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  1. JoeWhite

    Tachometer suddenly stops.......

    When the batteries are fully charged, the internal regulator disconnects from battery, this also stops the pulses needed to the tach. After the battery voltage drops, the regulator reconnects to the battery and pulses to the tach are restored. It is an impractical feature, but that is how it...
  2. JoeWhite

    Question about a racor230r2 and anti-siphon valve (vetus)

    Not to talk about a different subject, is there a tool to unscrew the clear bowl from the filter itself? It is tapered with ridges and hard to hold on to. Haro
  3. JoeWhite

    Gasket for refrigerator lid

    I tried to do just that and failed to find a replacement gasket. Please post what solution you came up with. Haro
  4. JoeWhite

    Climbing my mast? Hire someone or woman-up? :)

    Your image 0872 does not appear to be antenna connection. That type of plug is used for audio and headphone connections. That may be why your radio does not work. Start at the base of the Mast and see if you can identify all wires entering the Mast. I guarantee you that you will not find a gray...
  5. JoeWhite

    Just bought a CAL34, question on wiring Depth Finder

    And a wire coat hanger and 1/8" curtain pull string are good tools to use for such project.
  6. JoeWhite

    Yanmar / Kanzaki gearbox dipstick threads broke

    For those who like to use plastic, would it help if some lanolin is applied to the thread before inserting?
  7. JoeWhite

    T3800 - Location of Macerator Pump?

    Jviss, failing could mean a number of problems. If the impellers have broken off, it will not work, but the motor will turn. If you locate it, try putting a large screwdriver on the back end of the motor where there is a slot on its shaft and rotate back and forth, you may dislodge whatever is...
  8. JoeWhite

    T3800 - Location of Macerator Pump?

    Turn it on and follow the sound
  9. JoeWhite

    Lost Prop Beneteau 473

    I have seen others loose their prop. After propeller is inserted the nut is tightened to push the propeller in. Then a castle nut is installed and to prevent the castle nut from loosening a cutter pin is inserted. If the installer forgot or neglected to install this pin, or if it rusted and fell...
  10. JoeWhite

    If you had one of these...

    It is a TV remote control. Has metal bars in it, when buttons are pressed its hammer striker makes the selected bar vibrate at ultrasonic frequency. The pick up is a soanalert on the TV. Volume up/down makes the motor rotate the shaft on the volume control. Chanel up/ down rotates the shaft on...
  11. JoeWhite

    Marine Diesel vs Automotive Diesel

    I use 12vdc diesel fuel pump to transfer from 5 gallon jug to the tank. No spills. Gas station diesel is fresh since it is purchased and refilled more often than at the marina and it is noticeably less expensive. I keep the tank full to avoid moisture buildup in the tank.
  12. JoeWhite

    yanmar parts alternative

    I am sure you can use a third party water pump with no danger. The only problem you may have is that it my not last as long as expected. I would replace it with the 3rd party pump while you are waiting for the OEM pump. Replace it when it starts to leak.
  13. JoeWhite

    Mobile Diesel Marine Mechanics in Eastern Massachusetts

    Diesel engines are reliable device. Someone may be able to help you if you describe the problem and provide make and model of your engine.
  14. JoeWhite

    Bilge pump placement on my H376.

    I wonder if that is the high water alarm. Does it make sound when it runs
  15. JoeWhite

    Change or Replace Air Intake Filter

    If after removing the filter it does not fall apart, you can wash it in soap and water, dry it and reinstall it.
  16. JoeWhite

    is it hard to tip a sail boat? mcgregor 26s

    There are data available for your boat indicating at what angle of heel is at no point of return. Even if it does capsize, due to its righting ability it will come back up again. A strong wind will not make it capsize. A strong wind will round up the boat, it will spill the wind and straighten...
  17. JoeWhite

    Battery power

    Oops, I missed that, thanks Don. I am concerned about the unlike voltage while charging. This indicates high resistance connection. You must measure not across the battery terminals, but from shunt side to positive of both batteries. If while not charging the starter battery is very low, it...
  18. JoeWhite

    Jib Halyard Swivel problem?

    Yes, flush with tap water. Grease attracts dust and increases friction.
  19. JoeWhite

    Complete New to sailing need help

    26 foot boat insurance can be covered under homeowners insurance. I highly recommend taking sailing lessons ASA or US SAIL accredited school with experienced captain. Learning the language and knowing how to be safe is priceless. It is very easy to get yourself in trouble and loosing your boat.
  20. JoeWhite

    Battery power

    Yes, need new battery. Assuming it is a wet cell battery, do you check its fluid level and add distilled water if low? If battery is over 6 years old replace it. Also clean the contacts and apply lanoline to keep them from coroding. Its voltage should be the same as the house batteries while...