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  1. JoeWhite

    Mast Rasing Harness 1984 Hunter 25.5

    Mast Raising Harness 1984 Hunter 25.5 Since many years ago I posted a solution for raising and lowering the rather heavy mast on my 1984 Hunter 25.5, I have been contacted numerous times to provide more info and images. So here it is. I have a drawing and images describing how I set-up a...
  2. JoeWhite

    Add a stay sail to 1984 Hunter 25,5 Shoal Keel

    I am thinking of adding a stay sail to my 1984 Hunter 25.5. I wanted to know what experience you have with stay sails, and why is this not a good idea. My design would be to add a loop at the deck level just behind the anchor locker and take a shroud to the top of the mast. The sail I am...
  3. JoeWhite

    Larger Sail Boat

    Hi Sailors, I am looking to buy a larger boat. I have been looking at Catalinas. I see "mkII" listed. What doeas this mean?:confused:
  4. JoeWhite

    Have you heard of 2003 Calatlina 35' 6"

    I am trying to buy one. I am not able to find any specs on this sialboat. Has anyone heard of this size? or is the the seller making a mistake on his specs.