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  1. AndreNJ11

    O'Day 322

    Call Winter's Sailing Center, Riverside NJ. I believe they will have one coming to market shortly (written July 11th, 2021). Regards,
  2. AndreNJ11

    Onboard Refrigerator 1979 O’Day 30

    See my Youtube video on installing Isotherm system in my 322 ice box. Very happy with it.
  3. AndreNJ11

    reefing blocks for oday 322

    I converted mine to 'double-line' reefing. After fussing for some years with the (not quite adequate) single line reefing system. I have never found single-line reefing to work all that well. Pearsons of the '80's had single line reefing as well, which I chartered a bit at the time. I...
  4. AndreNJ11

    O'Day 34 cabin top going soft

    Here is another video with good documentation on evaluating where the deck is bad, ripping it up, and inserting new core. He is a bit long-winded, but the video images are good. Unfortunately, there is only a part 1 (ripping it up) and a part 2 (inserting new core), he did not get to part 3...
  5. AndreNJ11

    O'Day 34 cabin top going soft

    Core rot in the decks of old boats is the unfortunate reality, as prior owners (and even the factory) seldom take the time to drill-fill-drill (smaller) all the holes in the deck for fittings. And so when the sealant fails (and it will eventually) then the water seepage into the core begins...
  6. AndreNJ11

    O'Day 31 Rudder

    I am going to make a wild guess that if you were able to look at the steering quadrant (the fitting the cable attach to which is connected to the rudder stock under the deck), that you might find the quadrant has play in it as it turns the rudder stock. This might be because there is a bolt...
  7. AndreNJ11

    Hull construction at keelson, O'Day 40

    Hello, Sorry to make a slight correction to your statement, but my research indicates that the O'Day 39 is solid hull, it is the O'Day 40 that is cored, (even below the waterline). However, I have not read anywhere how close to the keel joint the coring of the 40 approaches. Certainly...
  8. AndreNJ11

    Adding refrigeration on an O'day 35

    Ah, that explains our different experience.
  9. AndreNJ11

    Adding refrigeration on an O'day 35

    I have the Isotherm refrig unit with the optional electronic control. My experience is different than you state. I find that the unit has good intelligence about whether it has engine/shore power voltage, or just battery voltage. Have you read the section on configuration of the...
  10. AndreNJ11

    O'Day 240 cockpit size / dimensions

    We have an O'Day 240 at our marina, and I always liked it and thought it would make a great first or second boat (perhaps better than the ubiquitous Catalina 22? - one of which I owned along the way with many other boats !)
  11. AndreNJ11

    Expedition Evans youtube

    I admire their youth, tenacity, vision, and continued execution. Their project is a marathon, not a sprint. I watched carefully in slow motion - during the first layup episode, as I was curious to see how they planned the layup schedule. Watching the first layer go down, I was concerned...
  12. AndreNJ11


    Summary: I highly recommend a sail kit from Sailrite. But, do read below...... I have sewn two sails before from Sailrite kits, and am presently sewing my third kit - a 125% cross-cut genoa for my O'Day 322. The materials supplied are high quality. The result you get is equivalent to...
  13. AndreNJ11

    322, my winter project

    Mr Carter, Thank you so much for your extensive photos on your project. What an excellent job ! It is clear you are a fearless and accomplished DIY'er ! Look at those keel bolts, like brand new! Excellent. That must make you feel good. Obviously that 5200 caulking kept the sea at...
  14. AndreNJ11

    Transponder installation

    I gather from your question, you are concerned the hull may be greater than 1 1/2" near the bottom. I can assure you that on a 22' footer, the hull thickness will be no where near 1 1/2" thick, 1/4" to 1/2" will be more like it in the areas you will want to consider installing the...
  15. AndreNJ11

    New Download - Oday 322 Owners Manual

    Thanks Greg !
  16. AndreNJ11

    322, my winter project

    Welcome to the O'Day 322 group. ! You will find many useful posting/discussions here. And we all will be interested in your drop the keel project. Please feel free to take lots of pictures and document thoroughly. You have probably already read the extensive postings on this topic...
  17. AndreNJ11

    O'Day 322 Wing Keel width

    Congratulations on your purchase. ! Speaking of groundings in mud, (Delaware / Chesapeake) I can't tell you how many times I have just done a pivot 180 degree, with full rudder and a moderate bit of power, and then go back out the same way you came in! You would never be able to do that...
  18. AndreNJ11

    Well it happened

    I am so sorry for your unfortunate incident and loss of your new purchase. I hope insurance adequately reimburses you. May I ask what year was your boat manufactured ? The run was from 1987 to 1989 (with a couple finished by Pearson in 1990). There is some evidence that the build of the...
  19. AndreNJ11

    1988 O'Day 322 Replacing Depth Sounder

    While I did not replace the speed/depth with wireless (see previous post) I did use the wireless RayMarine wind unit for the wind vane project. I also installed the wireless adapter (flying saucer) to post the data to NMEA2000 SeaTalkng network, so I would have wind data at the MFD, and so...
  20. AndreNJ11

    1988 O'Day 322 Replacing Depth Sounder

    By amazing coincidence, I just happened to have replaced my old DataMarine original speed and depth in the last few weeks. While both still worked, the display numbers were getting so weak to read, it was time. Also, I wanted to get modern instruments, so the data could be posted onto my...