this terminal block.
  9. RitSim

    Beneteau 411 with Volvopenta rubber shaft seal

    So I launched my boat to be my isolation away from home. I noticed a small drip accumulating in the engine well. I thought the drip was coming from the rear of the rubber boot. Turns out it is coming from the joint between the shaft tube and the hull. I was able to slow the drip to about 1-2...
  10. RitSim

    B411 Furling Main US Spars

    I was planning to have my furler serviced this winter. Can I take the furler mechanism out without removing the mainsail?