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  1. jmce1587

    Springtime on the Bayou

    Just gotta love spring time on the bayou..... This little guy (about 7') is out for a late morning suntan and is about a few hundred feet from one of the local marinas (where a few of the forum members from the New Orleans area keep their boats). Definitely no bottom job cleaning in this...
  2. jmce1587

    WM BOGO sale for Winches gone forever??

    I'm trying to remember the time of year (if there was one) for WM to have its BOGO winch sale? Really want to upgrade winches onboard. Anybody remember when this would take place? Hoping its not a thing of the past.
  3. jmce1587

    Trouble downloading pdf file to General Downloads

    anyone having trouble loading pdf files to general downloads? error message I'm receiving is the file has to be pdf and the one I am attempting to download is definitely a pdf file. thanks - Jerry
  4. jmce1587

    Fuel Leak at HP Pump Injector Line - Yanmar 2GM

    Hi All I have a fuel leak (seeping) out at the fuel injector line coming from the HP pump. I tried wrench tightening each nut separately with full resistance. Concerned with over tightening and either breaking or causing damage. Questions are: - has anyone experienced a leak at this point...
  5. jmce1587

    Ethanol Free Gas App/Website

    this may already be common knowledge but for me it’s new info. In reading this months Good Old Boat magazine, I came across a short article that identified a website named I checked out this website and it has an app u can download that lets you locate stations in your area...
  6. jmce1587

    Catalina 22 Mast Gate/Stopper for mainsail slides

    Our sailing school recently received a Catalina 22. The PO has a screw in type “stopper” at the top of the entry point for the sail slides/slugs in the mast track. In using this we aren’t able to keep the bottom 2 slides in the track and when lowering the main, we have to “unscrew” the stopper...
  7. jmce1587

    Replacement Rudder H31

    Looking for suggestions on where I can find a replacement rudder and possibly post for my ‘84 H31. due to loss of steering capabilities I’m thinking broken or separated/loss of rudder. Inspected steering cables, quadrant and post (from what I can see inside the boat) and all looks good. I’m...
  8. jmce1587

    Use of the term “invest” and a number

    guys, this is a curiosity question for me for the guys that know/track weather systems. When did the term Invest/number come into use? Is this something new? Having grown up all my life on the gulf coast, I don’t recall the use of this terminology. Is this something insurance companies...
  9. jmce1587

    Recommended cleaner/polish for opening ports

    i have tinted Bomar and Grey opening Ports that are fading. Looking for recommendations on a cleaner/polisher to restore. Any and all recommendations appreciated. Thanks, Jerry
  10. jmce1587

    Where can I locate these Velcro attachments?

    I have these on back step to swim platform that also acts as a cover to the water fill. Any idea where I can find replacements? Thanks, Jerry
  11. jmce1587

    Recommendations for caulk to be used on sea hood

    hi all. I need to caulk my sea hood and am looking for recommendations as to the type of caulk I should use. I assume something flexible but not sure if boat life or a dow product would be better. Thanks, Jerry
  12. jmce1587

    Replacement Chain Plate and Support Rod - '84 H31

    I have placed in the owner mods, the steps taken to replace the chain plate and support rods for both port and starboard after losing the port side due to metal failure resulting in the loss of the mast. also important to note with my insurance policy, it did not cover the failure due to "rust...
  13. jmce1587

    Harken MKII & Pro Furl Manuals

    Just downloaded into the General Downloads area the manuals for the Harken MKII and Pro Furl Reefing systems (Pro Furl C290 to C430)
  14. jmce1587

    Interior Paint Recommendations

    i have my interior out for my H31 and want to paint and touch up dings and do an overall refresh of the white areas in the cabin. Any recommendations on type of paint I should use? Thanks, Jerry
  15. jmce1587

    Cleaning aluminum mast

    have mast down and want to clean up and remove black marks, etc. Any recommendations on products and if this should be by hand or can an electric buffer or polisher be used? Mast is 42'. Thanks, Jerry
  16. jmce1587

    Chain plate repairs

    hi all. I need input on how to perform a chain repair on a mid eighties Hunter. Looking for info from anyone who has completed a chain replacement on a mid eighties Hunter, in particular a 31 or 34. There was a posting some time back from from an individual in the Caribbean who completed a...
  17. jmce1587

    Replacement B&R rig for mid eighties Hunter 31

    lost my rig in recent offshore Gulf of Mexico regatta. Need to find a replacement rig for this vintage Hunter. Can anyone provide suggestions/contact details on possible boat salvagers or others that sell spars in the gulf coast area? Thanks, Jerry.
  18. jmce1587

    Information on Radar Units

    I will be taking my mast down in the near term to change out standing rigging and am contemplating installation of a radar unit. I am looking at Garmin units but don't have any single preference narrowed down. before jumping into this can others shed information on what I would need or should...
  19. jmce1587

    Original Sales Brochure for MacGregor 21/22/23/25/36

    Came across the original sales brochure for the older Macgregors from a former crew. Wanted to share with M Owners. I was the previous owner of a M25 that we modified with a masthead rig and raced for years in New Orleans/Gulf Coast area. sure enjoyed that boat.
  20. jmce1587

    Garhauer EZ Slide Genoa Car Control Line Set-Up

    looking for info on running control lines. Info recommended diameters, 5/16 vs 3/8, suggested lengths (do they need to be the full length of track) and in particular the set up for the line from the adjustable car to the cam cleat. Have read about using bungee cord and adding a small block at...