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    Safe way to clean rust-like stains?

    I just bought a boat and the sails are in good shape but main has 1 rust like stain and jib has 2 of them. From reading old posts I get the idea that anything that will work will be bad for the sails. anyone found a safe way to do this or just live with them? Thanks..
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    ? about Puffer stability?

    Can any of you Puffer owners tell me how the puffer compares to the Sunfish as far as stability goes? I am considering a puffer or something like it that will hold 2 people more comfortably than a Sunfish. But how quick is it to roll over compared to a Fish? Thanks..
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    New owner help

    I recently bought a small sailboat (Sunfish) and it about did me in on Saturday. I got about a mile offshore and knew I needed to turn back. Rolled it when I turned around. I could not upright it and had 2 other boats come by and it took 2 other guys along with myself to get it upright (we...