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  1. Phil Herring

    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    Thanks for sharing this, Will, it's a wonderful tribute. Your father was clearly a remarkable man.
  2. Phil Herring

    Maine Sail update

    In case you haven't heard, Maine Sail (some people call him Rodd Collins) had a medical event last week that left us all with more questions than answers. I just got off the phone with his brother and we finally have some details to share. Rodd had a hemorrhagic stroke. He survived that -- many...
  3. Phil Herring

    Push button latch

    There are two similar catches, one round one oval:
  4. Phil Herring

    The Proper Prop

    What factors did you consider when selecting the best propeller for your boat?
  5. Phil Herring

    Oops message

    Hi Ward! No, they are separate functions partly because it's logical to separate them but mostly because the forum doesn't have a good solution for that kind of mailing. I can add you to the Monday Mail list if you want, it's a one-click unsubscribe so there's not much commitment.
  6. Phil Herring

    Oops message

    Operator error. It's fixed now and I'll take a look at what we can do to avoid that in the future. Thanks for the heads-up!
  7. Phil Herring

    Fear of sailing at night?

    We like hearing from our readers, share your tips and stories here.
  8. Phil Herring

    Port Lights: Who made these?

    They look like Newfound Metals to me, but maybe one of their earlier designs.
  9. Phil Herring

    Forum Thread Display Has Changed???

    Yeah, I was a small child when Buster Brown ran Hollywood through fear and intimidation. :) I haven't touched a thing in the forum over here in several months so we'll chalk this one up to aliens and keep trudging forward. Have a great holiday!
  10. Phil Herring

    Search function not working?

    @BBC16385 I did not! It makes me wonder who did. :)
  11. Phil Herring

    Forum Thread Display Has Changed???

    You know, @ggrizzard, you could also snap a photo of your screen and post that. Much easier to do and will accomplish the same thing. :)
  12. Phil Herring

    Forum Thread Display Has Changed???

    Sure, do you use a Mac, PC, or mobile device?
  13. Phil Herring

    Forum Thread Display Has Changed???

    No changes here. Can you post a screen capture of what you see?
  14. Phil Herring

    UPS must hate sailors

    UPS hates everyone. Let's be clear about that. It's not only the peak demand that's made 2021 difficult, it's the material shortages. The shortages are so far up the supply chain (i.e., a chemical plant that supplies a vendor that supplies a vendor that supplies the paint-maker) that those of...
  15. Phil Herring

    Cant blocks for winch

    Hi Andrew, welcome to the forums? Let me make sure I undertstand... you want a winch pedestal or pad that will affix to the deck, then the winch will mount to it, which will slightly raise and level the winch? If so, I believe there are teak products designed for that purpose but they probably...
  16. Phil Herring

    H22 cover

    There are a couple of Hunter 22s; be sure you're both talking about the same boat.
  17. Phil Herring

    Should I be Worried

    Speaking of the internet, these are on the world wide web courtesy of Marlow-Hunter.
  18. Phil Herring

    Last straw

    I forgot this, but we used to have a "Guest Forum" that would open for discussions of a product-related topic. I'm not sure if it's still on the list but we had folks from Doyle, Edson, PYI, Kohlmann (?), even Glen Henderson did a couple of good ones. That would allow manufacturers to answer...
  19. Phil Herring

    Last straw

    Fair comments, @Marmalade . The thread did not get locked due to the reply made today. It was reported to us by a user which called attention to it. To be 100% transparent, I didn't even notice the date. If I had we might have handled it differently, but not necessarily. It was not our choice...