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  1. Full Circle 473

    Yamaha 6hp shift issues

    I have a 2010 Yamaha 6 hp F6LMHA. Motor runs great but is difficult to shift. Both forward and reverse. I have change the oil in the bottom end and lubricated all the joints I can access from the top. I would love advice as to what avenue to take next.
  2. Full Circle 473

    San Juan Trip Advice

    Can I get some of your expert advice on off the beaten path destinations in the San Juans? We will be doing a 4 day trip with the "boys" (the Admiral and the other women will be joining us later in the summer). Looking for anchorage sites that provide either hiking, kayaking, oysters, fishing...
  3. Full Circle 473

    Diesel Fuel

    Can any of you experts out there tell me the deference between the diesel fuel at the marina fuel dock and the fuel at the gas station? The fuel at the dock is pink and the fuel at the gas station is clear. Can I use either in my Yanmar?
  4. Full Circle 473

    Yamaha 6hp difficult shifting

    I have a Yamaha 6hp long shaft that is very difficult to shift gears. Both forward to neutral and neutral to reverse. I have changed the oil in the gear case and everything looked good. (Clean oil, no water or metal). Any ideas on how I can free up the shifter?
  5. Full Circle 473

    Weekend "Issues"

    Overall, we had a great weekend of sailing. With a few issues. Sailing on a downwind run at 7-8 knots. Real fun. We heard a "clink" from what we ought was down below. Went down to investigate and could't find any thing. 30 min later, we jibed and bang, the boom fell off the mast. We were able...
  6. Full Circle 473

    473 prop shaft zinc

    I have a Beneteau 473 that am considering adding a zinc anode to the prop shaft for additional protection. Can anyone advise me on the pro & cons of adding an additional zinc? I am not racing so the increased drag is not really an issue.
  7. Full Circle 473

    Bottom and zinc inspection

    How often do you inspect you zincs and bottom paint, and how often do you clean the hull? When we were in warmer water (California) we used to have the bottom cleaners come once a month. Here, the growth is much slower. I also don't see the bottom cleaner services advertised. Is that service...
  8. Full Circle 473

    Battery Exploded

    One of the house batteries exploded. Would like some advice as to what I can check before I replace them both. The boat is equipped with 2 of the deep cycle batteries installed in series and 1 starter battery. All the batteries were installed 3-4 years ago. (before we got the boat). The second...
  9. Full Circle 473

    PNW Cold Weather

    What are you locals doing to protect your boats in this unusual weather? I was surprised to find the water in the Everett marina freezing the last couple of days. Onboard, I found that the faucets were frozen. I have the West Marine dryiers going full time. The driers did not raise the...
  10. Full Circle 473

    Sail Repair Everett

    My UV cover on my Genoa needs to be reattached. About 18" is coming off 1/3 down from the head. Can any of you recommend a good sail repair guy in Everett area? I have never had the sail off. Any hints?
  11. Full Circle 473

    Raymarine Chartploter blinking on and off

    I have 2006 B473. The Chartploter at the nav station will periodically blink off and on. System is therefore not usable. Can anyone tell me if there is a reset procedure or if there is something I can do to get the system back operational? It does not seem to make a difference if I turn it on...
  12. Full Circle 473

    Beneteau 473 head venting

    Just tried to pump out the master head holding tank. It didn't seam to hold much and wouldn't take much water to flush out. I was told that the vent may not be open. Does anyone know how to open the vent on the holding tank for the master head? Or even how to check if it is open? Thanks
  13. Full Circle 473

    Weaver Snap Davits

    Has anyone used Weaver Snap Davits to hang their dinghy off the stern? I have a Beneteau 473 and I was wondering what configuration I should use.