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  1. Phil Herring

    Maine Sail update

    In case you haven't heard, Maine Sail (some people call him Rodd Collins) had a medical event last week that left us all with more questions than answers. I just got off the phone with his brother and we finally have some details to share. Rodd had a hemorrhagic stroke. He survived that -- many...
  2. Phil Herring

    The Proper Prop

    What factors did you consider when selecting the best propeller for your boat?
  3. Phil Herring

    Fear of sailing at night?

    We like hearing from our readers, share your tips and stories here.
  4. Phil Herring

    OUR SPRING CLEARANCE AUCTION IS OPEN (link inside) ... running right now through Thursday noon (Pacific). WHY? Because we need to clean out the warehouse and this seemed like it would be fun, everybody wins, and we can spread some good cheer along to you. Here's how it works. Literally. REGISTRATION Yes...
  5. Phil Herring

    Spring Clearance Auction Coming March 8-11

    Save the date: March 8 - 11 Instead of running the same old clearance sale on returns, overstocks, and R&D purchases, we're going to auction them March 8-11. Reserve prices will be low -- roughly between 25% to 50% of retail -- and SHIPPING will be FREE. It's the ultimate free market...
  6. Phil Herring

    2021 Photo Contest WINNERS

    This is such a fun event. Thank you to everyone who posted entries, it seems like each year they get better. I guess the photography school tuition is finally paying off! This year was exceptionally close but as always, the cream rises to the top. And here they are... 3rd Place goes to Ward H...
  7. Phil Herring

    Photo Contest voting error yesterday

    Some of you may have been blocked from voting yesterday, getting an error message that said you already voted. And you did... last year. That little glitch has been vanquished and you can now vote successfully. I'll take the blame. Please take a moment to vote for your favorites. It's a nice...
  8. Phil Herring

    2021 Photo Contest -- Winners Announced Monday

    The time for voting has passed, but watch for the winners to be announced Monday, February 15th.
  9. Phil Herring

    Looking for a Hunter 170 within an hour or so of Gainesville, FL

    We need to get a look (and some measurements) from a Hunter 170 for a new replacement part. If you have one in or near Gainesville please send me a PM with your current email address and phone. Thanks for your help!
  10. Phil Herring

    Awesome article on reading engine data

    Just posted in Owner Mods, worth a look.
  11. Phil Herring

    Hunter 33 forward hatch question

    Hey Cherubinis, we've got a customer trying to replace the forward hatch on a 33. We don't have much in the way of specs on that boat, the records were lost many years ago. Does anyone know the cutout dimensions of the forward hatch?
  12. Phil Herring

    Midship toe rail chock for Hunter 40.5, 42, 43, coming soon... save some $$

    Just wanted to give you guys a heads-up that Al has recreated one of the most problematic deck parts on some of Hunter's most popular boats. The original toe rail chock... ...which was subject to all kinds of damage. Breakage (left), broken pins or rollers (right) and more. Because the part...
  13. Phil Herring

    Like a bad case of piles, I have returned

    Today, Brian handed me the keys to the forum once again. He did a terrific job of keeping this mess of duct tape and baling wire together while I was gone. All of us owe him our thanks. My mystery absence was caused by a run-in with throat cancer. Fortunately, it was a type that's rarely fatal...
  14. Phil Herring

    Sailing in the time of Coronavirus

    Its been the elephant in the room on SBO, so let's push it out of here: will the virus affect your sailing or commissioning plans for 2020, and if so, how? Will you keep the boat on the trailer or at the dock, or do you think that sailing is its own form of social distancing? Will it change...
  15. Phil Herring

    Face palm

    I added a new emoji because I need it all too frequently. It's now on the emoji bar for everyone. Face Palm :facepalm: :facepalm:
  16. Phil Herring

    And now, a word from the wise

    If you could drop a single pearl of wisdom on a brand new sailboat owner, what would it be?
  17. Phil Herring

    2020 Photo Contest Winners

    The 2018 Photo Contest is in the books and here are your winners... 3rd Place goes to Mikem, a member since 2009 who sails a Hunter 466 out of Bremerton, Washington. In 2nd Place is Bill19233, a Hunter 340 owner hailing from Baytown, Texas. And the Grand Prize Winner, Numero Uno, and Best...
  18. Phil Herring

    A brief absence

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to post a heads-up that I'll be away from the site for a while to deal with a medical issue. It's not fatal so if you were hoping for regime change... you've got a long wait ahead of you. :) I will be back in the spring and prior to that, checking in as time allows...
  19. Phil Herring

    Time to Vote for Photo Contest Winners

    The photos are posted, the servers are warmed up, and the time is now to vote for your favorite Photo Contest entries. The winner is 100% based on your votes and the photographer who snapped the most popular pic walks away with a $100 gift certificate to the SBO store. Not to mention a year of...
  20. Phil Herring

    It's the most wonderful time of the year

    Any sailor in a homeport north of Alabama feels a particular excitement in March because commissioning season is just around the corner. What have you got planned this year? A little maintenance, a quick, simple splash, or a major project or two? Share your commissioning plans here. And if...