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  1. Apex

    Bilge Pump - Siphon BACK!

    Our double-handed trip from Muskegon to Elk Rapids was eventful: First day we were sailing, and found the bilge FULL. Turned around, as we thought it may be the packing gland. After adjustment, careful scrutiny, we found that 1) the icebox pumps into the bilge, and then when activating the...
  2. Apex


    Getting a new to me boat, that does not have autopilot. This seemed like as good a place for electronics. But what are your considerations for picking out an auto-pilot. Wheel-steered, cable on quadrant. Brand: I have a Garmin smartwatch. That is the extent of recent products and may be a...
  3. Apex

    Hunter 34 driveline needed

    Putting out in another thread as well, but have friend with hunter 34 that just lost shaft, strut and prop
  4. Apex

    Hunter 34 strut prop and shaft

    Friend collided with ufo, which tor blade off prop and took the strut. No leaking , but they are looking for parts to salvage this season. Hunter 34. Sor
  5. Apex

    C&C resources

    I am looking for information and current resources for C&C yachts. a quicke googly search turned up Wikipedia, and not much else. Short of pouring over this section: Is there a current resource or contact? Short term, I am looking at a C&C 30 MK2 Friday. And if the purchase goes through...
  6. Apex

    Transport Costs?

    Anyone have experience in transport recently? Have a quote for 30ft. (only response thus far). Includes all tolls/insurance/wide load permits. Boat is 30x11, 6ft draft at 8500lbs. And 50ft mast no cradle/no stands (I am saving that topic for another thread). Transport is 900mi NH to MI. $7800
  7. Apex

    ISO Surveyors - NH area

    Looking at a sailboat, ONLY 900 miles away......Anyone have recommendations for a surveyor in lake winnepesaukee area? Concord, or Portsmouth may not be too far away? Thanks for any recommendations. So far the broker has been very responsive. Following some hi-res photos, next would be to...
  8. Apex

    Searching for a new to me interim boat <30ft.

    Spring is nearing, and time for projects. Gotta say I am less enthusiastic for projects than just simply sailing. More often I enjoy projects, but too many other projects in life has me thinking about trading off my projects for something more "finished". still waiting for a larger...
  9. Apex

    Boat Dreams - Shopping List

    Are you shopping for the next boat, or simply dreaming, and perhaps two-foot-itis: I would like to find traditional main, deep fin keel, marginally fast boat (<150phrf???) with easy transom access to the water, be it sugar scoop or the newer fold down transom. All in a fresh-water only boat...
  10. Apex

    Ultrasonic Cleaning of Stainless, how to and re-passivation?

    I have all standing rigging off for the winter, and wanted to clean up and re-passivate much of that rigging, including turnbuckles and mast plates. What should be used for chemicals in the ultrasonic cleaner, and then how to re-passivate? I will continue to research, but thought it would be...
  11. Apex

    Tiller Pilot: Raytheon ST2000 - Repair or replacement unit

    I am looking for repair shop for Raytheon ST2000. The unit lost thrust, I assume something is slipping inside. Any clues on who can service? Someone have a tiller autopilot for sale? Thanks, Mike
  12. Apex

    Marina waiting lists

    What is your experience with waiting lists and where? I am currently in Elk Rapids, MI, 28ft slip. Excellent marina in Northern Lake Michigan. Of course two-foot-itis has set in (actually 4 to 9ft) so I am on a wait list in order to upgrade eventually..... 140 people on the list for the...
  13. Apex

    Below Waterline - Head installation and Vented Loops

    If I am reading and interpreting correctly, I only need ONE (1) vented loop: Vented Loop between bowl and pump. I have a below waterline head, and holding tank ONLY, no option for overboard. Looking at Peggie's book, and the Raritan PHII, the vented loop for discharge from pump is only IF...
  14. Apex

    Installing Holding Tank: HOW!?

    Taking advice on installing a new bow holding tank. I have the fittings, new tank (Ronco) etc. following Peggy's advice. I also built a shelf for the tank to sit on (it's in a new location) It occurred to me that I want to create more security for the tank. It fits well in it's location...
  15. Apex

    O'Day 28 Blackwater tank

    Anyone install tankage in their bow? I am looking at B184 from Ronco Plastics, which looks like a good fit? Anyone have previous experience? Thanks.
  16. Apex

    keel stepped mast, self sufficient crane

    So I've seen some clever Mast raising rigs... But has anyone built something for a keel stepped mast? 28-footer ... for raising and lowering the rig on your own?
  17. Apex

    paddle wheel sensor, LEAK

    looks like the bedding compound is crumbled away allowing for a small leak, maybe 1/2tsp per hour? this does not have a inserted wheel section, it is all or nothing. wait for fall since it is so little?, spray some flex seal from inside?, go for a swim and stick some chewing gum, duct tape...
  18. Apex

    NOOD, St. Petersberg 2019

    Looks like we will have some GTYC representatives in attendance, Who from this forum will be there?!
  19. Apex

    Underwater Fitting Hose-Clamps .vs. ClampTite

    Can seizing wire used with ClampTite tool be used in that application? Does anyone know of studies on security and strength of that form of connection? I have read @Maine Sail recommendation for solid band (not perforated band) hose clamps....but interested in a comparison of the two.
  20. Apex

    Elite / (Kerie Feeling?)

    I am perusing the internets and came across a lovely looking cruiser, Elite 364. PHRF around 120, perhaps a bit slower for a 36footer. Anyone know much of the Elite and/or Kerie Feeling lines on this side of the pond. It appears Elite is a French brand with a Canadian builder also creating...