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  1. nightowle

    advice to refasten teak deck seating area

    On my 1999 Bavaria 35E, there's teak decking on the cockpit seating. In a couple of areas, it is lifting at the outer margins. The worst being against the forward coaming where it curves toward the companionway area. I've tried three different adhesives and even used concrete blocks for...
  2. nightowle

    Sailing Baja Ha Ha w/o autopilot?

    Question for the group with a bit of background: 40 foot boat with recent refits. Not mine, but friend. Myself and 'the admiral' and another couple will make six on the journey which is a 700+ mile regatta/flotilla with over 125 boats heading south along the Baja coast. Five of us are...
  3. nightowle

    Trying to install new hour meter

    The digital hour meter inside my tach has given up the ghost. My Bavaria 35 has a Volvo MD 2030D without key ignition at the helm. I bought a cheapie hour meter I'd like to use in the engine bay, avoiding running any wiring to the helm pedestal. It seems if I connect to the "w" on the...
  4. nightowle

    Volvo MD2030 sail drive rubber seal replacement

    What is your experience changing the engine bed/sail drive seal as well as the hull seal? Did you do it yourself (it seems like a big job)? What did it cost having it done? No leaking issues now, but the boat is 17 years old and it doesn't seem this was ever done. I have one quote so far, and...
  5. nightowle

    Bought a new boat -- oh! the questions

    I just got a very sweet 1999 Bavaria 35E. There's tons of documentation/manuals on the boat, but wouldn't you know there are some questions that go unanswered. Like: the DC panel is not labeled...its all in icons. Here is a panel similar to mine found on the internet (not the exact one from...
  6. nightowle

    bilge pump placement for shallow bilge

    My 27' O'Day has a very shallow bilge. I'm planning to locate the pump where there's room either under a port side salon seat, or further aft in the engine area and run a hose into the bilge compartment. Where would you recommend running the exit hose....all the way aft to the transom area, or...
  7. nightowle

    adding antifreeze to Atomic 4?

    Now that local night temps in Seattle are approaching freezing, I wanted to know if I should keep antifreeze in my raw water cooled A4 engine. If so, what are the directions for doing so? 50/50 antifreeze-water mix? Do I close the water intake sea cock and just suck in the antifreeze via the...
  8. nightowle

    Bilge water quantity

    I recently purchased a '75 O'day 27 with original Atomic 4. How much bilge water should I expect after a brief sail? After hand pumping out about a half gallon or so, I had almost a 1/4 in the bilge after sailing a couple hours. Is this normal? TIA, Brad