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  1. Ron20324

    Beneteau Parts Trouble

    Okay, so straight from the Mustang's mouth at the local Benneteau dealer in Annapolis, Annopolis Yacht Sales. I was there this afternoon: AYS Parts ManagerJohn DeFoe had talked to Ward Richardson in the factory parts supply office. ( I met Ward there once or twice.) As we figured, their supply...
  2. Ron20324

    ON TV 6 P.M. EDST

    On the LMN channel is "Deadly Excursion" about a mom and daughter who charter a skippered sailboat. The captain has devious plans for them.
  3. Ron20324

    323 air conditioner

    The Benny 323 not being a very big boat, has anyone put A.C. on it? Where? Brand? I think it might get hot in Florida in the summer.
  4. Ron20324

    B323 roller main

    A new member has a problem with his roller main. Does someone on here have one that can offer "tricks learned" or such ??? Ron
  5. Ron20324

    Dirty Jobs Tonight

    Tonight/Saturday on DISCOVERY channel at 7:30 EST... Mike Rowe has an episode on "crushing abandoned boats". Check you local listings for time and channel number. It is 39 in Annapolis.
  6. Ron20324

    Jimmy B in town

    Jimmy Buffett was in Chesapeake Beach, south of Annapolis, over the weekend. Not sure if he was on his boat or not. I'm sure the local papers will cover the story on Tuesday. Updates as they become available. Keep your eyes open- he may soon be in a bar near you!
  7. Ron20324

    Tack shackle ?

    My slip neighbor lost their tack to roller shackle or whatever was there. Can you tell us what is the tack fitting? I'm thinking twisted D with 5/16 pin, but would like to know for sure. Especially the Length or I.D. ?
  8. Ron20324


    I have three containers of the same motor oil, but different weights. They are dated 2018, 2016, 2015. The 15 smells odd, but not sure if it was like that when new? I put it in the engine for 15 minutes, then shut down. The 2016 there is not enough to do an oil shange. The 2018 is still a sealed...
  9. Ron20324

    Flex Products

    On TV I see commercials for Flex Tape, Flex Seal and a few other items from that product line. Has anyone used any of that stuff on their boat to any avail?
  10. Ron20324

    Bronze Prop treatment

    What are the suggestions to treat my brand new bronze prop other than regular bottom paints. A sealant/primer or whatever coat? A neighbor is getting his non-bonze treated with a yellow coating product that stays sticky. Thought, please?
  11. Ron20324

    Pop-Top for C22

    I was at store today, and they have a new pop-top for the C22. IIRC, it looks new and still had the catalina sticker on it. It's in Annapolis, Md. Sorry, I forgot the price. Edit to add: I just looked at that canvas one for sale, and this is not the same. It is a fiberglass top...
  12. Ron20324

    Raymarine Radar Dome

    It is gone, folks.
  13. Ron20324

    Boat adrift in The Gilf of Mexico

    The following alert has been posted by the Coast Guard. Boat "My Time" has home port of Solomons Island, Maryland, USA...
  14. Ron20324

    Volve Race live from Newport

    The Weather Channel has live coverage from Newport this morning. I imagine they will reshow it and/or have more live coverage since they have TV crew there.
  15. Ron20324

    Who was looking for a furler upper swivel?

    I can't locate the post where someone was looking for the upper swivel of a jib furler. Help?
  16. Ron20324

    Sad Death

    Today's Annapolis Gazette paper has a story about a 25 year-old marine technician who was winterizing a boat engine. The boat had been shrink-wrapped. He was inside, running the engine for who know how long. When found, he was dead from the exhaust that had found it's way into the salon. Now ...
  17. Ron20324

    Reed Creek, Chesapeake Bay

    Has anyone gone into Reed Creek, off the Corsica River, off the Chesapeake Bay this year? How tricky was the entrance? Going this weekend.
  18. Ron20324

    Annapolis, Back Creek

    If you are coming to Annapolis for the boat shows, be advised of this hidden hazard. From active Captain. I am on Back Creek but not aware of this.: Obstruction : The remains of the old "2E" channel marker, a steel post, is submerged appox. three feet under water to the north of the new "2E"...
  19. Ron20324

    Tampa Boat Show postponed

    MarineMax Vacations Family, The safety of our customers and team members is our number one priority. In order to prepare for the incoming Hurricane Irma, the Tampa Boat Show has been rescheduled to October 13 - 15, 2017. Thank you for your understanding, and you can still join us at the...
  20. Ron20324

    Where is Zeehag?

    No posts from her since Aug '16. Has anyone heard from her or maybe the cat?