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  1. CloudDiver

    Restoration of 1981 C-22 swing keel #10580

    Hey everyone... Not much has changed since my last post. I've been murdered by Rigging jobs, I have basically been working 16 hours a day, 6 to 7 days a week. I still haven't found any time to get back in my shop to finish the last bits on my C22! At this point I am considering selling it...
  2. CloudDiver

    Any experience with Hi-Mod / Hayn Marine?

    Hey everyone... I've been away for awhile but I do check in on ocassion. I'm currentley rigging a 56 ft John Alden ketch in full synthetic, 22 total shrouds/stays with running backs and associated parts. Large boats use turnbuckles (5/8" on the main, 1/2" on the mizzen), but there is still...
  3. CloudDiver

    Synthetic Rigging for a Trailer Sailer

    Cost savings is thrown out the window when you buy DUX because its marked up over 400%. There are many other lines out there that are the same chemical formulation as DUX, but every rope manufacturer weaves differently and the heat annealing process varies. I use Marlow D-12 Max in sk78 and...
  4. CloudDiver

    Synthetic Rigging for a Trailer Sailer

    This are called "T-Bails" (I believe), and you do not use a thimble with them. You are supposed to luggage tag the spliced eye of the dyneema shroud through the welded eye. This is somewhat problematic as it interferes with the correct bend radius of the Dyneema, but I haven seen anyone...
  5. CloudDiver

    Synthetic Rigging for a Trailer Sailer

    I made the Deadeyes for this boat, and helped James fix various other problems. I also made a set of cascades with 4:1 tackle, one on each of the twin backstays. He has not done a video on them yet because he is still trying to work out some issues. There is no problem at all with my...
  6. CloudDiver

    Synthetic Rigging for a Trailer Sailer

    Yes and no... Never used NE HTS (and not sure if thats what the OP meant or it was a typo), but STS HSR is heat set and essentially the exact same thing as Dux. I have used it extensively.
  7. CloudDiver

    $75 worth of hose clamps?!?!? $@*!$#

    Just putting in my .02 about McMaster Carr... They are NOT always the cheapest, BUT this is what you are paying for: (Not in order of importance) 1. They have what you need... just about any type of fastener and many other products. 2. Their search function is superior (Amazon and eBay could...
  8. CloudDiver

    gouged gelcoat on 380

    Ron, check out the Spectrum Color website. They have small jars of gel repair paste that are color matched to factory boats. Easy to work with...
  9. CloudDiver

    Restoration of 1981 C-22 swing keel #10580

    I do feel kind of stupid... All that work and I haven't mustered the time or energy to finish the last few steps and sail her. Sometimes I feel like I regret starting Kraken Structures, maybe if I had skipped that I'd be back on the water already and closer to financial goals (I have put mucho...
  10. CloudDiver

    Restoration of 1981 C-22 swing keel #10580

    Update**** Well Gents, I really hate to say this but I am giving very serious thought to selling the boat. I'm not very fond of the idea since the boat is about 90% complete and I haven't even sailed it since before the restoration. Here is the short story: I have a business to run and its...
  11. CloudDiver

    Through-hull fitment question

    I would just fill the entire hole with epoxy slightly thickened with microfibers and then re-drill the hole. Thats plenty strong to fill such a small gap.
  12. CloudDiver

    Restoration of 1981 C-22 swing keel #10580

    Haha, I see what you did there... Really though, I have new motivation to get my shop cleaned out and overhauled. I had want to grind the floors (epoxy is old and discolored) and go with polished concrete. I never got my A$$ in gear to gut the shop, but I did put some of my big equipment in...
  13. CloudDiver

    Restoration of 1981 C-22 swing keel #10580

    Haha! Sorry I've been MIA! Working like crazy on rigging projects for other boats; check out my FB page, Also, I have a new Muse/Mistress/Obsession in my life... I just can't help myself;
  14. CloudDiver

    Aluminum Zincs?

    Ken, aluminum works well in salt water if they are scrubbed regularly and/or props are run daily on working boats. If AL sits too long it creates a hard oxide coating which actually protects it and allows marine growth to take hold which insulates the bare metal from the salt water even more...
  15. CloudDiver

    EXPANDING deck repair

    Its a lot of work and a labor of love to replace a wet deck on a boat that has less over-all value that amount of labor plus materials you are putting into it. Some people might say its not salvageable and you should move on to another boat that has less issues to begin with. That said, yes, if...
  16. CloudDiver

    Shrink factor on Leather Chafe Sleeves?

    Hey everyone, sorry I've been a bit absent from the forum the last 6 months. New job, new small business, now I'm flying Hang Gliders for giggles... jeeze, I don't slow down much, LOL. So I made some chafe sleeves from 1.5mm grey suede leather to cover the lashings portion of a deadeye tension...
  17. CloudDiver

    Ropes/Lines from Down Under

    Duh... Donaghys is Kiwi, well known in the southern ocean... but I already knew that, LOL! Still don't know of any home-grown Aussie rope makers. Any ideas?