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  1. nightowle

    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    My reading of 2.1.1 would still allow for saloon-style doors if water intrusion can be assured. I believe this section is not calling for drop boards exclusively.
  2. nightowle

    Do you make a Wifi hotspot? Do you use a dedicated one?

    we just got back from a South Sound trip and while using T-Mobile there were many places I was only getting 1 bar, so the hotspot was useless.
  3. nightowle

    Dodger and/or Bimini for O'day 28

    I have a bimini I'm currently selling on FB Marketplace. It's 46" wide. Not sure if that would work. Log into Facebook
  4. nightowle

    If you had one of these...

    We had a classy name befitting the Upper Middle-Class status: a "clicker."
  5. nightowle

    South and middle Puget Sound

    We're heading south on the 28th and will be at Gig Harbor for the first night. Will definitely make Penrose, Jerrold Cove, Boston Harbor, etc, and return after about 10 days.
  6. nightowle

    A hose leak repair that worked!

    +1 for the Rescue Tape. Awesome stuff that saved me in a similar water hose situation. But you McGuyver'd well with what you had. Good thinkin'!!
  7. nightowle

    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Nice to see you're using the TLAR methodology. Now I know I'm in good company. ;)
  8. nightowle

    Surveyor in Seattle area?

    Tony Alport. Or, John Sanford --425-941-6354
  9. nightowle

    Boom rests on bimini when main sheeted. 1993 Hunter Legend 35.5

    I'd say to consider reducing the foot of your mainsail after moving the gooseneck. Do you have a rigid vang? Will adjusting that help with the extra inch you need?
  10. nightowle

    Cruising Wobbly and lessons in seamanship - crossing the Wash.

    "Wobbly." That's a new one on me. And, I've spent considerable time in ol' blighty. Lots of sailing around the Solent. (S. Coast). This was jolly good fun. Tickety-boo!
  11. nightowle

    My dockmate's makin' me look bad!

    I used that product on a severely bad-looking power cord last year. It was a bit of work, but I was pleased with the results.
  12. nightowle

    Arguing with insurance company

    I don't think an attorney would take a case for $2-3k. They may at least write a letter to your carrier taking umbrage with their denial, but that could cost upwards of $1k just for a retainer. You might look for a Public Adjuster to give advice. Again, your claim amount is so little for an...
  13. nightowle

    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    If you were to be swamped heavily, would your new drain setup be equal or better to what you have now for quickly dispersing the water? As far as exhaust, your proposed location is exactly where we have it on our Bavaria. I like being able to peer over the side to examine how much water is...
  14. nightowle

    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    The beat goes on!!
  15. nightowle

    Chartplotters and GPS how do you decide.

    Fast Olsen has helped already by mentioning the magnet issue. Beyond this, read the different features each brand and model has in the size you want. Some are touch screen only, some offer both touch and control buttons. Also, price out the cost of map chips that increase the base unit price...
  16. nightowle

    Waste System - How does it actually work?

    Yes, get Peggy's book. It's worth it, for sure!
  17. nightowle

    Should I run away, find out more, or jump on this? Catalina 30

    It sounds like it could be a decent deal. I'd want to know where the bilge water is coming from. Just the packing gland on the drive shaft, or has the boat been upgraded to a dripless shaft seal? Do you see any evident leaking stains around the cabin? Definitely check the chainplates for...
  18. nightowle

    Repairing Hunter 40 damage from Hurricane Matthew

    Looks like a few good jobs all around.....A/C and a nice new-looking blue Dakota. Great color choice. Way to go!
  19. nightowle

    Used parts

    where are you located?
  20. nightowle

    Dead Simple way to attach light objects to cabin interior

    Much like Sail SFBay, we've used 3M command strip hooks that have worked great. The admiral's handbag weighs like an anchor and that holds up fine! I've held up a weighty fire blanket with one under the chart table across from the galley. The VHB tape is good up to several pounds, and...