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  1. Ted

    Tough to watch

    This video has been reposted many times on other forums lately. Just in case you haven't seen it yet, here it is. Tough to watch.
  2. Ted

    C&C 110

    I know that some of us participate in multiple sailing forums besides this one. There was a C&C 110 specific forum on the Sailingnetworks site that has been shut down. I just wanted to let all C&C 110 owners here know that we have migrated all of the documents from the Sailingnetworks site over...
  3. Ted

    New boat issues

    I saw this news report tonight about a new Beneteau that lost its rig on a delivery from Maryland to Florida. Fortunately there were no injuries.
  4. Ted

    Project Boat

    Is anybody looking for a project boat? You might need a long winter to complete this one.
  5. Ted

    Through hull strainer

    We had different opinions at the boatyard today regarding the correct way to install a through hull strainer like the one in this photo. Should the closed (solid) portion face forward or should the openings face forward. Extra credit if you can document your answer.
  6. Ted

    VHF Radio Problem

    Problem: When I transmit a message on my fixed mount VHF radio, the volume level of the message that is received by other people is very low. The messages that I receive are very loud and clear. The weather channels are also fine. What I've tried: (Unsuccessful results) Replaced the radio with...
  7. Ted


    There are times that you wished you had more fenders. This is one of them.
  8. Ted

    C&C 110 Owners

    I know that some of us participate in multiple sailing forums besides Sailboatowners. There is presently a C&C 110 specific forum on the Sailingnetworks site that is going to shut down sometime before the end of the year. Unfortunately that site has experienced a lot of trouble and has been down...
  9. Ted

    Rules question?

    Just wondering who would have the right of way, a sailboat or a building?
  10. Ted

    German style?

    I was reading a review about the Elan E4 in the February issue of Sail magazine. (pg 30-31) In the "Under Sail" paragraph it states "The German-style mainsheet and main traveler were particulary well situated for anyone trimming the main in a racing situation." My question is: What are the...
  11. Ted

    Boat for sale

    What was he thinking???
  12. Ted

    Hard starting. Any suggestions?

    A retired man sits around the house all day so one day his wife says, "Joe, you could do something useful, like vacuum the house once a week." The husband gives it a moment’s thought and says, "Sure, why not? Show me to the vacuum". Half an hour later, the man comes into the kitchen to get...
  13. Ted

    PHRF Rating

    Trying to find the PHRF rating for a Laguna 30 in different areas of the country. Any leads?
  14. Ted

    Headsail trim

    I was on a friend's boat recently and noticed an odd trim condition. There are three sets of telltales equally spaced vertically along the length of the luff of the sail (typical arrangement). The upper and lower windward telltales would consistently fly properly while the center telltale would...
  15. Ted

    Redundant navigation lights

    Is it illegal or confusing to to other boaters to display deck level navigation lights and a tri-color masthead light at the same time? My boat has both but I don't use them at the same time. Just wondering if displaying redundant navigation lights would be a problem.
  16. Ted

    Removing submerged objects

    A friend of mind hit an uncharted submerged object in our local NY bay causing considerable damage to his boat. Is there an agency that this incident can be reported to? If the object was something like a submerged boat or car, would any government agency remove it? If it won't be removed, could...
  17. Ted

    SmartPlug installation

    Has anyone replaced their Marinco 30 amp., 125 volt boatside inlet with a SmartPlug? I was wondering if the hole pattern of the SmartPlug is identical to the Marinco? I just want to get a jump start on filling holes in the fiberglass if necessary. Thanks.
  18. Ted

    Gear Here Classified Ads

    I can't seem to get into the classified ads on the SBO site. Is anybody else having problems?
  19. Ted

    Broadside docking protection

    My new docking arrangement this season has me docking my boat broadside to a fixed dock. I don't particularly care for relying on large bumpers to keep me off the bulkhead and pilings. There seems to be a few manufacturers who offer variations of mooring whips. Anyone have opinions or first hand...
  20. Ted

    Battery terminal cover

    I can't seem to find a battery terminal cover that is designed to fit a cable with a battery clamp that can't be removed. (12 volt battery) Any ideas on where to buy them?