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  1. Panta Rei

    272LE Engine Replacement

    sell the boat to someone who can rebuild the engine or hang an outboard off the back.
  2. Panta Rei

    Missing mast pin

    The pin is needed to prevent the deck from rising and the boat squeezing together midships (placing greater than designed loads on the bulkheads below). There is a large force from your halyards if run them back to your cockpit thru blocks attached to the deck plate. The boom vang also tries to...
  3. Panta Rei

    PolyGlow quick shine solution - beware !

    Pat is correct. Polyglow is nothing more than acrylic floor wax . Any stripper that is designed to strip ACRYLIC floor wax will remove it completely. Then you can compound. Your other choice would be to use the Polyglow (or similar) prep cleaner to remove all stains and then reseal with...
  4. Panta Rei

    Mast creaking

    If you tack back and forth and keep tightening the lee shrouds each time you will drive the mast through your boat. Nothing wrong with the shrouds on the lee side being a bit loose. Follow Jibes instructions above.
  5. Panta Rei

    30 ft O'day grounded, bent rudder post

    The cables are not holding up the rudder. You will need to remove the cables so you can remove the quadrant or radial drive wheel. Once removed you will likely need to drive the shaft out since it is bent.
  6. Panta Rei

    30 ft O'day grounded, bent rudder post

    I think you should talk to your marina. It should take no longer than a minute or two to drop the rudder if you prepare. I have a radial drive wheel. It requires loosening two bolts to drop the rudder. They may not charge you anything extra to allow you to drop it before they set the boat...
  7. Panta Rei

    30 ft O'day grounded, bent rudder post

    Good thinking, no need to save the rudder if you are sure it is toast. Time on the sling is money.
  8. Panta Rei

    Air Intake Filter and Silencer This unit is intended to be used on gen sets but as the web page states, it can also be used on small marine propulsion engines. My engine in 44 hp an the unit works great. Never oil in the bilge.
  9. Panta Rei

    30 ft O'day grounded, bent rudder post

    The items on this page look familiar.
  10. Panta Rei

    30 ft O'day grounded, bent rudder post

    Robert, I have not removed a rudder from an Oday 30 but I can help you with some general rudder removing issues. First, You should consider your sailing summer over. Take your time. You will learn a lot. I may have found the rudder you purchased on ebay. It had some barnacles on it and sold for...
  11. Panta Rei

    Cracked Water Tank

    Let's not get everyone confused. Polyethylene tanks are welded all the time. It's the preferred way to fabricate custom PE tanks. Tank fabricators have expensive plastic welders that are fast and built to industrial standards. They are not needed for simple tank repair. The tool I recommended...
  12. Panta Rei

    Cracked Water Tank

    Cracked water tanks can be welded. It's very easy. Obviously, you must be able to get to it. It's done using an iron similar to a soldering iron.
  13. Panta Rei

    Stranded on I-94

    It looked like trailer problems. Tires were OK . Just the boat on the trailer sitting on the shoulder . Name was something like "trade winds" it might have been a 32. It's gone now.
  14. Panta Rei

    Stranded on I-94

    Yesterday I passed what I believe was an 1988 or so O'day 35. Grey with sugar scoop on the side abandoned on I-94 between Milwaukee and Madison. My buddies and I have the resources to help the owner if you happen to be reading this. I rebuilt my 39 in a yard near by. Not for hire. Will...
  15. Panta Rei

    Hull Damage

    I rebuild a 23 that sat for four years full of water. It would have been better off had the owner put a hole in it with an ax. (easy to fix) Anyway. You can not sail the boat without the bulkheads. They are an important structural part of the boat. the rigging places big loads on the boat...
  16. Panta Rei

    Engine base to hull

    I noticed that my engine pan/mounting sounded very loud when I rapped on it. Could not be much better of a sound board. I added foam to fill in the areas. Sounds better but of course still rather loud.
  17. Panta Rei

    28 O'Day ports

    I sure don't know much about a 28, what are the two round (things) just forward of the forward hatch on each side? BTW boat looks nice.
  18. Panta Rei

    Need Advice Repairing Gelcoat

    Pat, I have good and bad news for you. First the good news. They have a product that is called Magic ezy hairline filler. It works reasonably well. Doing this type of work takes some skill, patience and practice. The bad news is that I do not think they have...
  19. Panta Rei

    Prop shaft vibration, cutless bearing costs??

    STOP!!!!!! The previous owner likely donated the boat because he understood the value. I completely rebuilt my drive train. The boat has no value. Offer to take it off there hands for $100. You did the right thing by posting this don't let your hart win over your brain.
  20. Panta Rei

    302/322 shaft removal

    Greg, Thank you for the great video work you are doing. It certainly will help others. Since you are making what should be the definitive how-to for shaft removal for the 322, I thought I would add a bit since there are many alternative methods. This is not intended as a "you should have done...