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  1. John Marrone

    1987 Catalina 22 Circuit Panel

    Adding some USB Ports and Battery Voltage Indicator and not sure where to connect these devices. From what I recall, the Original " Catalina" Circuit Panel panel has a System ( below ) and Accessory Toggle Switch at the top. The System Toggle has a different type fuse device that is not a twist...
  2. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 Through Transom cockpit deck drain leaks

    Sleeves inside the drain openings at the aft transom causing leaks in the interior. Is there a part that can replace these sleeves, possibly a threaded device that can be inserted into the hole leaving the sleeve and thu tightening up the interior and exterior surface of the transom to alleviate...
  3. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 Aft through Transom Scupper Drain Leak

    Found the leak under the battery cabinet, The Port side cockpit floor drain that drains out the rear is leaking. the sleeve that is in this opening is moving. There is no room between the transom and the deck to fit any threaded item to fix this issue Caulked the gap created by the movement and...
  4. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 Cockpit Fuel Tank Lazaret Floor Leaks

    Appear to have a leak at the cockpit floor inside the Fuel Tank lazaret floor. There are several, what appears to be hairline cracks in the Gelcoat where this leak is occurring. Can water leak through these hairline cracks and if so what can I use to reseal the fuel tank floor. I mentioned...
  5. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 Fuel Compartment Leak

    Been chasing a minor leak for months only to end up with possibly a hole in the fuel tank lazaret floor. There are a serious of gelcoat hairline cracks that I'd like to fill. Any suggestions other than 3MM 4200. Thought to use White Flex Seal
  6. John Marrone

    1987 Catalina 22 Outboard Battery Charging

    Battery is located inside the starboard cockpit seat. Outboard is on the Port Aft Transom New Outboard has a single 16ga. pigtail pair of Red and Black Wires that need to make way to the Battery Boats Transom has 2ea. drain holes, one of which I want to utilize to run electrical cable to the...
  7. John Marrone

    Gulf Off Shore Binocular Suggestions

    Finally named the Boat 1987 Cat 22 "New Design" " SeaClusion" We live on a coastal passage to the Gulf of Mexico o North Florida's West Coast. My wife has an expensive Nikon 7x42 that are crystal clear, but the mm size ( 42) of the device doesn't allow more than one subject in view What is...
  8. John Marrone

    Cat 22 Outboard Options

    Looking to replace a 2000 Nissan 5HP. Boat has yet to be launched and considering a Tohatsu 8HP Elect. Start and Alternator Boat will be moored and is on Solar Charge only Is there a concern about weight if the HP is increased from 5HP to 9.8 HP Aware we need a 20" Shaft, but beyond that not...
  9. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 SK Halyard Replacement Line

    Looking for best Spec. for Main Sail Halyard. Looked at Sail Rite, Catalina Direct and Defender Marine Catalina Spec. is 14" , purchased that Halyard Kit at 60'-0" only to find out the existing clutch for this line will only accept 3/8"-5/16" Catalina Direct wants $117 for 61 Ft. Others are...
  10. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 SK Lazy Jacks

    Me again, boat is still on trailer. Been practicing stepping the mast ( Accomplished ) Got both Sails up and adjusted and feel like there is an issue with these Lazy Jacks I inherited............ I am aware of what the Lazy Jacks do, but there appears to be a questionable issue with not being...
  11. John Marrone

    Cat 22 OEM Rudder

    Finally bit the bullet on a Kick Up Rudder. Mandatory in our shallow water of NW Florida Gulf. The rudder I currently have is in great shape and want to sell it once the new Rudder arrives. Anyone know what the Market Value may bear or aware of anyone looking for a back up rudder?
  12. John Marrone

    Catalina Outboards Motor Flush

    I purchased this boat with a 20-year old Nissan 5HP 4-Stroke that lived in fresh water since it's beginning. I am now going to moor the boat or for that matter even a slip. How does one flush the salt water from the motor after a day of sailing. A motor this old does not have a water hose...
  13. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 Lazy Jacks Rigging

    Okay.............I'm learning as I go. U Tube is no help so I'm wondering if anyone can assist with the reinstallation of an existing lazy jack install on this boat? I get the arrangement on each side of the boom, it's just where do these lines start and end up. I had someone help me step the...
  14. John Marrone

    Best Marine Adhesives

    About to install a Marinco 1000 Mini Solar Vent Fan 7" Diameter into the forward hatch on my 1987 Cat 22 I have heard that 3M 5200 is best but hard to remove or clean up............ My Marina advises me to use Life Caulk............. Locktite Brand has a Marine Adhesive The Marinco instructions...
  15. John Marrone

    1987 Cat22 Sink Drain

    So........I'll start by assuming the "Keel Trunk" is the two small teak panel cover areas in the floor of the Cabin. If I am correct, the attached drawing from the Owner's Manual shows the sink drain tube dumping into this area. So every time you use the sink, you need to pump out this keel...
  16. John Marrone

    1987 C22 SK Fuel to Outboard

    Just another hurdle with this boat "Old Boat" update. How does a Fuel line or for that matter a Engine Connection to an on board battery get to and from. Do you need to install Grommets in these two lift up Fuel and Battery Areas to accomplish this. Is this issue a recognition of poor...
  17. John Marrone

    Best location for a Bilge Pump

    I have gotten a few best scenarios, one of which was the Volcano, the area where the retractable keel ss-steel cable enters the boat from below. Of all the suggestions I received, I have never found water in that area. Always forward. One consideration for a leak causing the bilge to fill while...
  18. John Marrone

    Refinishing Teak Hand Rails

    The Varnish is peeling off Teak hand rails, etc. After removing and reinstalling the new finished Teak hand rails, will resealing of the deck bolt locations be required and what product do I use to accomplish this application?
  19. John Marrone

    1987 Catalina 22 Bilge Pump Location

    This boat does not have any sort of manual bilge pump. We currently have it on a trailer while updating some other issues and notice that every time in rains here on the West Coast of FL summer downpours there is water throughout the v-Berth Cavity, under the forward Dinette seat and along the...
  20. John Marrone

    1987 Cat 22 Sail Main Sail Maintenance: Boom Vang

    Well, the next project is removing the Main Sail form its bag, laying it on the yard and inspecting the condition. I believe the sail was replaced 2009-2013, not sure. Assume we start looking for tears, whether it has batons and that the cleat does not need sewn If all is good, what kind of...