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  1. Rich Stidger

    h40.5 OEM pleated shades

    I messed up. I never took pictures of my shades before I removed them many years ago. They had a lot of mildew on the fabric. Now I have them clean and looking like new, but the elastic that holds them in the folded position is stretched and needs replacing. Replacing the elastic is easy, but...
  2. Rich Stidger

    Surprise!! Grohe Faucet washer failure

    So I'm sitting at the Nav station reading my emails and suddenly the hot water at the galley begins streaming out full blast! Thankfully I was close and could shut off the water pump before I lost a whole tank of water. I had replaced the washer this spring with a standard 3/8 washer because on...
  3. Rich Stidger

    Surprise!! Shaft wear by packing nut

    I'm trying to get ready for the summer season. In 2019 (my last sailing season) I was having some difficulty stopping the dripping at the shaft log when at rest. My last packing renewal was June 2016 when I removed 4 rings of packing but replaced with 3 rings. I don't remember the details but...
  4. Rich Stidger


    HNY to all. May 2021 bring us all peaceful beam reaches. We deserve them.
  5. Rich Stidger

    Android App issue

    Phil, As of tonight about 10:30 EDT, I am getting a "License Expired" message when I open the app. I rebooted my phone; no change. any ideas? Rich Stidger
  6. Rich Stidger

    Boatless Summer?

    It is now April 1st. My two boatyards (storage and mooring) are currently open in RI, but neither of them has any clue as to future restrictions. Can anyone suggest a reason that boatyards and marinas would be considered "essential" and be allowed to stay open with boaters socializing and...
  7. Rich Stidger

    Bird Repellent- WhirlyBirdRepeller - Recommendations anyone?

    On a recent visit to WM in Charleston, SC, I saw this display for a bird repellent product. Does anyone have any first-hand experience with this device? It has a 45 day money back guarantee, but it could take seagulls and others more than 45 days to get used to this device and then ignore it...
  8. Rich Stidger

    An Anchoring Visual Guide for Chartplotters

    I am at anchor in Vinyard Haven on Martha's Vineyard, MA. It is blowing hard and I seem to be anchored securely. The operative word is "seem". So as the tide rises and falls and the wind changes direction, how can you look at your chartplotter (which I leave on all the time) and tell if you...
  9. Rich Stidger

    Toilet flap valve and flat gasket.

    One toilet flapper valve and a flat gasket with a hole. I think it may be Wilcox Crittenden, but I am not sure. You need to judge by the pictures. Free, you just pay the actual shipping. Send a PM if interested.
  10. Rich Stidger

    Bronze slotted intake scoop

    One NEW Bronze scoop. Free, you just pay shipping. Send a PM if interested.
  11. Rich Stidger

    Hella 2984 series lenses

    Red, Green, and White lenses for the Hella 2984 Series Nav lights. All in good shape. I will also send whatever bases and sockets I have as well but some of the sockets are not in great shape. All are free, you just pay the actual shipping. Send a PM if interested.
  12. Rich Stidger

    Grohe galley faucet o-rings and washer for 1990's Hunters

    Grohe no longer supports the old faucets used in the mid-90's larger Hunter boats. My galley faucet has a swiveling spout that leaks badly. The o-rings are metric and I can't find a source. Plus on a similar model faucet that I use for seawater there is a small white flat washer-also...
  13. Rich Stidger

    Diesel pickup tube depth in tanks

    I am asking this question primarily for the h40.5 model but Hunter may have had a common practice for all their boats that applies. My OEM tank was manufactured by Ezell and it had both engine and generator supply and return connections as delivered. I added a generator and used the previously...
  14. Rich Stidger

    Building the Seven Seas Explorer

    OK, so this isn't a sailboat but a powerboat. But its a really BIG powerboat. I think sailors, engineers, and many others of you will find this PBS NOVA show very entertaining. Enjoy.
  15. Rich Stidger

    Somebody told me the sailing season was over in the NE, but.....

    Just because our sailboat is on the hard, covered to the water line, with all systems embalmed, doesn't mean that I can't enjoy the pleasure of navigation in a small pool of water with my outboard in the middle of a snow squall. Gotta keep sharp for next year, ya know.....
  16. Rich Stidger

    S-L Anchorman 700 Windlass Rebuild

    I had a problem with this windlass. All of a sudden it would slip and not haul in the chain and anchor. Motor runs fine, just slips. I tightened the clutch to the max with minimal improvement. So I pull the entire windlass and after disassembly I found two broken Circlips. I am not sure if...
  17. Rich Stidger

    Achilles Inflatable Floor valve leak

    I have had a leak in the inflatable floor for 5+ years. See the picture below. The leak is from under the clamping ring that secures the threaded valve insert. The leak is not through the valve or cap. After I removed the valve, cap , and securing ring, I discovered that the hypalon floor...
  18. Rich Stidger

    Garmin GPS/MAP 4xx Series Card Reader with 64bit Windows OS

    This will be of interest to a very narrow group. The short version is that Garmin has declined to supply 64 bit drivers for their proprietary card reader that is used for the 4xx series of their chartplotters. Unless you have a 32bit Windows OS - W7, XP, Vista - the card reader will not work...
  19. Rich Stidger

    Mast leak h40.5 Solved!

    Three years ago I pulled the mast in my h40.5, and ever since then I have had a water leak down through the wire bundle that is inside of the mast. I was not present for the mast re-stepping (that was a mistake) and the wires were not successfully sealed by the yard. Not wanting to pull the...
  20. Rich Stidger

    What is the expected life of the stuffing box hose?

    Another thread about stuffing boxes vs the PSS system got me thinking about how long the OEM stuffing box hose should last and when it should be replaced. And how can you tell if it is at end-of-life? Mine is 20 years old right now. It is not soft and visually looks OK but still I wonder.